Alpha Co Boards 101 poc: ssg (First Mi. Last) (w/ assistance from sgt (First Mi. Last)) Table of Contents

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Alpha Co Boards 101

  • POC: SSG (First Mi. Last) (w/ assistance from SGT (First Mi. Last))

Table of Contents

  • Basics
  • Board Breakdown
  • Supervisor’s Role
  • Board Procedures
  • Before the Board
  • Getting to the Board
  • FYI
  • Soldier’s Creed
  • Sample Board Essay
  • Packet Examples
  • 12 : Useful links

The Basics

  • Boards basically evaluate two things:
    • a) Appearance
    • b) And Knowledge (verbal expression of knowledge)
  • Start Preparing Now!
  • a)
  • b) Create a study guide.

Board Break Down

  • Why we have Boards?
  • Who sits on a Board?
  • What do they evaluate?
  • How do I answer?
  • Recommendation vs. Competition

Role of the Supervisor

  • Supervisor’s place in board procedures
  • -setting the tone
  • -Why Supervisor needs to know your Bio?
  • What should be in your Bio?

Board Procedures

  • Role of Board Recorder
  • Entering Board
    • Knock 3 times (loud)
    • “Enter”
    • Opening door
    • Walking through the door
    • Shut the Door


  • Reporting
    • Walk in a military manner
    • Center yourself on the board.
    • Snap to the position of attention
    • Salute the CSM
    • Sound off: “CSM, SPC Snuffy Reports,” or “CSM, SPC Snuffy reports to the President of the Board.”
    • Wait for CSM to drop his/her salute
    • Drop your Salute
    • Remain standing at ATTENTION and await further instructions

Facing Movements

  • Purpose
  • Most Common Commands:
      • “Left face”
      • “Take 5 Steps Forward.
      • “Right Face”
      • “About Face”
      • “Left Face”
      • “Take 5 Steps Forward.”
      • “About Face”
      • “Take 5 Steps Forward”
      • “Be Seated”


  • Memorize
  • Note: You are being watched to see how well you can speak, project, and remain confident under pressure. At this point it really doesn’t matter too much what you say as long you say it well

Example Bio

    • “I am or my name is SSG Sean Steven Honea
    • I was born March 31, 1978 in Decatur, GA.
    • I graduate ____ high school/college. In _______
    • I joined the army in ______ and attending basic training at _________
    • I attended AIT/advance training at _____ as a 31S…
    • I then PCS’d/Transitioned/moved/ to my first/next/current Duty assignment ________
    • I am now stationed at ______ in the duty position of / on team ________ at the _________ (Tech control, Earth Terminal, Warehouse, A Company Ord. Room…)
    • *My major accomplishments include:
    • *I am currently single/ married at this time with ___ children/a son/ a daughter


    • My short term goals are_____. Name 3. (Be honest)
      • Examples:
      • Max PT
      • Be Promoted to “SERGEANT” or “STAFF SERGEANTDo Not repeat Do Not say E5 or E6.
      • Graduate PLDC/BNCOC ASAP or accomplish some many hours of school or Associates Degree.
    • My long term goals are _______
      • Examples:
      • Go Airborne, Special Forces… Win a Competition… Become a Warrant Officer.
      • Be Promoted “STAFF SERGEANT or SERGEANT FIRST Class” in so many years. Do Not repeat Do Not say E5 or E6.
      • Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in so many years.
      • Note: If you are bold enough to say, “I want to be CSM of the Army or CSM, I want your Job.” Then you better be able to sell it. This approach works only for those individuals with either Cocky or Very Charismatic Personalities who show absolutely no fear or hesitation...and even then it can back fire.

