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Access to Fashion Media and Communications

Photography for Fashion
Comparative Essay
French fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier was born in France in 1943 and grew up alongside his four brothers. Demarchelier was just 17 when he was first introduced to photography after his father gave him a camera for his birthday. Starting out as a photographic assistant to Hans Feurer at Nova magazine, he quickly began establishing himself. After getting noticed by Alexander Liberman in 1972 he was offered a job for Glamour in New York and moved over permenatly in 1975. Towards the late 1970s he began working for Vogue, shooting covers. In the time he spent at Vogue, he worked with a number of different models and celebrity’s including Brooke Shields, Madonna and Naomi Campbell. 1992 bought a change for Demarchelier when he signed a long-term contract with Harpers Bazaar and began working alongside Elizabeth Tilberis; the pair formed a close relationship.

Over the years of working as a photographer, as well as fashion, he tends to specialise in portrait photography. Within these photographs he enhances a models natural beauty with just a little subtle lighting. His work has been said to have casual, realistic and playful qualities. Demarchelier enjoys working in black and white mainly, especially when shooting celebrities.

(Fig 1) Kate Moss, Harpers Bazaar, 1993.

Born in 1958, Nick Knight is a British photographer specialising in fashion and documentary. He was only 17 when he first picked up a camera and began photographing. He then went on to study photography at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design, before graduating with a distinction in 1982. His first major project, ’Skinheads’ was a book of photographs documenting skinhead culture, this was published in 1985. Since then he has gone on to work for i-D, British Vogue and W Magazine, shooting editorials with celebrities and various models. He has also won awards for his ad campaigns for clients including Alexander McQueen, Christian Dior and Levi Strauss. In 2000, Knight became the director and founder of, an award winning fashion website for presenting fashion through the Internet. This could be either live streams of fashion shows and catwalks or working with pop icons to create a fashion film.

Renowned for his creative collaborations with some of the most famous people in the fashion industry, Nick Knight’s photography style is extremely experimental. His use of colour, shape and movement in many of his photographs is very extravagant, and it has been said that he often pushes the boundaries. He is constantly challenging conventional ideals of beauty and has worked on issues dealing with racism and disability.
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