Ap literature Syllabus for Monday, August 28 thru September Towey Monday, August 28

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AP Literature Syllabus for Monday, August 28 thru September 7. Towey

Monday, August 28 – open-ended essay on summer reading. H.W. read over Style-Tone-Syntax handout. Complete the activity that breaks down the Style-Tone-Syntax handout. Look at Tuesday night’s homework and plan for printing.

Tuesday, August 29 - Mock APEX multiple choice test. H.W. Go to AP Central and go to Literature Exams. Go to either the 2012 or 2014 Question 3 and print the essays and the score analysis. Using my editing handout, annotate two essays. For the 2014 prompt, read and annotate the first two essays. For 2012, annotate the first and third essays. Bring printed and annotated essays to class on Wednesday.

Wednesday, August 30 – Get annotations checked. Finish MOCK APEX. Listen to guest speaker about college essays, work, and skills needed. Discuss Common Errors Sheet. Annotate your summer reading essay. H.W. work on revision due Friday.

Thursday, August 31 – Review answers to MOCK APEX in groups. You must justify your answers. H.W. finish essay revision. Submit to Turnitin.com and print double-spaced final essay.

Friday, Sept 1Turn in summer reading essays. All essays should be in Turnitin.com. by the beginning of class EVEN IF YOU ARE ABSENT! You do not need to print receipt. Watch film on Dante’s Divine Comedy and take notes. H.W. study literature terms for quiz next week. Read introduction and translator’s notes for Inferno. Also, go online and find Ethan Sawyer, the College Essay Guy. Explore that site and watch the short video (like 7 minutes) on the “College Essay Test.” Take notes on what he says are the four essential components in a college essay. The site is https://www.collegeessayguy.com. Also, learn Roman numerals if you don’t know them.

Monday, September 4 – Labor Day Holiday. Mrs. Towey’s birthday. Relax, but do your homework.

Tuesday, September 5 – Turn in notes on the College Essay Guy and his “test.” Discuss “voice” for college essays. (I will not be assigning the college essay as part of our curriculum, but I am available at lunch and after school to help you with your drafts. Just sign up for a time slot on the board.) Begin reading Inferno. Begin “Chart of Hell” and mini-MWDS. “Abandon all hope ye who enter here” - JK. H.W. study for lit terms test.

Wednesday, September 6 – Test on BOY literary terms. Canto analysis assignments – you will present one Powerpoint and submit it to Turnitin.com. Read Canto II of Inferno. H.W. Define Inferno vocabulary you don’t know.

Thursday, September 7 – Discuss Canto II and read Canto III. H.W. read Cantos IV thru VI.

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