Ap european History 201-2015 Summer Essay Ms. Moore

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AP European History 201-2015 Summer Essay

Ms. Moore

Welcome to AP European History! In this class you will be learning about European history from the Renaissance to the present day. In conjunction with your Honors English class you will be learning about Europe’s social, political, cultural, and economic histories. This course will require several hours of reading and studying each week. In May 2015 you will have the opportunity to take the AP Test to receive college credit. To prepare you for the class your summer assignment will be two research essays. These essays will help you learn more about ancient Greece and Rome, the Middle Ages, and the Italian Renaissance and will give you background knowledge that will be helpful when you begin the 2014-2015 school year. These essays are due on the first day of class. If you do not have it ready to turn in you will need to check out of the class. DO NOT PROCRASTINATE!!! Also, be aware that there will be a Europe map quiz on the first day of school in which you will have to identify the locations of several European countries on a blank map. I would advise you to study the map of Europe and be familiar with the location of all of the countries in Europe over the summer as well. (A great resource to help you study for this is http://www.lizardpoint.com/fun/geoquiz/euroquiz.html)

Essay Topics

You will need to type two three page essays using 12 point Times New Roman font, 1” top and bottom margins, 1.25” side margins, and double spaced. You will need to address both of the following prompts.

Essay 1:

Compare and contrast the government, art, and religion of ancient Classical Greece and Rome.


Essay 2:

Compare and contrast the government, art, and social structure of the Middles Ages and the Italian Renaissance.
Using Resources

You will need to cite five sources for each essay. Your source page must be separate from your essay and is not included in your three pages. Two of your five sources may be from internet websites, but you may not use the websites Wikipedia, Crystal link, or History for Kids. Also, make sure that if you use internet sites that they are reliable. Typically college websites and libraries are the most accurate. STUDENTS WILL RECEIVE A ZERO IF PLAGIARIZED!

I look forward to meeting and teaching you in the 2014-2015 school year. Have a great summer and I’ll see you in August!

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