Ap european History Name Summer 2014 Assignment Rationale for the Summer Assignment

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AP European History Name _____________________________________

Summer 2014 Assignment

Rationale for the Summer Assignment

One of the goals of Advanced Placement courses is to prepare you to successfully complete the AP examination so that you may earn college credit. The 2015 AP European History exam will take place on Friday, May 8, 2015. In other words, we have approximately 28 weeks in which to cover over 500 years of European history (not counting exam review). With that in mind, the summer assignment will introduce you to the content while at the same time familiarizing you with regular class assignments such as Either/Ors, review sheets, and free response questions (FRQs).

The summer assignment contains three parts:

1. Read chapter 11 of your textbook and complete the Either/Or assignment

2. Read one of the two books and answer the essay question

3. Create review sheets based on your textbook readings (see Review Sheets below).

Textbook Reading and Either/Or Assignment

Please come to class having already read the first chapter of the textbook, Western Civilization. Your first Either/Or assignment is attached for this chapter. You may do one of the three assignments. Please submit this completed assignment on the first day of class.

Review Sheets

Turn in 50 items (10 per section). I encourage you to work on these review sheets as you read instead of waiting until the night before the test to compile the items. Review sheets must be on separate pages, items should be clearly numbered, and the significance of the item should be clearly explained. All work must be your own (e.g. don’t edit some online study guide and turn it in as your own work).

Summer Reading – Manchester or Pernoud

Please choose one of the following books and then complete the essay assignment based on your reading:

• Those Terrible Middle Ages: Debunking the Myths by Régine Pernoud (Ignatius Press 2000) ISBN: 0898707811

• A World Lit only by Fire by William Manchester (Little, Brown, and Co. 1993)

ISBN: 0316545562
Books can be found at the public libraries, ordered online, or purchased at your local bookstore. Please order your book soon so you have plenty of time to receive it and complete the assignment prior to the beginning of the school year.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me via e-mail. I will be traveling at various times during the summer and it may take me some time to return any messages.

e-mail: secarr@aacps.org

I can’t wait to get started!

Best Regards, Ms. Carr

AP European History Name _________________________________________

Summer Assignment

Either/Or, sections 1-4

Directions: please read sections 1-5 (chapter 11) in Western Civilization and complete one of the following activities.

If you would like to receive teacher feedback, please submit this completed assignment the first day of class.


Answer each of the following in a brief paragraph (3-4 sentences each):

1. What impact did the Black Death have on the society and economy of Europe?

2. What major problems did European states face in the fourteenth century?

3. How and why did the authority and prestige of the papacy decline in the fourteenth century?

4. What were the major developments in art and literature in the fourteenth century?

5. How did the adversities of the fourteenth century affect urban life and medical practices?

6. What were the chief factors that led to the urban and rural revolts of the fourteenth century?

7. What were the causes of the Hundred Years’ War, and what were some of the results of the war in the fourteenth century for England and France?

8. What impact did the adversities of the fourteenth century have on Christian practices?

9. Choose one of the documents in this chapter to analyze and answer the analysis questions beneath or next to the document. In addition, write a point-of-view statement for the author explaining what it is and why that might be; the statement should be 3-4 sentences.

10. Make an argument either for or against the idea that climate and disease played a major role in producing social, economic, and political changes in the fourteenth century.


Identify the following and explain their significance (1-4 sentences/phrases each):

• “little ice age” • Mongols • Black Death • Decameron/Boccacio

• Pogroms • Jacquerie • English Peasant’s Revolt of 1381 • Ciompi

• Hundred Years’ War • Battle of Agincourt • Joan of Arc • scutage

• Edward III • gabelle/taille • condottieri • Unam Sanctum

• Papacy at Avignon • Great Schism • conciliarism • mysticism/Modern Devotion

• Dante/Divine Comedy • Petrarch • Chaucer/Canterbury Tales • Vernacular Literature

• Christine de Pizan/Book of the City of Ladies • Giotto • “four humors” • clock

• eyeglasses and paper • gunpowder and cannons


Come up with a creative representation (cartoon, comic strip, symbolic art, poem, etc…) of culture and society during the High Middle Ages. Your representation should include references to the church, Black Death, the Hundred Years’ War, and intellectual developments during the period. DO NOT view this as the easy option! You will be marked down if you do not accurately incorporate the major themes of the chapter into your art.

AP European History Name _________________________________________

Summer Assignment

Summer Reading Essay

Directions: after reading your book, either Those Terrible Middle Ages: Debunking the Myths or A World Lit Only by Fire (sections 1 and 2) please write an essay that responds to the following prompt:

“Contrary to popular belief, the Middle Ages were a time of great progress.” Evaluate this statement with regard to 2 of the following:

• philosophy


• science

• politics

Write an essay that:

• has a relevant thesis (underline your sentence(s))

• addresses all parts of the question

• supports the thesis with specific evidence

• is well organized


Please take no more than 30 minutes to write your essay. I want to see what a “first draft” looks like.

Also, make sure your essay:

 has well-developed paragraphs (the number and order are up to you)

is typed

 is double-spaced

 is proofread

 does not contain first person!

 is in a standard 12 pt. font (standard margins)

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