Greeting the Board

  • Eye Contact
  • Return Greeting
    • i.e. “Good Morning 1SG” or “outstanding 1SG etc.”
  • Head Movement vs. Eye Contact
  • Avoid Robot Syndrome

1SG/CSM Questions

  • How to answer:
    • 1. Address the 1SG and Restate the Question in the form of your answer.
    • 2. If do not know the answer :
      • 1SG, I do not know the answer at this time.
      • 1SG, I do not know the answer at this time but I will find out…
      • 1SG, I do not know the answer at this time, but the answer can found/referenced in Regulation FM 21-20 (if you’re really good you can quote it to the paragraph)


  • 1SG: “SPC Joe, What are some factors that affect your ability to perform well aerobically?”
      • 1SG
      • Some factors that affect your ability to perform well aerobically are
      • Age, Anemia, Smoking, Pollution, High Altitude, illness, obesity, and Sedentary Life – Style

More Techniques

  • Pausing
  • Sound off
  • Eye Contact

Exit the Board

  • CSM Dismisses you.
    • Stand up.
    • Approach the board centered on the CSM
    • Salute the CSM while sounding off with your Motto.
    • Step off and exit the Room. Do not Slam the door.

Before to the Board

  • Uniform and Hair Cut
    • Look sharp
    • Have your uniformed altered.
    • Use Edge Dressing.
    • Do not mix and match ‘Stay Bright.”
    • Have your NCO or one that you respect check and recheck everything.
    • Uncle Sam is always Right

Getting to the Board

    • Shine your boots/press uniform.
    • Keep your room and Equipment straight
    • Show up to work on time.
    • Do a good job.
    • Do not bounce checks
    • Drink Water.
    • Volunteer for everything.
    • Avoid Soda in hot weather and when close to weigh in’s.
    • Know that most people build a tolerance to Motrin after two weeks.
    • If you’re wrong, say you’re wrong and work to fix the problem.
    • Help your team/shift/crew.
    • Push your self during PT sessions.
    • Learn to carry a guild on.
    • Learn to Lead PT, March Soldiers and Call Cadence.
    • Ask for explanations, examples, or references in order to do your own research.
    • Know that a serving of meat is the same size as a Deck of Cards.
    • Yield to better judgment.

Do not Speed on post.

  • Do not Speed on post.
  • Do not Speed period.
  • Do not date your soldiers.
  • Do not date your soldier’s soldiers.
  • Do not under any circumstances take your spouse to hang out at the barracks.
  • Avoid stealing your roommate’s significant other.
  • Do not steal.
  • Know that acquiring is the same as stealing
  • Condense and carry around your board study material with you. (i.e. note cards/notebooks)
  • Use Soap
  • Do not miss Dental appointments


