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ACF Regionals 2004

Packet by Illinois A (Sudheer Potru, Mike Sorice, Andrew Ullsperger, with some help from Dom Ricci)
Literature (5/5)
The daughter of an internationally renowned archaeologist, she worked for an electrical engineering firm for ten years before turning to writing. Later works include Men, Women, and Places and The Faithful Wife, and she published The Wild Orchid and The Burning Bush after her conversion to Roman Catholicism, and her continuing interest in the "immoral love" of women resulted in both Jenny and Images in a Mirror. But she may be best-known for investigating medieval Nordic themes and her long historical novels, including Olav Audusson and a long work with three parts entitled The Garland, The Mistress of Husaby, and The Cross, respectively. FTP, name this creator of Kristin Lavransdatter

Answer: Sigrid Undset
The character of the manservant Du Bois enhances the farcical nature of the play, who, in his attempt to speak to his master, says virtually nothing. The poet Oronte wishes to make friends, but instead alienates the title character, who tells his good friend Philinte to stop flattering Oronte. The suitors Acaste and Clitandre vie for the love of the ward of Arsinoe, who accuses the title character's love interest of flirtatiousness. The intelligent Eliante's interest turns to Philinte, who tells the title character not to isolate himself after Celimene refuses to commit to him. FTP, name this Moliere play about Alceste, a guy who really hates people.

Answer: The Misanthrope
Their influence can be seen in the work of Paul Valéry and Paul Claudel, and its spread to Russia manifested itself most famously in the work of Aleksander Blok. Often resorting to prose poems or free verse for poetry, important novelists associated with this movement include J.-K. Huysman and Maurice Maeterlinck. The Greek-born Jean Moréas added to the work of Rémy de Goncourt, their foremost critic, and they flaunted the term "decadent" in such works as Illuminations and "Afternoon of a Faun". FTP, name this largely French literary movement, whose most important proponents include Arthur Rimbaud, Paul Verlaine, and Stephane Mallarmé.

Answer: symbolism
One of the servants, Bia, says nothing, while the other, Kratus insists that the title character is guilty and must be punished. In this drama, Io describes how she was turned into a cow and guarded by Argos, but his death resulted into a gadfly constantly chasing her, and she describes her torture as a yoke, a recurring symbol. Angered by her suffering, the title character claims that Zeus' son will eventually topple him, as Zeus is nothing but an idiotic tyrant who has ordered Hephaestus to imprison of the title character for the crime of giving fire to man. FTP, name this play about a certain Titan, written by Aeschylus.

Answer: Prometheus Bound
He attended the International Labor Organization in Geneva for his country before turning to writing. His first short story collection, The Masked Days, was followed up by Constancia and Other Stories for Virgins. He gained little acclaim for his first novel When the Air is Clear, although Philip II's construction of El Escorial was the subject of a more famous work, Terra nostra, and he also wrote a fictionalized account of Ambrose Bierce’s last days in The Old Gringo. FTP, name this noted Marxist and author of The Death of Artemio Cruz.

Answer: Carlos Fuentes
Name these non-dramas of that ridiculously unimportant Shakespeare fellow, FTPE.

1. This poem in tetrameter quatrain and triplets describes the mystical joining of the two title animals, each symbolic of a different kind of love.

Answer: "The Phoenix and the Turtle"

2. Dedicated to Henry Wriothesly, the love of one of the title characters is unrequited and she leaves the forest when the second title character is killed by a boar.

Answer: "Venus and Adonis"

3. Consisting of two alternate versions of Shakespeare's sonnets 138 and 144, the editor William Jaggard supposedly stole some of the work of John Heywood in creating it.

Answer: "The Passionate Pilgrim"
Answer these questions about a Russian author and his work, FTPE.

1. His early works include A Provincial Tale and The Islanders, and he and his publisher were tried for charges resulting from his At the End of the World. The ensuing prison term gave him the inspiration for the short work Sever, translated as North.

Answer: Yevgeny Ivanovich Zamyatin

2. Perhaps Zamyatin's most famous work is this dystopic novel, which tells of the future One State ruled by the perfect laws of mathematics and the perpetually reelected Benefactor. The scientist D-503 works on a spaceship to force happiness on the rest of the universe.

Answer: We (accept My)

3. Zamyatin was a major influence on this movement of writers named for the house at which they met and which included Fedin, Kavarin, and Zoshchenko. He once said he had taught them to write with 90-proof ink.

Answer: Serapion Brothers (accept whatever that is in Russian)
Name these satirical works of British literature, FTSNOP.

1. (5 points) This long Alexander Pope poem bashes the hell out of Colley Cibber; it's hilarious.

Answer: The Dunciad

2. (5 points) This novel by Jonathan Swift includes some little people, some big people, some things that look like horses, and oh yeah, the title character who goes to a lot of places.

