Aila texas chapter annual conference

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San Francisco

Business Meeting Agenda

Friday, June 28th 2013 at 12:12 p.m.


  1. Call to Order – Michelle Saenz-Rodriguez, TX Chapter

Outgoing President

  1. Chapter Elections and Results - Michelle /Saenz Rodriguez

nominating chair and outgoing immediate past chair

election results :

Terry Weir as the incoming Chapter Chair

Kelly Stump - incoming vice chair

Jackie Watson – incoming treasurer

Jason Mills – incoming secretary

3.     Approval of the Minutes from the Chapter meeting in South

Padre in April, Jacqueline Watson outgoing secretary

4.     Treasurer’s Report – Kelli Stump, Outgoing Chapter

Treasurer; Kelli was not present due to conflicting schedule but

accounting spreadsheets were distributed to the chapter which

she had prepared.

5.     Old Business
Puerto Rico – was voted upon for the Fall conference. Rooms available for 159.00 a night at the marriot several flight options. Nov 14th-16th are the dates set for the conference.
AIC - Legal Action Center representative Marry Kenney. Information found on the AIC website. AIC carries out impact litigation such as class actions - asylum clock stopping under a justiciable standard. Carries out amicus work. Practice advisories to attorneys.

Guillermo AIC representative- AIC also carries out policy formulation through research. They are on the forefront of the immigration reform debate. Check out blog in support of reform.

 AIC Essay Contest - Avalyn Langemeir; great service and fun participation. Texas chapter placed third nationality. Usually a poem wins. Call for those to volunteer.
Citizenship DayMichelle Saenz Rodriguez; went well. Good participation. Call to volunteer of members.
Chapter Website - Less emails will be sent out because of the new newsletter found on the website. Will generally save information for the newsletter unless it is an urgent matter. There is also a

photo contest ongoing for San Francisco Conference. Submissions by the 8th of July.

6. New Business
AILA national CIR update

Anu Joshi - 68-32 to pass SB 744. It is done. Border surge amendment which doubles number of CBP officers and far reaching border fencing as well as sophisticated surveillance and technology advances.

house has 4 separate bills which AILA opposes. Check for information. Will likely go to conference meeting for the House and Senate to compromise. Still some distance but getting there. Needs to happen by November or may be 2015 before serious chances would begin again. In August nationals will request that local chapters send individual phone calls to house members. Keep the press engaged. good main points of what is going on. make calls.

7. Old Business Again
Membership update : Over 1100 members - Craig Miley.
Spring conference update

Sarah Brown - last weekend of April 2014 subject to change. She and Craig will host a cocktail reception. Dallas, Texas is location.

9. New Business Again

Doug Stump- wanted to thank everyone. Recognized the importance of the Texas chapter. Thanked Brian Bates.

Rick Gump - Chapter was installed in 1972. Sam W. Eugene Corlinson, Leon Rosen was president at the time the Texas chapter

was installed. Wants a resolution to thank him on behalf of the chapter. Upon motion made, seconded, and carried, the Chapter made the Resolution to thank Leon Rosen. The motion was carried with overwhelming support.

10. Adjournment 12:52 p.m.

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