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The AAUW, Aurora, Colorado Branch Scholarship(s) will be awarded to a student who has a permanent mailing address in Aurora, Colorado, and is currently enrolled or plans to enroll at an accredited Colorado college or university. The scholarship will be applied to the recipient’s tuition and/or fees for the 2016-2017 academic year.
Selection Criteria:

  • Award amount: at least two $1,000 scholarships are available

  • Must attend a fully-accredited Colorado college or university

  • Degree of study must be undergraduate

  • Must be at least a sophomore or junior in college for scholarship to take effect your junior or senior year

  • Must enroll a minimum of 6 credits to fulltime per semester in a college program

  • Must have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA

  • Must have an Aurora, Colorado, permanent mailing address

To learn more about the AAUW organization explore the website


Applications are available from the financial aid office at your college or university or by emailing Or for additional information or questions call Betty Anne Budy at 303-841-4395. The deadline for applications is April 15, 2016. Recipients will be selected by May 1, 2016.

Please mail the (1) completed application, (2) personal essays, (3) three letters of recommendation, and unofficial transcript(s) in one package mailed to the following name and address:
Joan Brown

AAUW Scholarship Committee

5413 S. Valdai Way

Aurora, CO 80015
For additional information on American Association of University Women (AAUW) please contact

American Association of University Women

Aurora, Colorado Branch Scholarship Application

(Please type or print)

I. Personal Data Date: ________________
Name: _______________________________ _______________________ _________

Last First M.I.

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

Street (Must be same address as the address in official transcript records.)


City State Zip County

Phone: H: __________________ Cell: ________________ E-Mail ____________________________
Date of Birth: __________________ Marital Status _______
Academic Status (Fall 2016) _______ Junior _______ Senior Current GPA ________
Expected Graduation Date: ________ From (Name of College/University) __________________________
Name of High School and Year of graduation or GED:
________________________________________________ ______________

High School Year

II. Educational Objectives
Degree: ___________________________ Major: _______________________
Minor: _______________________
Career Objective: __________________________________________________
III. Financial Aid
Briefly describe your financial situation and the reason you want this scholarship:


Date application received by AAUW: _______________ (For office use only)

Unofficial transcript received________
2016 AAUW Scholarship Application page 1
AAUW Aurora Branch Scholarship Application
IV. Three References
Please list the name, mailing address, and phone number of three people who will recommend you for this scholarship. Then include with this application letters of reference from the people you have listed below; at least two references from your college academic program and one additional reference from an employer or your volunteer organization..
1. Name: _________________________________ Phone ____________________
Address: _______________________________City________________ State_______ Zip________
2. Name: _________________________________ Phone ____________________
Address: ________________________________City_______________ State_______ Zip_________
3. Name: _________________________________ Phone ____________________
Address: ________________________________City_______________ State_______ Zip_________

Would you as the applicant be available for a personal interview, if requested? ________

V. Essay
Please attach a typed one to two page essay telling us about yourself and addressing the following items;

  1. What has motivated you to attend school at this time?

  2. What are your career objectives/goals?

  3. How would this scholarship assist you in achieving these goals/objectives?

  4. Are you employed? Full-time? Part-time? If yes, please describe your work briefly.

  5. List campus, community, social, and family activities in which you are involved.

  6. Describe a recent experience which left you with a feeling of satisfaction, accomplishment or pride.

VI. Award Agreement

In the event I am awarded the AAUW Aurora, Colorado Branch Scholarship, I understand that this award will be applied only to expenses for tuition and fees at a Colorado university or college. I understand that the scholarship money will be placed directly in the college financial aid office for me to use the academic year 2016-2017. I also understand that if my residence status changes, or if I withdraw from classes during any period, my scholarship may be halted or I may be required to pay the scholarship award back to the donor.

_________________________________ ________________________

Signature Date

2016 AAUW Scholarship Application page 2
AAUW Aurora Branch Scholarship Application

VII. Release Statement
If you wish to be considered for the AAUW Aurora, Colorado Branch Scholarship we must have your permission to release confidential information contained in your scholarship application to those involved in the selection process. Also, the AAUW must have your permission for news and public affairs releases. Please give the necessary permission by placing your signature and the date of your signature in the spaces indicated below.

I hereby authorize the American Association of University Women, Aurora, Colorado Branch, to release any information contained in my scholarship application to a third party, provided that the purpose of such release of information is in connection with the determination of my eligibility for receipt of a scholarship. Such third parties include scholarship committees, donors, and other individuals who need the information in order to make recommendations and/or decisions regarding the award of financial assistance to scholarship applicants. Further, I give the American Association of University Women, Aurora, Colorado Branch permission to release to the scholarship’s donor(s) and to the media, information regarding the award to me of any scholarship I may receive as a result of this application.

If you are chosen for this scholarship, we ask that you commit to attend the AAUW, Aurora Branch Scholarship Awards luncheon on May 14, 2016.
____________________________________ _______________________

Signature Date

Please send application to the following address:

Aurora Branch AAUW

Joan Brown

AAUW Scholarship Committee

5413 S. Valdai Way

Aurora, CO 80015

Please note: All materials must be received by April 15, 2016

Please include:

2016 AAUW Scholarship Application page 3

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