Ap art History Period 5 – Rm. #119

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AP Art History

Period 5 – Rm. #119

Wilber Williams

High School Art Teacher

Summit International Preparatory
1305 North Center Street
Arlington, Texas 76011
Direct 817-575-1187
Cell 214-868-1761
Fax 817-287-0532



Please bring the following supplies to class no later than Monday, August 13.

· Sturdy cardboard shoe box(es) – Adult sizes

· Graph-lined or un-ruled composition book(s) - (pages cannot tear out) – approx. 8x10”

· Color pencils, color markers - fine tip

· Pens, pencils, and erasers

· General, basic supplies to be announced and required by unit

· Analyze artworks in terms of historical significance, art periods/styles, underlying issues and themes.

· Understand how images encode social ideologies.

· Develop critical thinking skills by observing and finding connections between works of art from different time periods, places and artistic movements.

· Become familiar with the major periods, styles and movements of western art.

· Examine works of art from non-western cultures, and gain an understanding of the imagery, history, and ideology of these cultures.

· Understand the inherent problems with the western and non-western classification of art.

· Understand that art history is a field with connections to many other disciplines.

· Learn the joys of the aesthetic experience, and see that art reflects our lives.


Adams, Laurie Schneider. Art Across Time. 3rd ed. New York: Mcgraw Hill, 2007.


Tests: 50%, Project/Paper: 25%., Quizzes: 25%

Week One: Introduction to course; African art

  • Reading quiz over "African Art: The First Cubists," Strickland, 22-23; "African Art Casts a Spell on Artists," AC, 73; "Picasso's Demoiselles: Anarchism, Colonialism and Art as Exorcism," H&F, 720-721.

  • Reading quiz over "Children and the Continuity of Life," "Initiation," "The Spirit World," Stokstad, 913-919.

  • Reading quiz over "Leadership," "Death and Ancestors," Stokstad, 919-924.

  • Reading Quiz over “Understanding Hinduism and Hindu Art,” Vidya Dehejia

Week Two: Introduction to Hinduism; Hindu and Buddhist Art
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