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A. Meskin c.v.

March 2018


Associate Professor

School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science

University of Leeds

Woodhouse Lane Leeds, LS2 9JT

United Kingdom


University of Leeds, Associate Professor (2008-present)

University of Leeds, Lecturer (2005-2008)

Texas Tech University, Assistant Professor (2001-2005)

Texas Tech University, Visiting Assistant Professor (1999-2001)

Rutgers University, Ph.D., Philosophy (2000)

Brown University, A.B., Philosophy (1989)

Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art, Philosophical Psychology, Philosophy of Film, Philosophy of Food, Philosophy of Literature


Major Grants

European Commission FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IIF Grant (PI), “Experimental Philosophical Aesthetics and Human Nature” (estimated EU contribution €231,283.20), 2013-2015.

Arts and Humanities Research Council Research Grant AH/G0122644/1 (CI, with Gregory Currie (PI) and Matthew Kieran (co-CI)), "Method in philosophical aesthetics: the challenge from the sciences" (research council contribution: £487,325), 2009-2013.
Other External Grants and Awards

UK-Mexico Visiting Chair, 2018. {Funded two week research visit to UNAM and UAM-Cuajimalpa.}

Heiwa Nakajima Foundation Invitation Grant, 2017. {Funded three week research visit to Hiroshima, Kyoto and Tokyo.}
National Academics and Creatives Exchange, “Evaluating Quality of Learning Disability Performance”, 2016. {Consultant and Leeds PI on grant led by Mind the Gap Theatre Company.}
British Society of Aesthetics Small Grant (PI) “Aesthetics, Fashion, and Psychology” (£4,965), 2015-16.
British Society of Aesthetics Connections Grant (co-PI with Shen-yi Liao), “Race and Aesthetics” (£12,000), 2015.
British Society of Aesthetics Small Grant (co-PI with Sara Protasi), “Improvisation in Dance: A Philosophical Perspective” (£5,000), 2015.
British Academy Travel Grant (£500), 2007.
Participant, National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute in Art, Mind, and

Cognition, University of Maryland, 2002.

Internal Grants

Arts Faculty Research Leave, University of Leeds, 2018. {Competitive award of additional research leave to match School leave.}

Sadler Seminar Series Grant (PI), “Food, Values, Decisions” (£8,000), 2017-2018.
N8 Agrifood Pump-Prime Grant (PI), “Food, Values, Decisions” (£2000), 2017-2018
University of Leeds Ignite Grant (PI), “Philosophizing Improvisation” (£1,995), 2016.
University of Leeds Ignite Grant (co-PI with Shen-yi Liao), “The Art and Ethics of Coffee” (£2,000), 2014-15.
Arts Faculty Pump-Priming Grant (co-PI with Matthew Kieran), “Experimental Aesthetics” (£5,000), 2011-2012.
Arts Faculty Research Leave, University of Leeds, 2007-2008. {Competitive award of additional research leave to match School leave.}

Edited Volumes

  1. The Routledge Companion to Comics (co-edited with an introduction by Frank Bramlett, Roy T Cook and Aaron Meskin). Routledge, 2016.

  2. Aesthetics and The Sciences of Mind (co-edited with an introduction by Gregory Currie, Matthew Kieran, Aaron Meskin and Jon Robson). Oxford University Press, 2014.

  3. Philosophical Aesthetics and the Sciences of Art (co-edited with an introduction by Gregory Currie, Matthew Kieran, Aaron Meskin and Margaret Moore). Cambridge University Press, 2014.

  4. The Art of Comics: A Philosophical Approach (co-edited with an introduction by Aaron Meskin and Roy T Cook). Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell, 2012. [Spanish translation forthcoming in 2016.]

Journal Articles

  1. “Aesthetics and Cognitive Science,” (with Jon Robson, Anna Ichino, Kris Goffin and Annelies Monseré), WIREs Cognitive Science 9(1), 2018: doi: 10.1002/wcs.1445

  2. “Still Self-Involved: Reply to Patridge,” (with Jon Robson), Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 75(2), 2017: pp. 184-187.

