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OFFICE TELEPHONE: 713-743-3004

Institution Degree Date

University of Houston Ph.D. Literature and Creative Writing 1993

University of Houston M.A. Literature and Creative Writing 1990

University of Houston B.A. English 1987

San Jacinto College A.A. English 1985

Dissertation: Vultures: a novel generated from a study of the subculture of Houston area wrecker drivers

Master's Thesis: Through the Fire: a collection of short stories

Written Doctoral Comprehensive Examinations: Old and Middle English, Modern British Literature. Early American Literature, The Genre of Fiction

Oral Doctoral Exam Presentation: Flannery O'Connor's Fiction in the Context of Grace

University of Houston 1987—2010

Courses taught:

English 1303: Composition I

English 1304: Composition II

English 1304: Representing Reality—a Philosophical Application of Rhetoric

English 1304: Environmental English Service class (under a grant received by Dr. Lee Smith and Dr. Terrell Dixon)

Introduction to Fiction 2305: The Novel

Introduction to Fiction 2305: The Short Story

Introduction to Poetry 2306: Lyric and Narrative

Introduction to Poetry 2306: An Historical Approach

Introduction to Drama 2307: Drama throughout History

Introduction to Drama 2307: Drama in the Community, a service class

Introduction to Drama 2307: Online Drama

Literature and Culture 2308: Drama, Fiction, and Poetry (online)

Western World Literature 2332: First half of World Literature

Western World Literature 2333: Second half of World Literature

American Literature 3350: American Literature to 1865

Women in Literature 3362: Televised Course at Cinco Ranch

Women in Literature 2353: Houston Community College onlline course

English 2334: Development of the Novel

English 3363: Technical Communications
Positions held (2001-2013):

Supervisor for incoming Teaching Assistants Sept 2008—May 2010

SPEAK test grader for Testing and Administration Aug 2000—2012 (current)

CLEP, SAT, ESSAY PLACEMENT essay grader for University of Houston Sept 2000—2012 (current)

1987—2010 Wrote, administered, and scored Writing Proficiency Exams

Research Assistant: Carl Lindahl
Houston Community College 1993—2013
Courses taught:

English 2307: Business English—grammar and usage for the business world

English 1301: Composition I Online Webct, Blackboard, and BBS courses

English 1301: Composition I Dual Credit Classroom delivery

English 1302: Composition II Online Webct

English 0310: Developmental English

English 2327: American Literature (American Literature to 1865)

Developed Online Course for Creative Writing
1995: Asked to develop and teach course in Summer of 1995 for Leisure Learning to present and discuss the works of Flannery O'Connor
University of Houston Downtown 1993—2006

Courses taught:

Reading 1300 (Developmental English)

Reading Lab Tutor for 1101 and 1300 Reading Courses (Developmental English)

WPE (Writing Proficiency Exam) grader
San Jacinto College 1990--1993:

English 1301: Composition I

English 1302: Composition II: An Introduction to Literature, Poetry, and Drama

Continuing Education:

HCC Teaching and Learning Excellence program, completed certificate

HCC Sophia seminars

HCC Blackboard Training Program

HCC Instructional Technology Certificate

Awarded Fellowship from Houston Community College for Webct Course Design: 2001

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