Alamo Creative Writing Assignment

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Alamo Creative Writing Assignment

Based on what you’ve read about the struggle for Texas independence:

For each of the following situations, explain in one paragraph (approx. four sentences) what you would feel, what you would do, and what you would be thinking. Imagine yourself in each of the following situations, and tell me what you think it would be like. Explain the rational for your decisions.

Imagine that you are General Santa Anna, commander of the Mexican troops. You are given the choice of allowing the rebels to go free, or attacking them. You know that most of the enemy is unarmed and untrained. But, they have broken the law and refuse to come out of their fort. What would you do? Attack, negotiate? Why?
Imagine that you are Col. Travis, the leader of the Americans at the Alamo. You’ve got 200 men, women, and children in your fort. Most of them are unarmed and untrained. But, they’ve all made the decision to stay and fight. Santa Anna gives you, and you alone, the opportunity to surrender or fight. What would you do? Fight and die? Surrender and end the freedom fight for independence for all Texans? Explain.
Imagine that you are one of the Mexican soldiers about to attack the Alamo. You know that most of the people are unarmed, and that this is going to be a slaughter. But, you’ve been given an order. What would you do? Fight and go against your principles? Refuse the order and possibly be hung as a traitor? Explain.
You are a young boy of ten years of age in the Alamo. The Mexican army has just busted through the walls of the fort and are coming for your family. Your parents urge you to run and escape. Do you stay and fight for your family, or run and hope to avenge them later? Why?
Colonel Travis has just made a spectacular speech about freedom and bravery. The Mexican army is about to attack. You know that it will be a slaughter. There is a small group of men that are ready to make a run for it, and escape. Would you stay and fight for your principles and for freedom, or escape to live another day? Explain.
After the battle at the Alamo, you are the sole survivor. You’ve been taken prisoner by the Mexican government. They know that there is another group of rebels hiding out nearby. In that group of rebels is your spouse and brother. The army is torturing you relentlessly. If you give up the position of the other rebels, you’ll be let free. If not, you’ll be hung in the morning? What would you do? Explain.
After the battle at the Alamo, the US government calls for a full war against Mexico. They need recruits for the army to invade Mexico. You’re 18 and unmarried. A recruiter finds you walking home from work one day, and puts you on the spot. Would you sign up and defend your country’s honor, or refuse and live on? Explain.
The war in Mexico has been raging on for a few months now, and many men have been lost. The country needs new recruits. Your brother enlists the next day. You have a small family of your own, a good job, and a nice home. Your brother visits the morning he is set to leave and asks you to go as well. What would you do? Explain.
As the Mexican army breaks through the walls of the Alamo, most of the women and children (including your family) hide in the rear of the fort. Near the front of the fort is the ammunition hut, full of explosives. You’ve been cornered in the hut alone, with a regiment of Mexican soldiers charging in. After you, the next stop will be the back of the fort. What would you do? Explain.
You are the president of the US, and the Mexican army has just defeated the Alamo, killing everyone in it. Congress and the American people are urging for a war, though you know that it may not be justified. What would your decision be? Explain.

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