Andrea Holm Allingham, Golden Secondary School Value: 60 marks

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Andrea Holm Allingham,   Golden Secondary School                    Value: 60 marks
ENGLISH 10 Test on John Wyndham's The Chrysalids (1965)

Note: This is an OPEN-book test which must completed in one hour.

Place all answers on the separate Answer Sheet provided.

 INSTRUCTIONS: Place the letter of the event against the chapter number in           which that event occurs.

A. Katherine's feet are tortured.
B. Sophie and Rosalind, now young women, meet.
C. We learn that Axel had married David's Aunt Elizabeth.
D. Anne refuses to communicate with the Group.
E. Sophie smashes Alan Ervin on the head.
F. David has a dream about his father's sacrificing Sophie.
G. An inset narrative about Sirens and Amazons, and voyages for spices.
H. Harriet tries to swap babies with Emily.
I. A wildcat attacks Petra's pony.
J. We learn that an accident killed Walter Brent.
K. Petra has a conversation while David and Rosalind are asleep.
L. Rosalind indicates to Michael that they've been captured.
M. David promises Axel that he will never reveal his telepathic powers.
N. Thirty-five fields are burned as offences.
O. A child gets her foot caught in a crevice.
P. An Albino stands guard over Rosalind and Petra.
Q. Michael returns to Waknuk to fetch Rachel.

PART TWO: FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS on your answer sheet (15 marks)

 INSTRUCTIONS: From the vocabulary given on p. 2 fill in the appropriately           numbered answer space corresponding to each blank in the           paragraph.



- 1 -
ENGLISH 10 Test on John Wyndham's The Chrysalids (1965)    Page Two

Adverbs   Adjectives      Nouns
surreptitiously  aberrate  homogeneal   grotesquerie
conscientiously  tell-tale  mutilated   consensus
incredulously  erratic   overt    abeyance
reflectively   tacit   imminent   interlude
simultaneously  prudent  morbid   scapegoats
reminiscently   impetuous  ingenious   compulsion
pacifically   amorphous  unkempt   orthodoxy
perfunctorily   missteps  anguish

  One of the great advantages enjoyed by the group of telepaths in John Wyndham's 1965 science fiction  story The Chrysalids is that, unlike other human beings, they can easily arrive at        - 1 -      , and cannot dissemble with one another.

If caught and the deviancy rate among the crops happened to be high, they realize that the Norms might make them        - 2 -      . Consequently, the telepaths have to communicate         - 3 -      rather than openly. David remembers when Sophie had been
       - 4 -      and cast out, naked and friendless, to the Fringes for possessing a deviation far less dangerous to the Norms. And so he and Rosalind become especially       - 5 -      at hiding their mental powers and at meeting secretly. Mean-time, the watchful Uncle Axel
    - 6 -   guards David and his secret, for he and the boy have a   - 7 -         understanding that Axel will watch out for the boy. The telepaths enjoy an         - 8 -       of six years, during which time David and Petra taught the        - 9 -      Petra how to control her amazing mental powers. However, after intercepting Anne's confession, they realize that they should be ready for              - 10 -           flight. Eventually, despite their avoiding any
           - 11 -         or giving any            - 12 -           indication of their inward difference, in the middle of the night, suddenly and without warning, the minions of       - 13 -      move
      - 14 -      to arrest David, Rosalind, Petra, Katherine, and Sally. Fortunately, the
         - 15 -       Rosalind has made all the necessary preparations for their escape.


- 2 -
ENGLISH 10 Test on John Wyndham's The Chrysalids (1965)        Page Three

1. David is able to clarify Petra's visions of Sealand for the others because he

 A. had such visions himself when he was a child.
 B. has matured in his powers of psychic projection.
 C. once made telepathic contact with the Sealanders.
 D. has had a detailed geography lesson from Uncle Axel.

2. The Science Fiction 'formula' of projecting a present problem or idea ahead into   the future to examine it is best illustrated by the

 A. Sealanders' re-building and improving upon our civilisation.
 B.  strict obedience to religious laws demanded by Joseph Strorm.
 C.  bitter conflict between the Waknuk Norms and the Fringes Deviates.
 D. existence of habitable Fringes and, further south, uninhabitable wastelands.

3. The book's title, The Chrysalids, is appropriate because

 A. insect species are highly sensitive to nuclear radiation.
 B. Petra is the rock whereon humanity will build a better world.
 C. humanity after nuclear war reverts to a primitive, frontier existence.
 D. David and the telepaths are a new people emerging from the ruins of the old.

4. In all probability, the Tribulation was caused by

 A. Jehovah's damnation of Sodom and Gomorrah.
 B. a global nuclear war and subsequent atomic fallout.
 C. gene and chromosome damage resulting from natural selection.
 D. the destruction of our planet by some sort of nuclear reactor accident.