  3. “Aesthetic Adjectives: Experimental Semantics and Context-Sensitivity,” (with Shen-yi Liao), Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 94(2), 2017: 371-398.

  4. “Aesthetic Adjectives Lack Uniform Behavior,” (with Shen-yi Liao and Louise McNally), Inquiry 59(6), 2016: pp. 618-631.

  5. “Errors in ‘The History of an Error’,” (with Simon Fokt), British Journal of Aesthetics 56(2), 2016: pp. 179-185.

  6. “Videogames as Self-Involving Interactive Fictions,” (with Jon Robson), Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 74 (2), 2016: pp. 165-177.

  7. “Taste and Acquaintance,” (with Jon Robson), Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 73(2), 2015: pp. 127-139.

  8. “Comic, Prints, and Multiplicity,” (with Roy T Cook), Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 73(1), 2015: pp. 57-67.

  9. “Mere Exposure to Bad Art,” (with Mark Phelan, Margaret Moore and Matthew Kieran), British Journal of Aesthetics 53(2), 2013: pp. 139-164.

  10. “The Philosophy of Comics,” Philosophy Compass 6 (12), 2011: pp. 854-864.

  11. “Videogames and the Moving Image,” (with Jon Robson), Revue Internationale de Philosophie 64(4), 2010: pp. 547-563.

  12. “Comics as Literature?” British Journal of Aesthetics 49(3), 2009: pp. 219-239.

  13. “Photography and Its Epistemic Values: Reply to Cavedon-Taylor,” (with Jonathan Cohen), Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 67(2), 2009: pp. 235-237.

  14. “Scrutinizing the Art of Theater,” Journal of Aesthetic Education 43(3), 2009: pp. 51- 66.

  15. “Counterfactuals, Probabilities, and Information: Response to Critics,” (with Jonathan Cohen), Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 86, 2008: pp. 635-642.

  16. “Defining Comics?” Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 65, 2007: pp. 369-379. [A shortened version appears in Aesthetics: A Reader in Philosophy of the Arts, third edition, ed. David Goldblatt and Lee Brown. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, 2011.]

  17. “The Cluster Account of Art Reconsidered,” British Journal of Aesthetics, 47, 2007: pp. 388-400.

  18. “An Objective Counterfactual Theory of Information,” (with Jonathan Cohen), Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 84 (3), 2006: pp. 333-352.

  19. “Aesthetic Testimony: What Can We Learn From Others About Beauty and Art?” Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, 69 (1), 2004: pp. 65-91.

  20. “On the Epistemic Value of Photographs,” (with Jonathan Cohen), Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 62 (2), 2004: pp. 197-210.

  21. “Emotions, Fiction, and Cognitive Architecture,” (with Jonathan Weinberg), British Journal of Aesthetics, 43 (1), 2003: pp. 18-34.

Academic Book Chapters

  1. “Experimental Philosophical Aesthetics as Public Philosophy” (with Shen-yi Liao), forthcoming in Advances in Experimental Philosophy of Aesthetics. Bloomsbury.

  2. “Videogames and Film,” (with Jon Robson) forthcoming in The Palgrave Handbook for the Philosophy of Film and Motion Pictures, ed. Noël Carroll, Laura T. Di Summa-Knoop and Shawn Loht. Palgrave.

  3. “Videogames and Creativity,” forthcoming in The Aesthetics of Videogames, ed. Jon Robson and Grant Tavinor. Taylor and Francis.

  4. “Morality and Aesthetics of Food,” (with Shen-yi Liao) in Oxford Handbook of Food Ethics, ed. Anne Barnhill, Mark Budolfson and Tyler Doggett. Oxford, 2018: pp. 658-679.

  5. “Defining Comics,” in The Routledge Companion to Comics, ed. Frank Bramlett, Roy T Cook and Aaron Meskin. Routledge, 2016: pp. 221-229.

