Ancient History Progress Report

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Ancient History Progress Report

  • -Discuss the impact of the Greek religion & Mythology on the development of the roman religion and Mythology. Outline the difference & Similarities between Religion and Mythology at the time.
  • The Question!

My Progression

  • How I answered the question it self
    • Well at first it didn’t know the best way of answering the question so I had broken them up into three sections this included
    • 1. Greek mythology in general
    • 2.The development
    • 3.The impact of Greek mythology on the roman mythology
    • I researched some information about the topics and what I found I would combine them into one. Every culture has evolved its own mythology, defining its character and offering a way to understand the world.

Issues & problems faced

    • There wasn’t Many problems faced the main one was the reliability of sources on the internet.
    • Judging the accuracy of the text
    • Finding the impacts on the religion itself was hard because the amounts of information given the category “Ancient Greece” & “Ancient Rome”
    • Word press

Location: Ancient Greece

Location: Ancient Rome

The Essay

  • Introduction
    • The introduction was the hardest part of the Essay because it is the most important. The introduction obviously by the word is the Introduction is a beginning section which states the purpose and goals of the following writing. This is generally followed by the body and conclusion.
    • For me this was Introducing Greek Mythology & Roman Mythology and a little sneak peek on The impacts and so on..

The Essay

  • Body
    • The body is the middle paragraphs in an essay. Each one develops a point that supports the thesis. Each paragraph includes a topic sentence & concrete details.
    • For me this was Outlining and discussing the impacts of both Mythology and Religion also including a bit about the Greek & roman gods and comparing them in depth.

-Red = Important

  • The Gods
  • Impacts
  • Comparison
  • Analysing the Roman Religion
  • Analysing the Greek Religion
  • Comparing Greek mythology to Greek Religion and outlining the differences.
  • Comparing Roman mythology to Greek Religion and outlining the differences.


  • A conclusion is a proposition, which is arrived at after the consideration of evidence, arguments or premises.
  • My conclusion has yet to be completed I'm still completing the end of my 2nd Body on my Essay.

Still analysing

    • I'm still looking into the developments of both Roman and Greek Mythology
    • I would like to encounter some ancient sources and artefacts that resemble the visual perspective of the ancient gods I have found some writers but no actual text’s

Interesting information

    • Most of the resemblance between the Romans and the Greeks were made evident in the superior “Gods” the only real difference between them was the names. For example with Zeus or also known as Jupiter in the roman religion, they basically were the same just with different names also resembled in a different visual perspective.
    • Also the only Main sources that have survived is Pro- Athenian and may have a large amount of Bias.
        • Continued...

Interesting information

  • All of the planets and most of the moons in the solar system are also named after Greek mythological characters, although the planets have been given Roman versions of the Greek names. Even our Earth was named after a Greek myth: Another name for our planet is “Gaia,” the name of the Greek earth mother.


    • Sources
  • Any history of ancient Greece requires a cautionary note on sources. Those Greek historians and political writers whose works have survived, notably Herodotus, Xenophon, Plato and Aristotle, were mostly either Athenians or pro-Athenians.
  • This is why Most of the Ancient Sources that remain are mainly about Athens because in Antiquity Athenians Men were highly educated and had a high standard of living
    • Continued..


  • The Reason why other societies didn’t have much written sources for e.g. Sparta and many more is because they were based on different standards of living for example Sparta was a military based society.

Roman Mythology

  • The original religion of the early Romans was so modified by the addition of numerous and conflicting beliefs in later times, and by the assimilation of a vast amount of Greek mythology, that it cannot be reconstructed precisely.
    • Continued...

Roman Mythology

  • The absorption of neighboring native gods took place as the Roman state conquered the surrounding territory.
  • The Romans commonly granted the local gods of the conquered territory the same honors as the earlier gods who had been regarded as peculiar to the Roman state..

Impacts (Language)

  • Ancient Greek Language has still impacted the modern society for example We call computer viruses “Trojans,” a rather unfair comparison with the Trojans, as we’re actually referring to the Greek-built Trojan horse, used by the Greeks to infiltrate Troy and end the Trojan War.
    • Continued

Impacts (Language)

  • Also the impact of Greek mythology on western culture and language isn’t confined to individual words. Many expressions, proverbs and clichés are direct references to ancient Greek myths.

The Gods

Visual Aid.

Modern Interpretation of The God of War.

The Gods (Roman)

  • The Romans who had basically re-created the Greek mythology into there own, The Romans commonly granted the local gods of the conquered territory the same honors as the earlier gods who had been regarded as peculiar to the Roman state. They had also added there own deities that were resembled from the deeds they had accomplished and the land and people that they had conquered.

Movie depicting Zeus


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