Ancient Egypt and Pioneer Auburn: Who Managed Their Floods Better? Paragraph #1: Intro hook

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Ancient Egypt and Pioneer Auburn: Who Managed Their Floods Better?

HOOK: In our modern times, we could never imagine the horrible sight of everything we love and cherish just being washed away by the flood of our local river. But, many years ago in Ancient Egypt and Early Auburn, that was the reality. INTRO: How we handle it though is our choice. These cultures could have handled flooding by changing the course of the river, or by interpreting the rivers flood as a gift. It was a choice for them too. THESIS: Ancient Egypt dealt better with their floods than did Pioneer Auburn. Ancient Egypt was the one civilization that kept a happy spirit during times of flooding and used the Nile flood to their benefit every year.
PARAGRAPH #2: reason one

The river that caused Ancient Egypt floods is the longest river in the whole world. Yes, it is the Nile River! The Nile gave the people of Egypt very fertile soil because it brought rich silt from the mountains of Central Africa to the desert along the banks of the Nile. To the Egyptians, the Nile only brought gifts. They celebrated the flooding of the Nile. As Herodotus said, “Egypt is the Gift of the Nile.” The Egyptians believed that Hapi (the God of the Nile), provided the floods as a reward for Egyptian worship. Thus, the Nile provided farm land to feed the people of Egypt in the midst of an otherwise barren land.

PARAGRPH #3: reason two

Every year Egypt had to manage the flooding of the Nile. They developed a calendar so they would know when the flooding would come so they could prepare for it. They had a big festival every year to celebrate the flooding. They also made sacrifices of crops and river animals to the river gods. Ancient Egyptians life revolved around the Nile flood calendar: flood, build, plant, harvest, celebrate, flood, build, harvest, and so on.

PARAGRAPH #4: compare/contrast

Imagine one day you come home from a long day of working to find your house floating down stream. Both Ancient Egypt and Early Auburn had to deal with the floods of rivers. Both Auburn and Egypt wanted the flooding for farming. Neither liked having houses washed away. Egypt really liked the flooding. Auburn didn’t like the flooding at all. I think Egypt did a better job because they celebrated the flooding and built canals to protect their houses. They worshipped the floods as one of the gods. They thought when the floods came because Hapi was mad or happy with them. In Auburn the Green River flooded every year. The farmers dynamited the river to force it to go a different way. They didn’t work together. Farmers sued each other and used dynamite to cause landslides in their neighboring towns. The pioneer floods also destroyed houses and many of their crops.

PARAGRAPH #5: counter position

Although some believe that Pioneer Auburn handled their floods well; Ancient Egypt had to deal with their Nile River flooding too, and did so much more effectively than the Aunurnites. For example, they built a nilometer to measure the Nile’s height. They had a festival to celebrate the flooding. They even had a human sacrifice to the river and made a calendar so they knew when the flood would happen. When the water changed directions they moved. Auburn had to deal with flooding from the Green River. Instead of dealing with it they used dynamite to change where the river went. When the other farmers had their land flooded they sued each other. Every year farmers had to rebuild their homes after the flooding. They didn’t look forward to the annual flood, as the Ancient Egyptians did.
PARAGRAPH #6: Conclusion

Both Auburn and Egypt measured the flood level. They also used the topsoil for farming. They used the waters for irrigation too. In comparison, Auburn was outraged at the floods and other farmers while, Egypt celebrated the floods and working together to collect topsoil, plant, and harvest. Of these two old cultures, Egypt did a better job because they liked the flooding and used the river well.

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