An introduction to japanese animé Type of course

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Type of course
The course is designed as a course unit that can be included as a component in a Batchelor’s degree circle. The teaching is in English. The course is given by the faculty of Media.
Scope and Duration
The course carries 5 ECTS credits and is offered in the autumn semester.
Admission requirements
High school/upper secondary school
The course will give the students an introduction to the history, art and culture of the Japanese animated film usually called Animé
Course content
In a combination of lectures, film screenings and essay-writing, the students will be presented for the history of the genre from the early works of Osamu Tezuka to the international successes of Hayao Miyasaki. . Special attention will be given to the specific Japanese cultural references in the genre.
The course in divided into three parts:
Part 1: Lectures on the history of animé and screening of three central films.

At the end the students will write a short essay discussing special cultural aspects of these films.

Part 2: Lectures on Japanese culture based on the films screened and the essays written by the students.

Part 3: Final essay where the students analyse a given animé film.

Week 35/36 2 x 2 hours lectures on the history of animé and 3 film screenings.

Week 36/37 Assignment. Short essay. 3-5 pages. Deadline September 15th.

Week 40/41 3 x 2 hours lectures on cultural aspects of the films screened in week 35/36.

Week 2/5 days home essay

Course requirements
A short essay (3-5 pages) to be handed in by September 15th.

Evaluation and exam
2 days written home essay exam. Grading: A – F.
Evaluation and quality
The course will be evaluated in accordance with the institution’s standard regulations.
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