Acid Rain, Killer Rain

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Acid Rain, Killer Rain

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Every time you turn on the television or take a ride in a car, you could be contributing to a problem called acid rain. In this essay, you’ll learn how acid rain is created, the effects of acid rain and more importantly, what we all can do to prevent it.
How acid rain created?

Acid rain forms when the gases that are given off by burning fuels, such as coal and gasoline, mix with rain. Many power plants burn fuels in order to create the electricity that we use in our homes and offices every day. Cars and trucks also send these gases into the air when they burn gasoline. When rain mixes with these gases, harmful substances called acids form. This is acid rain.

What are the effects of acid rain?

Acid rain damages everything that it touches. It poisons our rivers, ponds, lakes, streams and oceans along with all the life in them. It pollutes our soil and crops, weakens trees and can even kill fish and plants. Acid rain also eats away at buildings and statues.

How can we prevent acid rain?

We need to cut down on the pollution that gets into our air. Turn off lights, televisions and other electrical appliances if you are not using them. Walk or take a bike whenever possible. If you are traveling a long distance, take a bus or train to save fuel.

As research shows, acid rain harms our environment. But people everywhere can take small steps now to help protect our environment for future generations.

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