5. The Waknukians' "Definition of Man" is based on

 A. their concept of a normal human being.
 B. a futuristic edition of the King James Bible.
 C. what Elias Strorm had thought the Old People were like.
 D. their peculiar concepts about the ecological balance of nature.

6. Before we learn that Waknuk is in Labrador, the clue we are given to its location   is

 A. its mild, temperate climate.  
 B. the great gash left in the earth.
 C. the antique steam locomotive.  
 D. the 'Black Coasts' immediately to the south.


- 3 -
ENGLISH 10 Test on John Wyndham's The Chrysalids (1965)         Page Four

7. The story's plot hinges on a number of coincidences, the chief one being that

 A. Sophie has six toes on either foot. 

 B. Uncle Axel equips David with a knowledge of the outside world.
 C. Petra is educated about how to use her powers just before the escape.
 D. David's grandfather was the earliest settler of the area called Waknuk.

8. The first incident that illustrates Petra's abnormality is her

 A. giving David terrible headaches.
 B. making initial contact with Sealand.
 C. being attacked by a wildcat in the woods.
 D. near-drowning in the river by the footbridge.

9. A major crisis occurs when

 A. David's mother gives birth to a baby girl. 
 B. Alan Ervin discovers Sophie's footprint by the river.
 C. Sophie reveals to David that she has become Spiderman's mistress.
 D. the Sealanders rescue Petra, David, and Rosalind in the nick of time.

10. The event in the novel which qualifies as the climax is

 A. David's being awakened in the middle of the night.
 B. Uncle Axel's revelation of the identity of Alan's killer.
 C. Spiderman's forces capturing Petra, David, and Rosalind.  
 D. the rescue of Petra, David, and Rosalind by the Sealanders.

11. "But there was often a great deal of grown-up fuss that seemed disproportionate   to causes"‹the topic here is

 A. Alan Ervin's murder.
 B. Sophie Wender's extra toes.
 C. Angus Morton's deviant crops.
 D. David Strorm's peculiar dreams.

12. David's recurring nightmare reveals his subconscious concerns about

 A. Petra and Sophie.   
 B. himself and Axel.
 C. Sophie and Rosalind.  
 D. Rosalind and himself.


- 4 -
ENGLISH 10 Test on John Wyndham's The Chrysalids (1965)          Page Five

13. With his geographical knowledge, Uncle Axel advises David to

 A. make for Rigo, then head north-east past the Badlands.

 B. have some idea of where to go before he tries to escape.
 C. abandon entirely any hope of getting away from Waknukian pursuers.
 D. head due west, then sail through the straits of Neuf before turning south.

14.   ". . . there was one ship whose captain was foolhardy enough to sail close    inshore" to inspect the ruins of the Old People; he and his crew

 A. named the region "The Black Coasts."
 B. lasted wasted away from radiation sickness.
 C. never returned to tell of the giant saprophytes they saw.
 D. discovered a mutant bacteria was killing the barnacles on the hull.

15. Look up the term "excommunicated." In a sense, David is excommunicated when

 A. he is proclaimed officially deviant.
 B. Katherine and Sally angrily close their minds to him.
 C. his father attempts to have him sterilized and banished.
 D. his father Joseph posts a large reward for his capture "alive."

16. At one point in the story, David's family has "a sense of expectation . . . [which]   remained unmentioned and unacknowledged" because Joseph Strorm cannot

 A. take a chance on fathering a mutant.
 B. rest easy knowing that his older brother lives.
 C. accept the baby until it has received proper certification.
 D. pay off the season's debts unless his crops have no offenses.

17. Wyndham suggests that David and the group share telepathic powers because   they are

 A. related.    
 B. gifted.
 C. challenged.    
 D. contaminated.

18. From the story's conclusion and from Wyndham's descriptions of Sealand one    should conclude that this science-fiction author's speculations about the future   are

 A. cautious.    
 B. optimistic.
 C. fatalistic.    
   D. dystopian.                   OVER.
- 5 -
ENGLISH 10 Test on John Wyndham's The Chrysalids (1965)            Page Six

19. Normality rates, deviations, offences, and perhaps even blasphemies are causally   related to

 A. Nicholson's Repentences and the King James Bible.
 B. Joseph Strorm's rivalry with his neighbours, especially Angus Morton.
 C. winter gales blowing from the southwest in the previous growing season.
 D. Waknuk society's need for spiritual atonement and religious justification.

20. The narrative point-of-view which Wyndham employs throughout the story is

 A. David Strorm's.   
 B. the author's own.
 C. third-person objective.  
 D. only limited omniscient.

21. This story should be classified as science fiction because it

 A. is set in a future very different from our present.
 B. makes use in the plot of certain scientific theories.
 C. expects the reader to possess a detailed knowledge of the effects of radiation.
 D. assumes that the reader will connect the artificial-stone ruins to the Badlands.

