Animal Farm Assessment

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Animal Farm Assessment
Choose one option from group one and one option from group two. Submit your assignments to the corresponding droboxes.
Group 1 – English Essay Question

(Choose one of the following essay questions.) Your essay should be 350-500 words. The paper should be typed, double-spaced, in 12-point font. You may choose Times New Roman, Arial, or Veranda for your font. You must use at least five direct quotations from Animal Farm in each of the essays. Please review MLA format for citations in the sidebar. Remember, if you have citations, you must have a works cited page, even if there is only one entry.

When you have completed this essay, submit it to the Animal Farm Essay dropbox.

  1. Look at the names of the characters. Why did Orwell use the names he did? How do the names fit the characters? Choose three characters to comment on in regards to both their names and their traits. You must use at least five direct quotes from the book. Avoid first person in your response.

  1. Most fables develop a moral or lesson, and Animal Farm is no exception. What do you believe the author is trying to point out to readers through the story of these animals? In other words, what lesson does Orwell intend for readers to learn, or what truth is he trying to reveal? Be sure to use specific examples to support your thesis, and be sure you explain why/how the examples support your thesis. You must use at least five direct quotes. Avoid first person in your response.

  1. Choose two examples of symbolism in the novel. Discuss what the symbols represent and how Orwell uses them to make a point. Remember to use specific examples (quoted material) from the text. You must use at least five direct quotes. Avoid the first person in your response.

Group Two: Historical Connection Project

1. Find a speech delivered by a famous political leader.

This will help you understand the effect political leaders have on the
public and give you some context to understand Major’s speech in the
For this project you must:
Find a speech delivered by a famous political leader.
It can be a president, a senator, a governor or even a political
figurehead from another country. On a separate page, answer the
following questions about the purpose for the speech and the message
delivered. Answer these in complete sentences (five sentence minimum
per question).
- What was the call to action? What was the government or the people
supposed to do in response to the speech?

- What were the conditions under which the speech was given?

Wartime, peacetime, depression, inflation, etc.

- Do you agree or disagree with the contentions made in the speech?

Why or why not?

- Do you feel that the speech was written well? If you've heard the

speech delivered, was the speaker a good orator (speaker)?
Then compare and/or connect this speech to Major's speech in Animal Farm (five to seven sentence minimum).

2. Create your own country.

This will help you understand the complexity of a dictatorship.

For this project you must:
- Label the capital cities, the natural landmarks and you must name
your country. This will require some sort of visual representation of
your country (a drawn image that you scan, a graphically designed
image that you upload, or an uploaded photo of what you design.

Then on a separate typed page (in complete sentences):

- Provide a brief written description of your country, that includes:
population, land mass, and other physical characteristics.

- Provide a set of rules for your country (at least

ten), with explanations of why you chose each rule.

- Explain how a leader is chosen for your country and who helps

govern it (five sentence minimum).
- Explain how this is similar or different to the government set up
in Animal Farm (five sentence minimum).
3. Create a company and product.
Not only are the animals in Animal Farm running a political campaign, but they are also running the farm as a business. You can draw conclusions about effective management and ingenuity by developing your own business to "run".
For this project you must:

- Describe the product that you expect to manufacture (in a ten-twelve sentence paragraph). Include as much detail as possible.

- Hire five fake employees, and write a one-week schedule for the work of those employees. Be sure to describe the work each employee will do.
- Determine the price of the product, the resale value, and how much you plan to pay the employees.
- You can create an image of your product to include in your plan for added effect, but this is not required.

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