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AP Biology Summer Work

Welcome Students! We will be moving fast. We have a lot of content that needs to be covered. And therefore you can not avoid to “dig a black hole”. I advise you to spend 5-6 hours a week. The assignments are set in weekly modules with online weekly due dates to be submitted to me at JRougier@Ameritech.net. Read all of the material, complete your weekly flash cards, and use the following web site for all of the “web assignments”- www.biologyjunction.com./welcome_to_ap_biology. For the web assignments, scroll to Biochemistry & then click on labs. You may use this web site to download any content to assist you through the year. I also suggest that you purchase a copy of AP Biology by Barron.

Make sure that you have the following before you leave for the summer:

  1. AP Edition Biology” by Campbell:

  2. Text Book CD “AP Edition Biology” by Campbell

  3. All of your study guides, practice test, directions.

During the first week of school be prepared to complete the following:

    1. Organic Compounds” lab (2-3 days)

    2. Unit One Test

Lastly, please use the following email address to communicate and to submit all web and computer assignments. I expect to hear from you weekly, good or bad.


If you need “faster” help & I have not answered your email call me at home: 228-8574.

Have Fun & keep in touch. Remember, learning is all about experiences.

Mrs. Rougier

Module 1/Chapter 1 “Exploring Life”

Due: 6-12-11

  1. Read Chapter One “Exploring Life” pg. 2-27

  2. Test Your Knowledge on pg. 27 & check your answers with Appendix A

  3. Study Guide, Chapter One “Exploring Life”.

  4. Chapter One computer assignment

Module 2/Chapter 2 “Chemistry of Life”

Due: 6-19-11

  1. Read pg. 32-46

  2. Complete “Test Your Knowledge” on pg. 46 & then check your answers in the Appendix A

  3. Chapter Two Study Guide

  4. Chapter Two Computer Activity

  5. Web Assignment- “Cabbage Juice Indicator & Write Up”. Join a fellow AP Bio student & complete this lab & write up. You only need to turn in one lab handout & one lab write up. Please type the write up. Make sure you use purple cabbage, not green cabbage.

  6. Complete the practice Free Response Essay on “Radioisotopes”. Prior to completing the writen assignment, read the AP Bio suggestions on “how” to write as essay.

Module 3/Chapter 3 “Water and Fitness of the Environment”

Due 6-26-11

  1. Read pg. 47-56

  2. Complete “Test Your Knowledge” on pg. 57 & check your answers in the Appendix A

  3. Chapter Three Study Guide

  4. Chapter Three Computer Activity

  5. Web Assignment- 3.1 Water Properties, Properties of Water Animation, & Aquaporin Water Channel Abstract with animations.

Module 4/Chapter 4 “Carbon and the Molecular Diversity of Life”

Due 7-3-11

  1. Read pg. 58-66

  2. Complete the “Test Your Knowledge” on pg. 67 & check your answers in the Appendix A

  3. Chapter Four Study Guide

  4. Chapter Four Computer Assignment

  5. Web Assignment- “Building Monomers for Macromolecules”

Module 5/Chapter 5 “Structure & Function of Macromolecules”

Due 7-10-11

  1. Read pg. 68-89

  2. Complete “Test Your Knowledge” on pg. 91 & check your answers in the Appendix A

  3. Chapter Five Study Guide

  4. Chapter Five Computer Assignment

  5. Web Assignment- “Practicing Biology 5-1 & 5-2”

  6. Unit One Practice Test “chemistry of Life”

Recommended Additional Assignments:

  1. Make flash cards of the vocabulary words after each chapter-

Chapter Two-

Matter Atoms Neutrons Protons Electrons

Element Atomic Number Atomic Mass Nonpolar Polar

Compound Covalent Bonds Ionic Bonds Ion anion

Trace Element Cation

Chapter Three-

Cohesion Adhesion Specific Heat Hydrophilic Solvent


Chapter Four (draw the functional group)-

Hydroxyl Carboxyl Carbonyl Amino Phosphate


Chapter Five-

Polymers Monomers Dehydration Reaction Hydrolysis

Carbohydrates- Monosaccharides (list types) Disaccharides (list types) Polysaccharides (list types)

Lipids (draw & list types)

Proteins- amino acids peptides bonds primary structure secondary structure

Tertiary structure quarternary structure denature

Nucleic Acids- DNA RNA nucleotide purines pyrimidines cytosine adenine guanine thymine deoxyribose ribose phosphodiester bonds

  1. Use any of the material listed on your AP Biology web site.

  2. Read Barron’s for more compact content.

Due Dates:

All computer and web assignments are due at the assigned weekly date and are to be of the submitted online by no later than midnight weekly assigned date for full credit. A letter grade will be dropped each day late & not to exceed three days . You do not need to turn in any “Test Your Knowledge”. These are for your practice only.

**** All study guide, practice test, and flash cards are due on July 13th, 2012 ****

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