  • Your current reputation/attitude/work ethic/ and how you present yourself can go a long way upping your confidence level and helping get an outstanding recommendation and introduction to the board.
  • APFT: There is no substitute for a Good PT Score. If you do not have a score of 290 or above, then you should start training to get one. Unless you are on profile this should be one of your first short-term goals.
  • Dealing with Angry People and or Reactionaries
  • Dealing with NCOs on the Brink
  • Dealing with the Intoxicated
  • The Soldier's Creed
  • I am an American Soldier.
  • I am a Warrior and a member of a team.  I serve the people of the United States and live the Army Values. I will always place the mission first.
  • I will never accept defeat.
  • I will never quit.
  • I will never leave a fallen comrade. I am disciplined, physically and mentally tough, trained and proficient in my warrior tasks and drills.
  • I always maintain my arms, my equipment and myself.
  • I am an expert and I am a professional.
  • I stand ready to deploy, engage, and destroy the enemies of the United States of America in close combat.
  • I am a guardian of freedom and the American way of life.
  • I am an American Soldier.
  • Warrior
  • Ethos
  • SSG Honea, Sean S. A Co., 302nd SIG BN
  • “If I were Sergeant Major of the Army, I would focus my energy on these three areas.”
  • The U.S. Army is one of the most powerful and respected organizations in the World. The Army achieved this by not being afraid to adapt the needs of an ever-changing society. If I were Sergeant Major of the Army, I would seek to continue this tradition in order to produce a more capable, adaptive, and effective soldier. To do this I would focus my energy on finances, training, and the evolution of the future role of soldiers.
  • In order to create a more capable soldier, you need a focused soldier. Not one that is burden by imposed credit card debt. The government credit card system is overwhelmed. Soldiers today are having their credit ratings destroyed by a system that cannot pay the bank on time. I realize as SMA, I cannot directly rewrite the law of congress. Still, improved channels of communication between the Agency Program Coordinator of our Local Travel offices, the current Travel Card Contractors, and the major Credit Reporting Agencies would help to alleviate the situation. With communications streamlined, a database or more suitable mechanism would be set up to track and flag a submitted Travel Voucher that has or has not been paid by the Army. Armed with this data, an understanding between the Travel Card Contractors and Credit Reporting Agencies could be reached to only report delinquent accounts of individuals who have already received their Split Disbursement transfers.
  • My next area of focus would be on training. My goal would be to create a more adaptive soldier. The war on terrorism has the army fighting an unconventional and ever-changing foe. All Soldiers must be ready to confront this threat. As SMA, I would push to extend the Basic Training Course to incorporate additional training in urban warfare, hand to hand combat, and military police tactics. Furthermore, a new MOS would be created to facilitate this training in regular units. The candidate selection for this MOS would be similar to the Army Retention Program in that it would draw from a pool of NCO's in previously qualified MOS’s. The unit level positions would be known as Combatant NCO's and would maintain a fulltime position. In this regard, the Combatant NCO would function more like a dedicated NBC NCO rather than a part time Retention NCO.
  • My last area of focus would be influencing the future role of soldiers. The purpose of the soldier has always been that of a fighter. However, in recent years the soldier has become increasingly involved in peace keeping and nation building efforts. If our Nation charges the Army to grow in this way, then we should meet it full force. As SMA, I would push to lay the foundation for a new Corp within the Army. This Corp’s mission would be dedicated to nation building and peacekeeping operations whose chief aim would be to function as a security force capable of force multiplier operations. The Corp would seek to combine the best elements of the Civil Affairs, Infantry, and Military Police Commands. The Corp would be set up to relieve the rapidly deploying divisions such as the 82nd and 101st Airborne division or augment forces joint coalition forces. Brigades of this Corp would be dedicated to specific regions of the world and soldiers of these units would receive extensive language immersion training in these regions.
  • The U.S. Army’s ability to adapt and transform itself will determine the fate of our Nation in the years to come. As Sergeant Major of the Army, I would seek to uphold the respect our institution has earned by providing it with more capable, adaptive and effective soldiers. Soldiers whose focus should be on the mission, not concerns over their finances, training, or what role they should play in World.
  • Sample Board Essay
  • NCO/SOQ Battalion Board Packet
  • The following information will be placed in the folder:
  • Section 1:
  • NCO/Soldier of the Quarter/Year Biographical Data Sheet
  • Hometown News Release form, DA 2266
  • Section 2:
  • Memorandum of Nomination from the soldier’s supervisor
  • Section 3:
  • ERB and DA Form 2-1
  • Section 4:
  • Individual Photo. (one 8x10 and one ¾ length color photo taken within 6 months of board date).
  • Section 5:
  • Essay. (If you were the CSM of the Army, what areas would you focus your energy on and why? One page, typed and single-spaced.)
  • Section 6:
  • DA Form 705/PT Card
  • Marksmanship score sheet
  • CTT score card

Promotion Board Packet

  • The following information will be placed in the folder:
  • Section 1:
  • Biographical Data Sheet (Battalion Standard)
  • Section 2:
  • Memorandum of Nomination from the soldier’s supervisor
  • Section 3:
  • ERB and DA Form 2-1
  • Section 4:
  • DA Form 705 / PT Card
  • Section 5:
  • Marksmanship Record from ARCIS
  • Section 6:
  • DA Form 3355

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