Ap world History: The Early Modern World: State-Building in Eurasia – Empires and Nations H2X – Mr. Kagan

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AP World History: The Early Modern World: State-Building in Eurasia – Empires and Nations

H2X – Mr. Kagan

Students Will Understand:

  • State-Building: the organizational forms of the modern centralized state

  • The spread of Absolutist states: empire-building and expansion throughout the world

  • How well the Spanish, French, Russian, Mughal, Ottoman, Tokugawa and Qing states conformed to the “model” of an absolutist and centralized state

  • The differences between a nation and an empire, and their significance

Students Will Be Able To:

  • Identify and compare the main features of the modern states that emerged 1450-1750

  • Analyze techniques of “State-building” and “Nation-building”

  • Examine how geography, religion, and economic systems affected state-building

  • Compare contiguous land-based empires with “colonial” maritime empires

On Friday May 13, I will “take” the 2011 AP Test for my 10th graders, writing, during 2nd and 3rd periods, this year’s CCOT and Comparative Essays. If you have a free period, you are welcome to come and watch them test me.



Homework – due the following day

Tuesday May 10

Silver Trade DBQ

Wednesday May 11


Bentley, pp. 569-77; List the key features of absolutism


May 12

Land Based vs. Maritime Empires; Empires with nations at their heart; Three models of empire: settler colonization, exploitation, assimilation


May 13

Map-Making and the Geography of Empires

Bentley, pp. 563-69 and Handout. Explain the ways in which the Protestant and Catholic Reformations led to state-building in Europe


May 16

Protestant Reformation; State-Building in Europe; Case study: Great Britain


May 17

Catholic Reformation; increasing the power of the State


May 18

France: Louis XIV and Mercantilism; centralization; empire-building; nation-building

Qing China Handout and Graphic Organizers


May 19

China from Ming to Qing; ethnic expansion and empire; Kangxi as the model of a (Qing) Confucian ruler

Louis XIV / Kangxi Handout w/ Graphic Organizer


May 20

Kangxi and Louis XIV: Is there a single model of absolutist state-building?

Tokugawa Japan Handout and Graphic Organizer

Monday May 23

Absolutist Empires in East Asia: Japan;

Was Tokugawa Japan a nation? Relations w/ the West; Comparing Japanese and Chinese centralization and absolutism: methods, strengths and weaknesses Would you close your borders?

Russia Handout and Graphic Organizer

Tuesday May 25

Absolutist Empires in Eurasia: Russia plays “catch-up”

Characteristics of Russian expansionism; Attempts at centralized State-building; Comparing Russia’s interaction with the west with the interaction of Tokugawa JapanWould you close your borders? Is Russia an Asian or a European “empire?”

Mughal and Ottoman Handout and Graphic Organizers

Wednesday May 25

Absolutist Empires in the Islamic World: Ottomans

Tools of Empire-Building in a multi-ethnic state: the Devershime, the Janissaries, the Millet; Comparing the Ottomans with the Qing

Akbar and Elizabeth Handout; write an appropriate comparative conclusion to this essay


May 26

Absolutist Empires in the Islamic World: Safavid Empire in Persia: Shi’ites and Sunnis; Strengths and weaknesses of the Mughal Empire


May 27

Empire across time: from Han to Qing; from Umayyad to Ottoman/Mughal; from Rome to France/Spain; from Byzantine to Russia

Research Paper Due Tuesday


May 31

Research Paper Due

An Odd Little Nation: The problems of English absolutism; the Magna Carta and the creation of a “national history; Elizabeth’s Golden Speech


June 1

Test; Multiple Choice and Graphic Organizers

English Revolutions Handout and assignment


June 2

An Odd Little Nation: The English Civil War; Macchiavelli and Hobbes


June 3

An Odd Little Nation: The Glorious Revolution and the end of absolutist rule; negative rights and freedom from the state; forsaking the positive rights Chinese model; John Locke and the Enlightenment


June 6

Test Review and Summer Assignment


June 7

To Be Announced


June 8

Essay Test – To Be Announced


June 9

No School


June 10

Test Review


June 13

Multiple Choice Test


June 14

Last day

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