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An Essayist
Indonesian transcript:
Pewawancara: Menarik sekali banyak artikel yang dimuat di eee… koran atau media masa yang lain. Topik apa yang biasa ditulis di media-media tersebut?
Dedi: Saya nulis tentang eee.. sosial, culture, ya seperti kalau dalam culture saya menulis tentang seni, tentang sastra. Sosial saya menulis tentang relasi-relasi sosial kita, problem sosial kita dalam… ya seperti itu. He eh.
Pewawancara: Bisa menjelaskan sedikit tentang masalah sosial yang umum ditemui di daerah-daerah Indonesia seperti Palembang atau Padang?
Dedi: Ee.. hmm saya pikir problem utama di Indonesia hari ini ketika kita hmm… mulai melepas dari ikatan tradisional, dari masyarakat yang mungkin hmmm… kolektifism, kolektif menuju masyarakat yang individualis, tapi institusi baru, itu belum terbentuk. Satu, hmm.. institusi baru dimana kita mengandaikan kita sudah menjadi masyarakat yang modern itu belum terbentuk. Seenggaknya yang ada adalah kegamangan. Ini menjadi sumber salah satu kemudian hilangnya identitas sosial, terutama di perkotaan disamping persoalan-persoalan yang berhubungan dengan eee.. ketidak adilan sosial, yang marak terjadi di Indonesia.. he eh.
Pewawancara: Kalau boleh menyebutkan beberapa topik gitu yang ditulis di essay itu?
Dedi: Hmm….

Pewawancara: Yang pernah ditulis?

Dedi: Saya pernah menulis misalnya tentang… eeee rekonstruksi kepahlawanan, Hmmmm… ini pernah dimuat di Kompas. Saya bicara tentang eee.. Selama ini kita melihat kepahlawanan identik dengan orang-orang dari kasta tinggi tapi sebenernya kita bisa melihat pada konteks memberi tempat, pada level hmm.. orang-orang eee.. masyarakat bawah itu mereka punya andil besar terhadap proses kebangsaan kita yang sering kita abaikan. Itu satu. Kedua, saya juga pernah menulis terakhir tentang identitas, tentang Indonesia sebagai sebuah identitas Saya menulis bagaimana Indonesia, proses Indonesia terbentuk, bagaimana kemudian Indonesia hari ini, dan ya.. saya pikir kita berada dalam…dalam periode yang penting sekaligus juga periode yang mencemaskan.

English translation:
Interviewer: It’s interesting that you have articles that have been featured in newspapers, or other mass media. What kind of topics do you usually write in those media?
Dedi: I write about social, cultural, well . . . in culture, I’d write about the arts, about literature. For social issues, I’ve written about our social relations, our social problems in a . . . Well that’s about it . . .
Interviewer: Could you please explain a little bit about social issues that are generally found in areas in Indonesia such as Palembang1 or Padang?2
Dedi: Ee . . . hhmm . . . I think the major problem in Indonesia recently is when we . . . start to leave traditional bounds, from a society that is maybe . . . hhmmmm . . . collectivism, collective, to an individualized society, but the new institution, those institution are not yet formed. One, hmm . . . a new in which we assume an identity of a modern society has not yet been formed. There is some ambiguity . . . it becomes one of the sources of a loss of social identity, especially in cities apart from issues that relate to social injustice that often occur in Indonesia.
Interviewer: Could you mention some topics that you have written for your essays?
Dedi: Hmm . . .
Interviewer: Topics that you’ve written already?
Dedi: I’ve written for example about . . . eee . . . the social constructions of heroes; Hmmm . . . this (article) was featured in Kompas.3 I discussed about uh . . . all this time we always consider the display of heroism to come from a certain level of society, of high society, but actually we can see it on the context of giving the place, on the level hhmm . . . people who come from the lower level of society, they have also made a big contribution to our process of nationalism, and we tend to neglect that. That is the first article, the second one . . . last time I wrote about identity, about Indonesia as an identity. I wrote on how Indonesia, on how Indonesia was formed, how Indonesia is today, and well, I think we are in . . . in both an important as well as disconcerting period.

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1 Palembang; capital city of South Sumatra in Indonesia.

2 Padang; capital city of West Sumatra in Indonesia.

3 Kompas; most widely read newspaper in Indonesia. It has a reputation in Indonesia for high-quality writing and investigative journalism.

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