  6. “Art and Imagination,” (with Nick Wiltsher) in The Routledge Handbook of the Philosophy of Imagination, ed. Amy Kind. Routledge, 2016: pp. 179-191.

  7. “Popular Fiction,” in The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Literature, ed. Noel Carroll and John Gibson. Routledge, 2015: 117-126.

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  20. “Productions, Performances, and Their Evaluations,” in Dance, Education, and Philosophy, ed. Graham McFee. Oxford: Meyer & Meyer, 1999: pp. 45–61.

Book Reviews

  1. Review of The Philosophy of Art, by Stephen Davies, Philosophical Books, 49 (2008): pp. 188-190.

  2. Review of Philosophy of Film and Motion Pictures: An Anthology, ed. Noël Carroll and Jinhee Choi, ASA Newsletter, 2007.

  3. Review of Aesthetic Concepts: Essays after Sibley, ed. Emily Brady and Jerrold Levinson, British Journal of Aesthetics, 44 (1), 2004: pp. 90-93.

  4. Review of The Aesthetics of Comics by David Carrier, British Journal of Aesthetics, 41 (4), 2001: pp. 446-449.

  5. Review of Theories of Art Today, ed. Noël Carroll, Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 59 (2), 2001: pp. 219-221.

  6. Review of Bodies of the Text: Dance as Theory, Literature as Dance, ed. Ellen Goellner and Jacqueline Murphy, Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 57 (1), 1999: p. 96.

  7. “Art and Ethics Reunited: A Review of Aesthetics and Ethics, ed. Jerrold Levinson,” Film-Philosophy Electronic Salon, 1998.

Edited Textbooks

  1. Aesthetics: A Comprehensive Anthology, (co-edited with Steven M. Cahn), Wiley- Blackwell 2007. (Second edition forthcoming.)

  2. Current Moral and Social Issues, (co-edited with Z. Batori, J. Engel, O. Gwirceman, M.Montminy, K. Richman, S. Schneider, and J. Tigner), Kendall/Hunt Inc., 1996.

Other Publications

  1. “Psychology and Philosophical Aesthetics,” Oculus, 2014.

  2. “Aesthetic Value,” (with Levno Plato) Encyclopedia of Quality of Life and Well-Being Research, ed. AC Michalos. Dordrecht, Springer, 2014: pp. 76-78.

  3. “The Art of Food,” The Philosopher’s Magazine 61, 2013: 81-86.

  4. “Teaching and Learning Guide for ‘The Philosophy of Comics’,” Philosophy Compass 7(5) 2012: 361-364.

  5. “‘Why Don’t You Go Read a Book?’ Watchmen as Literature,” in Watchmen and Philosophy: A Rorschach Test, ed. William Irwin and Mark D. White. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell, 2008: pp. 157-171.

  6. “Introduction to Contemporary Aesthetics,” (with Susan Feagin) in Aesthetics: A Comprehensive Anthology, ed. Steven M. Cahn and Aaron Meskin. Oxford: Blackwell, 2007: pp. 391-395.

  7. “Morris Weitz,” in Dictionary of Modern American Philosophers, ed. John Shook. Bristol: Thoemmes Continuum, 2005: pp. 2550–2554.


Recent and Upcoming Invited Conference and Workshop Talks

2018: “Virtual, Real, Fictional or Ludic?” (Copenhagen); Conference in Honor of Peter Kivy (Rutgers); “Empowering Imagination” (Milan)

