Aim: How do I write a dbq essay?

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Aim: How do I Write a DBQ Essay?

A Thesis, tells the reader what you will be writing about, and what you will be proving.

  • GOOD EXAMPLE: The ancient Greeks and Romans contributed numerous concepts and ideas which we continue to use today.
  • BAD EXAMPLE: In this essay, I will write about the contributions of Rome and Greece.

How Do I Analyze the Documents?

  • Who is Speaking or what is being shown?
  • 2. What is the purpose of the document?
  • 3. Is it a Primary or Secondary source of information?

The Body Paragraphs!

  • 1. You have to prove your thesis by using evidence from the documents and connecting it to the topic.
  • 2. Use Outside information - any information not contained in the documents.
  • 3. Each paragraph must be at least 5 sentences.

Creating Your Essay: Body Paragraphs

  • Each of the body paragraphs is made up of three parts.
  • Introduction
  • +
  • Body
  • Paragraph
  • Body
  • Paragraph
  • +
  • Conclusion


  • Write two body paragraphs. Use document 3 for one paragraph and use document 5 for the second paragraph.
  • For homework you will rewrite your introduction and finish the 2 body paragraphs.

Write 2 body paragraphs, use one document for each paragraph

  • Document 3: Greek Architecture; Columns – White House
  • Document 5: Roman Government; Senate & Citizenship
  • “Architecture was very important to the ancient Greeks. One distinctive feature was the use of columns. Modern architecture is often modeled after Greek architecture. Look at the three types of Greek columns, along with a photograph of the White House.”
  • “The concept of democracy, or rule by the people, was first developed by ancient Greeks. Leaders of ancient Rome continued that development. Roman men were citizens who could vote for people to represent them. A ruling body, called a Senate, was run by powerful people. Less powerful citizens were given the right to veto or stop an action of the Senate. In these ways, all citizens had a say in the government. One emperor, Claudius, said”

Can we come up with a thesis?

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