22. Axel's swearing David to secrecy recalls an earlier, similar action by

 A. Mary.     
 B. Sally.
 C. Rosalind.    
 D. Katherine.

23. The best example of foreshadowing from among the following quotations is

 A. "The alternative is the sword over your heads."
 B. ". . . he personally attended to the demise of the Dakers' cat."
 C. ". . . sometimes there were things in the sky, shiny fish-shaped things."
 D. "If she bore three out of the image she was uncertified, outlawed, and sold."

24. The Chrysalids deals with all of the following themes EXCEPT

 A. "It's trouble you get, not thanks, for upsetting [people's] ideas."
 B. whoever tries to duplicate the past is doomed to repeat its errors.
 C. people will sometimes murder others for little or no provocation.
 D. people tend to think of their own racial characteristics as normal but those of       others as different and inferior.


- 6 -
ENGLISH 10 Test on John Wyndham's The Chrysalids (1965)     Page Seven

25. The death of Alan Ervin, unlike that of Anne, provides the reader with

 A. dilemma.  

 B. mystery.  
 C. conflict.  
 D. foreshadowing.

26. Read the following definition.

 Cliffhanger. 'A (silent) film shown in weekly serials; from the precarious pre-    dicaments in which the heroine'‹so often played by Pearl White‹was left at the   end of each part. Dates probably from before 1914 but has been revived  to    describe similar T. V. serials and extended to anything exciting and drawn out,
  e. g., a suspense novel'. (Eric Partridge, A Dictionary of Slang and      Unconventional English, ed. Paul Beale, p. 225)

 The cliff-hanger structure of the book is especially evident at the close of chapter

 A. 10.   
 B. 12.   
 C. 15.   
 D. 17

27. An explicit statement of the theme, that the Tribulation was "a shake-up to give   us a new start," is provided by

 A. Corky.   
 B. Old Jacob.  
 C. Uncle Axel. 
 D. a Fringes' inhabitant.

28. The end of the story involves Nemesis or Poetic Justice in all of the following  ways   EXCEPT that

 A. David and Rosalind escape with Petra to Sealand.
 B. Sophie's story, a loose end in the plot, is completed. 
 C. Spiderman and Joseph Strorm are appropriately punished.
  D. the violent combatants become entangled in the deadly strands.


- 7 -
Andrea Holm Allingham    NAME:                                                         

Golden Secondary School    Block:                    Score:          /60
ENGLISH 10 Test on John Wyndham's The Chrysalids (1965)

Note: This is an OPEN-book test which must completed in one hour.


 INSTRUCTIONS: Place the letter of the event against the chapter number in           which that event occurs.

  1.        2.        3.        4.        5.          
6.        7.        8.        9.        10.                      
11.        12.        13.        14.        15.          
  16.        17.        

PART TWO: FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS (15 marks‹one mark per question)

 1.                                    2.                                              3.                                         

 4.                                    5.                                             6.                                         
 7.                                    8.                                             9.                                         
10.                                    11.                                           12.                                       
 13.                                 14.                                          15.                                       

MULTIPLE-CHOICE QUESTIONS. Place the letter representing the BEST answer in the space provided below. (28 marks)

  1.        2.        3.        4.        5.          

6.        7.        8.        9.        10.                      
11.        12.        13.        14.        15.          
  16.        17.        18.        19.        20.       
  21.        22.        23.        24.        25.          
26.        27.        28.        


Andrea Holm Allingham    NAME:        K  E  Y                                    

Golden Secondary School    Block:                    Score:          /60
ENGLISH 10 Test on John Wyndham's The Chrysalids (1965)

Note: This is an OPEN-book test which must completed in one hour.


 INSTRUCTIONS: Place the letter of the event against the chapter number in           which that event occurs.

  1. O    2. C   3. F    4. M    5. E     
6. G    7. H    8. J    9. N      10. D                  
11. I    12. A    13. K    14. L    15. P      
  16. B    17. Q    

PART TWO: FILL-IN-THE-BLANKS (15 marks‹one mark per question)

 1.  consensus       2.   scapegoats       3.   surreptitiously   

 4.  mutilated       5.   ingenious                6.   conscientiously   
 7.  tacit       8.  interlude         9.    impetuous/erratic   
10. imminent        11.  missteps      12.  overt/tell-tale    
 13. orthodoxy     14.  simultaneously    15.  prudent    

MULTIPLE-CHOICE QUESTIONS. Place the letter representing the BEST answer in the space provided below. (28 marks)

  1. A    2. C    3. D    4. B   5. A     

6. B   7. C   8. D   9. B   10. D                  
11. B    12. D    13. B    14. B   15. A      
  16. C    17. A    18. B    19. C   20. A   
  21. B    22. A    23. C    24. C    25. B      
26. B    27. D   28.  B  

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