Annotation of "On Revenge" by Francis Bacon

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Annotation of “On Revenge” by Francis Bacon

  1. Number the paragraphs in the left margin (1-8)

  2. Skim through the article. Mark a ‘V’ above any word you don’t know. Then, in the left margin, write the appropriate definition for each word. Make sure you choose the definition that fits the context. For example, ‘base’ has many meanings; however, in paragraph 5 ‘base’ means: selfish lack of human decency. (Possible words to look up: revenge, irrevocable, trifle, tolerable, beforehand, repent, base, perfidious, vindictive.

  3. Mark an ‘A’ above any allusions: Salomon, Cosmus, Duke of Florence, Caesar, Pertinax, Henry the Third of France. Look up each person – who was the person? Write a brief explanation of why/how Bacon uses individuals as examples for his essay.

  4. Explain metaphors/similes in the right margin:

    1. Paragraph 1 – “revenge is a kind of wild justice”

    2. Paragraph 1 – “weed it out”

    3. Paragraph 5 – “crafty cowards are like the arrow that flieth in the dark”

    4. Paragraph 7 – “keeps his on wounds green”

    5. Paragraph 8 – “vindictive persons live the life of witches”

  5. Use the * to indicate the main ideas of Bacon’s essay. Write one word next to each * to explain the main idea.

  6. Place a + next to ideas that support Bacon’s main idea; place a – next to details that refute main ideas.

  7. On your copy of the essay, create a chart similar to the one below (at the bottom of the page):



Your own

Main argument regarding ‘revenge.’ Include a quote from the text and its citation.

Contradiction to the main idea

Contradiction to the main idea

  1. To the right of each paragraph attempt to put into your own words the meaning of each paragraph.

  2. You may use a ? up to 4 times; along with the question mark, you must ask a question of clarification regarding the paragraph.

  3. Connect to the text with TT, TW, TS

    1. TT – 2 examples where Bacon relates to Hamlet – and explain

    2. TW – 2 examples where Bacon relates to the world – and explain (hint, paragraph 2/Lion King)

    3. TS – 2 examples relatable to yourself -- explain

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