Answer: Gulliver's Travels

3. (10 points) This work criticizes the actions of the earl of Shaftesbury and Duke of Monmouth by symbolizing them with two Biblical characters.

Answer: Absalom and Achitophel

4. (10 points) This satirical novel refers to the title character's husband as Mr. B, and has the title character speak of "Vartue."

Answer: Shamela
Name these Wallace Stevens poems from lines, FTPE.

1. Referencing the political critic Ramon Fernandez, this poem provides extensive description of the sea as the speaker stares at the water just off the title location.

Answer: "The Idea of Order at Key West"

2. This poem describes the rape of Susanna in conjunction with a character from A Midsummer Night's Dream playing the title instrument.

Answer: "Peter Quince at the Clavier"

3. The title object of this poem "did not give of bird or bush", but instead remained gray and bare while sitting on a hill in Tennessee.

Answer: "Anecdote of the Jar"
Name the author from works, 30-20-10.

1. Myth, Literature, and the African World; The Strong Breed

2. From Zia, With Love; The Interpreters; Kongi's Harvest

3. The Dance of the Forests; Death and the King's Horsemen; The Lion and the Jewel

Answer: Wole Soyinka
Social Science (2/2)
First outlined in the seminal 1960 paper "The Problem of Social Cost", it was originally considered merely a theoretical problem of no practical importance. Developed while its creator worked at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, it is based on the fact that any economic problem will be judged as the fault of one party, but in fact results from joint causation. Therefore, despite legal liability given to one party, when information and transaction costs are low, the market will resolve any nuisance without regard to the legal ruling, thus eliminating the externality. FTP, name this theorem, named for the British winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1991.

Answer: Coase's Theorem
Answer these questions about Gestalt, FTPE.

1. Considered crucial to the theory is this process by which stationary objects shown quickly at different points quickly appear to move by transcending the threshold at which they can be perceived alone.

Answer: phi phenomenon

2. Considered the founder of Gestalt psychology, this man's work with perception led him to discover the phi phenomenon.

Answer: Max Wertheimer

3. From the German for "precision", this term denotes Wertheimer's idea that less energy is exerted when the brain grasps things as wholes rather in specific parts.

Answer: Pragnanz
Name these anthropologists from works, FTPE.

1. Structure and Function in Primitive Society; The Andaman Islanders

Answer: Alfred Reginald Radcliffe-Brown

2. Primitive Art; Race, Language, and Culture

Answer: Franz Boas

3. Anahuac; Primitive Culture

Answer: Edward Tylor
Miscellaneous (2/2)
In this work, the prematurely gray-haired newspaperman Matthias Pardon considers seeking a “partnership” with the central character, though he is unable to locate her in the book’s concluding chapters. That central character’s father, Selah, always wears a ridiculous-looking raincoat and plies his trade as a mesmerist on her to give an impetus to her skills as a public speaker, which outshine those of Mrs. Farrinder at a party at Miss Birdseye’s. FTP, name this Henry James novel in which Basil Ransom ends-up with Verena Tarrant and in which only the questionably sexually oriented Olive Chancellor is properly a member of the title group.

Answer: The Bostonians
One of the products of this reaction is very short-lived in normal matter so, in a gamma detector, one must generally infer that this reaction has taken place from the presence of an annihilation radiation spectrum about mec2 [“m-sub-e cee squared”]. Requiring the presence of a Coulombic field, the cross-section for this photon-particle reaction dominates those of scattering and capture at high photon energies. FTP, name the reaction in which a photon of at least 1.02 MeV [“megaeletronvolts”] gives rise to an electron and anti-electron.

Answer: pair production
Answer each of the following about everyone’s favorite brand of intrinsic angular momentum, spin, FTPE.

1. This set of three Hermitian matrices represents the components of the spin operator for spin-1/2 particles divided by half the Dirac constant. They are named for this dude with a namesake exclusion principle.

Answer: Pauli Spin Matrices

2. Symbolized γ [“lower-case gamma”], this quantity is the constant of proportionality between the magnetic moment due to spin and its associated spin vector. Thus [“mu-sub-ess-vector equals gamma times ess-vector”].

Answer: gyromagnetic ratio (accept gyromagnetic number, gyromagnetic constant, etc.)

3. A spin-1/2 particle at rest in a constant magnetic field of magnitude B [“bee”] will experience precession of the expectation value of its spin vector at this angular frequency, symbolized ω0 and equal to γ*B [“gamma times bee”].

Answer: Larmor frequency
Answer each of the following regarding a poet and his work for the stated number of points.

1. (10 points) This writer of the Letters to a Young Poet composed his Duino Elegies in a small stone tower in Muzot, Switzerland in 1922.

Answer: Rainer Maria Rilke (accept René Maria Rilke)

2. (5 points) Rilke wrote this collection of 55 poems in two parts more or less simultaneously with the Duino Eligies, of which Rilke called this work in two parts the “natural overflow.”

