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This document, along with the accompanying required addendums, must be completed in full and returned in a timely fashion according to the dates provided.

AP US History Application

Completion required for consideration

AP US History Application

Completion required for consideration

Personal Information

Name: Current Grade:

Cumulative GPA:

Extra-Curricular Activities/Organizations involved in:

Course Note

AP US History is a college level class with heavy emphasis on written and spoken skills. In addition the reading requirements are strenuous and the academic behaviors you have established to this point and your ability to manage the expectations detailed in the course syllabus will be the major determinant of the level of success you achieve.

The Application

This application is intended to accomplish the following:

  1. Create a formal process by which students will begin to express their interest in challenging their academic experience

  2. Inform students and parents of the process of becoming eligible for AP US History

  3. Provide enough initial information about the course as to make an initial decision of interest

  4. Provide the teacher, the guidance office, and the CaSH committee with enough information to make proper decisions about the programs we offer and how we offer them


To be considered eligible to take this course you need to complete all parts of the application which includes the basic information on this form as well as

the following items by the dates provided and then attend a course specific entrance meeting.

  1. Review and sign the course syllabus

  2. Complete the Sample Questions

  3. Complete the Personal Essay

After completion and submission of all the required documents your materials will be reviewed by the teacher and the CaSH committee. Upon review of the materials you will receive notification of acceptance or denial. If accepted students are encouraged and parents are required to attend a course specific entrance meeting at which time all other questions and concerns can be addressed.

Important Dates:

Pick up application February 23rd

Return application (including, signed syllabus, Sample Questions, Personal Essay) March 9th

Review of the application materials March 9 – 16

Entrance Meeting April 9th & 13th

Syllabus & Addendums Signature

I have reviewed the entire course syllabus and have a good understanding of the expectations related to homework, activities, classroom participation, grading scale, general course timeline, and assessments. I have also completed the questions and reading on my own. I understand that if I have further questions or concerns about the course I will have the opportunity to express them at an entrance meeting specifically designed for this course.

I can attest that the above statement is true and I am signing below on my own free will and with excitement about the opportunity that lies ahead.

Student Signature: ___________________________________________________

Parent Print Name: ___________________________________________________

Parent Signature: ____________________________________________________

Sample Questions & Reading

These questions and reading are designed to provide exposure for the student and insight for the teacher and are required. Students must answer all of the questions to the best of their ability, paying attention to the specific directions given for each set of questions. Please return the completed questions with this application.

Personal Essay

Type a 1-2 page essay that addresses the questions posed below. Your essay should be titled as follows – AP US History Personal Essay; by (insert your name). Double space your essay, using 10-12 font, and 1 inch margins all the way around. Questions are: Why do you want to take this course? What skills, habits, and motivations do you possess that will make you successful in both the course and on the AP Exam in May.

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