Alzheimer’s Disease Essay

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Veronica Sullivan


Alzheimer’s Disease Essay

Ever thought you or someone you know has Alzheimer’s disease because you/they kept forgetting things? Well, here are some symptoms of early Alzheimer’s that will help. Memory loss is a big thing, poor judgment, changes in personality may be seen, and many more.

One of the ways to figure out if you or someone you know has developed early symptoms of this disease is memory loss. Memory loss is a really big symptom! Memory loss deals with forgetting how to say words, reading, writing, and misplacing things. Now of course everyone every once in a while forgets where there they put their phone, keys, you name it, but this is constantly. Also everyone forgets how to say something, it’s just like saying, “Did the cat catch/bite your tongue?” But these things are constantly. If you or someone you know does this frequently, then that is one symptom of Alzheimer’s and something to look out for.

Another symptom of Alzheimer’s is having difficulty doing basic tasks, such as preparing for meals, choosing proper clothing, and especially driving. By now everything is going to be hard and difficult to do. It’s not going to get easier! Driving is a very dangerous thing to do for someone who has Alzheimer’s! Driving is going to be a challenge because they would get lost on familiar routes, such as which way home or to the store? Someone will always have to drive and take that person places. Everything that was once easy is now difficult to do and it’s going to be a challenge on an everyday basis.

Last, but not least someone who is diagnosed with severe Alzheimer’s disease lose the ability to talk, walk, and care for themselves. This is probably the hardest stage because someone is going to have to be with that person 24/7. Now it’s going to be you’re or someone else’s responsibility to do everything for that person. It’s not going to be an easy task. Instead of just taking care of yourself, you or someone else is going to be taking care of someone else too.

If I had to live with someone who has Alzheimer’s I would be a little distressed. Just because I’m a teenager and yes, most of the time I am responsible, but that’s mostly for me, not others. It would be a tough thing to do for someone like me or for any teenager. Having to live with someone who has lost the ability to talk, walk, and take care of themself would be a challenge because sometimes I am too lazy to take care of myself and it would be life changing. I would definitely say that I would become more mature and a little bit more independent. I would also be very overwhelmed because of all the work... too much work!


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