Answer: Sonnets to Orpheus (Sonette an Orpheus)

3. (15 points) This sonnet from the first part of the Sonnets to Orpheus exhorts the reader not to mark the grave of Orpheus. It stresses the unity of artists, yet noting the fleeting nature of the creative spirit, which only sometimes “overstays for a few days the bowl of roses.”

Answer: Sonnet 5 (accept “Set up no stone to his memory” or “Errichtet keinen Denkstein”)
Fine Arts (3/3)
Its lobby ceiling is spanned by Energy, Result, Workmanship, and Transportation, a mural by Edward Turnbull that celebrates intercontinental aviation and modern construction. Liquor lockers coded with hieroglyphics reflected the Egyptian motif of its Cloud Club, and Margaret Bourke-White used her studio on its 61st floor to pose on top of one of its stainless steel eagle gargoyles. The design of its crown incorporates a radiating stack of seven parabolic curves and triangular windows, and epitomizes the art deco aesthetic. FTP, what William Van Alen-designed building reigned as both New York’s and the world’s tallest from its 1930 opening until the Empire State Building exceeded it the following year?

Answer: Chrysler Building
Regarding the first performance of this work in 1837, the Memoirs of its composer claim that one of the female members of the chorus of 210 fainted due to the magnitude of the music, which is not surprising. Those Memoirs further claim that the conductor of this work’s premier, Francois-Antoine Habeneck, put down his baton during a crucial bar of the Tuba mirum in order to take a pinch of snuff, requiring the composer to step-in and save the performance. Consisting of ten movements spanning approximately an hour and a half, this work was originally commissioned by Gasparin for a ceremony to celebrate the fallen heroes of the July Revolution, though the cancellation of that ceremony delayed the premier of this monumental musical work, Holoman number 75, until the funeral ceremony of Charles Denys de Damremont. FTP, name this colossal mass by Hector Berlioz.

Answer: Requiem (Grande Messe des morts), for tenor, chorus, & orchestra, H. 75 (Op. 5) (accept “Grande Messe des morts,” “Grand Mass of the Dead,” etc.)
Though this man incessantly painted his associates, including Leopold Zborowski and Beatrice Hastings, he only thought to paint himself once. In that self-portrait, we see the artist at work in a red shirt and blue scarf, with his characteristic blacking-out of the eyes evident. Under the tutelage of Brancusi, this man gained the African sculptural stylings visible in his series of stone head sculptures, which expose his characteristic elongation of the human figure. FTP, name the artist who created such works as “Reclining Nude from the Back” and “Yellow Sweater” and whose very pregnant lover, Jeanne Hébuterne, committed suicide by defenestration the day after his 1920 death from tubercular meningitis.

Answer: Amedeo “Dedo” Modigliani
Identify these movies directed by Billy Wilder FTPE.

1. This 1961 winner of the Best Picture Oscar featured Jack Lemmon as Bud Baxter, a clerk who moves up in his company by allowing executives to use the titular locale for extra-marital trysts.

Answer: The Apartment

2. Insurance representative Walter Neff conspires with housewife Phyllis Dietrichson to murder her husband, but the scheme unravels under the investigative pressure of Barton Keyes in this film noir.

Answer: Double Indemnity

3. Based on a novel by Charles Jackson, this film chronicles the disintegration of alcoholic writer Don Birnam during a four day-long bender.

Answer: The Lost Weekend
Name each of the following works of art with… issues… FTPE.

1. The arms of Adam are too short as he covers his face, presumably in shame, in this Massacio work, the second in the Brancacci Chapel series.

Answer: “The Expulsion from the Garden of Eden” (accept “La cacciata dal Paradiso terrestre,” “The Banishment from Heaven on Earth,” “The Expulsion of Adam and Eve,” etc.)

2. David Sylvester calls the drawing of the arms in this Goya “incompetent.” The titular female’s breasts are also in something of an untenable position.

` Answer: “The Nude Maja” (accept “La Maja Desnuda,” “The Naked Maja,” etc.)

3. In this Rubens depicting one of the exploits of the Dioscuri, the lower of the Rubensesque women is bent in such a way that her spine should probably be broken, rendering necrophilic the title action.

Answer: “The Rape of the Daughters of Leucippis” (accept “Enlèvement des filles de Leucippus,” “Le viol des filles de Leucippus,” “The Abduction of the Daughters of Leucippus,” etc.)
Name each of the following composers from works for the stated number of points.

1. (15 points) 555 harpsichord sonatas, numbered chronologically by Ralph Kirkpatrick.

Answer: Giuseppe Domenico Scarlatti (prompt on “Scarlatti”)

2. (10 points)The oratorio Judas Maccabaeus and the opera Rinaldo.

Answer: George Frideric Handel (accept Georg Friedrich Händel or Georg Friedrich Haendel)

3. (5 points) Several hundred cantatas, six Brandenburg Concertos.

Answer: Johann Sebastian
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