2017: Dance Philosophy Conference (Coventry); Race, Art and Aesthetics Conference (Oberlin); Morality and Aesthetic Testimony (St. Andrews)
2016: The Aesthetics and Ethics of Videogames (Kent); Comics Crossroads Symposium (Kent); British Society of Aesthetics Postgraduate Conference (Southampton); International Summer School in Affective Sciences (Geneva); American Society for Aesthetics Annual Meeting (Seattle); Mixing Visual Media in Comics (St John’s, Newfoundland)
2015: Experimental Philosophy Germany 2015 (Ruhr-University, Bochum)
2014: London Aesthetics Forum Workshop on Adjectives of Taste (London); Reasons (not) to Define Art: An International Conference on the Relevance of Defining Art (Ghent University); Graphic Narratives Undergraduate Conference (Koç University, Istanbul)
2013: Workshop on Printmaking and Philosophy of Art (University of Houston); Workshop on Philosophy and the Short Story (Warwick University); Canadian Society of Aesthetics Annual Meeting (Victoria, CA); Conference on Perception and Intentionality (Aarhus University)
2012: Philosophy of Perception and Aesthetics Conference (University of Antwerp): Aesthetic Judgment Workshop (Victoria, CA); Knowledge through Imagination Conference (Claremont College); Workshop on Natural Information (University of Aberdeen)
2011: American Society for Aesthetics Annual Meeting (Tampa); Aesthetics Anarchy III: Methodology Of/And/In Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art (Indiana University)
2010: Eighteenth eidos workshop on Fiction and Imagination (University of Geneva)
2009: First Annual Auburn Philosophy Conference: On Beauty (Auburn University)
2008: Aesthetics Anarchy II: Genres, Categories, and Concepts in Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art (Indiana University); Conference on Aesthetics after Photography (London)
2007: The Art of Performance: A Conference in Honor of James Hamilton (Kansas State University); Art, Expression and Emotion: Themes from the Work of Jenefer Robinson (University of Nottingham); Aesthetic Psychology Conference (Durham University)
2006: The Metaphysics of Art: Themes from the work of Jerrold Levinson (University of Nottingham); Conference on the Imagination and Thought Experiments (University of Bristol)
Recent Invited Department Colloquia

2017: Uppsala; Geneva; Edinburgh (Scottish Aesthetics Society)

2015: University of East Anglia Wittgenstein Workshop, Williams College
2014: Bucknell University, Kansas State University, University of Oxford Aesthetics Seminar
2013: University of Nottingham
2012: University of Colorado, University of Deusto (Psychology), University of Hull, University of Manchester
2011: University of Edinburgh Epistemology Research Group
2010: University of Sussex
2009: Arché/St. Andrews, University of Colorado, University of Kent
2008: University of Kent
2007: Texas Tech University, University of Southampton
Additional Research Talks

I have delivered numerous submitted conference papers and comments at one-off conferences and workshops, as well as at meetings of societies such as the American Philosophical Association, the American Society for Aesthetics, the British Society of Aesthetics, the European Society for Aesthetics, Experimental Philosophy Group UK, the Joint Session, and the London Aesthetics Forum. Prior to 2006, I gave departmental colloquia at the following institutions: Illinois Wesleyan/Illinois State University, Lingnan University (Hong Kong), New Mexico State University, Texas A&M University, Trinity University (TX), Tulane University, University of Hong Kong, and University of Montevallo.

Public Talks

I have given public talks at a variety of venues in the US and UK, including the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Colours May Vary design shop, the Edgar Wind Society, the Henry Moore Institute, the Thought Bubble Comics Festival, the Chapel Allerton Philosophy Café, Ilkley Café Humanite, ProDance Leeds, Beacons Music Festival, and Deer Shed Festival.


“Cultural Appropriation,” University of Leeds, 2017.

“Aesthetics, Fashion, and Psychology,” London College of Fashion, 2016.

“Dance Improvisation: A Philosophical Perspective,” University of Leeds, 2015.

“Race and Aesthetics: A BSA Connections Conference,” University of Leeds, 2015.

“Philosophy and Psychology of Food and Drink,” University of Leeds, 2013.

“Philosophical Aesthetics and the Sciences of Art,” University of Leeds, 2012.

“The State of Aesthetics,” Institute of Philosophy, London, 2011.

