Ap english Language and Composition Palmer Language of Composition Analytical Essay: Peer Review

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AP English Language and Composition Palmer

Language of Composition Analytical Essay: Peer Review
Writer:___________________________Peer Reviewer:___________________ Per:__

  1. Read your partner’s essay and mark as you feel appropriate for questions or “corrections” you have.

  1. Did the student writer have an introduction that was clear and concise? Did the writer mention the title of essay and author in introduction? Did you understand the purpose of this analysis paper according to the student’s thesis? Was the thesis explicit or implied? Write the student writer’s thesis statement here. Does the writer believe you identified it correctly?

  1. Did the student writer clearly define the writer’s (the author’s) central argument? What was it?

  1. Did the writer identify AND analyze rhetorical strategies that the author used to construct her argument? Realize that the higher level essay must be able to explain how the use of the strategies helped make the author’s argument and main points effective. It must go beyond: “hey look, here’s a metaphor she uses” or “she uses pathos to generate strong feelings.” How is the metaphor used? What is the effect? How does the specific language generate a specific feeling of pathos? Explain what your student writer did or did not do effectively in analyzing the author’s rhetorical strategies.

  1. Did the writer seem to revert to summary over analysis at times? Explain.

  1. Did the writer use an appropriate academic voice – whether in 3rd person or 1st – that attempted an analytical tone and elevated, sophisticated language? Explain. Underline a sentence or two on the writer’s essay that shows evidence of academic or analytical voice.

  1. Did the writer attempt to stay in present tense? Remember literary and rhetorical analysis happens now, so you write it in present tense. Example: Smith explains rather than Smith explained.

  1. Review the AP Rubric and the explanation for the writer’s score. Based on the rubric, write an explanation as to why you think your partner/the student writer received this score and if you agree or disagree with it.

  1. Give this sheet back to the Student Writer. Writer: write a brief statement on why YOU think you received the score and reflect on what you would do better or differently next time. Be specific. (2 points)

Writer: ________________________________ Per._____
AP Raw Score: ______/9

Format: ______/2

Completion: __4___/4

Peer Edit: ______/5

Quality of #6: ______/+3

TOTAL: ______/20

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