“New Wave, New Views: Re-visiting the Post-Punk Moment,” University of Leeds, 2009.

“Metaphysics, Mimesis, and Make-Believe: A Conference in Honour of Kendall Walton,”

University of Leeds, 2007.

To the Profession

Subject Area Editor, Ergo, 2017-present.

Editorial Consultant, British Journal of Aesthetics, 2012-present.

Editorial Board, Philosophy Compass, 2009-present.

Editorial Board, Postgraduate Journal of Aesthetics, 2008-present.

External Examiner, Art History UG Programme, Kent, 2016.

Program Chair, American Society for Aesthetics, 2013 Annual Meeting.

Finance Board, American Society for Aesthetics, 2013-15.

Faculty Mentor, British Philosophy Association/Society for Women in Philosophy, 2012-13.

Treasurer and Officer, British Society of Aesthetics, 2009-12.

Executive Committee, British Society of Aesthetics, 2005-12.

Advisory Board, British Postgraduate Association, 2006-12.

External Examiner (MA Programme), Department of History and Philosophy of Art,

University of Kent, 2009-12.

Chair, British Society of Aesthetics Essay Prize Committee, 2008, 2010 and 2012.

Board of Trustees, American Society for Aesthetics, 2008-10.

Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art Editor, Philosophy Compass, 2005-09.

Programme Chair, British Society of Aesthetics 2009 Annual Meeting.

Program Committee, American Society for Aesthetics 2001 and 2007 Annual Meetings.

Program Chair, American Society for Aesthetics 2005 Pacific Division Meeting.

University of Leeds

North American Interest Group, 2018-present.

N8 AgriFood Steering Group, 2018-present.

Acting Director of Research and Innovation, Semester 1 2017-18.

Director, Centre for Aesthetics, 2009-2011, 2012-13, 2015-2017.

Director of Alumni, School of PRHS, 2015-present.

Postgraduate Employment Advisor, School of PRHS, 2013-15.

Promotions Adviser, Faculty of Arts, 2009-15.

Director of Postgraduate Studies, School of PRHS/School of Humanities, 2010-13.

School Management Group, School of PRHS/School of Humanities, 2010-13.

Postgraduate Research Tutor (Philosophy), 2006-2007, 2008-10.

Chair and Organizer, Philosophy Senior Seminar, 2007.

Junior Representative, Standing Committee, Department of Philosophy, 2005-06.
Texas Tech University

Faculty Teaching Mentor, 2003-2005.

Undergraduate Education Committee, 2003-05.

Co-Chair of Speaker Committee, 2001-05.

Tenure Policy Committee, 2004.

Chair of Logic/Environmental Ethics Visiting Professor Search Committee, Spring 2003.

Co-Organizer, Texas Tech Philosophy Colloquium Series, 1999–2000 and 2001-05.

Co-Advisor, Texas Tech Philosophy Club, 1999–2000


Article referee for Appetite, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, British Journal of Aesthetics, British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Contemporary Aesthetics, Dialectica, Dialogue, Episteme, Ergo, Inks: The Journal of the Comics Studies Society, Intertexts, Journal of Aesthetic Education, Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Mind, Mind and Language, Nous, Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, Philosophia, Philosophical Quarterly, Philosophical Papers, Philosophical Psychology, Philosophical Studies, Philosophy and Phenomenological Research, PLOS One, Teorama.

Book and proposal referee for Bedford/St. Martin's, Bloomsbury, Broadview, Longman, Mayfield, OUP, Polity, Routledge, Rowman and Littlefield, Texas Tech University Press, Wiley-Blackwell,
Conference referee for American Society for Aesthetics Eastern and Pacific Divisions, and Canadian Society for Aesthetics Annual Meeting.
Grant proposal referee for Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Research Foundation Flanders, Vienna Science and Technology Fund, and Israel Science Fund.

PhD supervision

Co-Supervisor, Diana Sofronieva, “The importance of empathy for the flourishing of individual and society”, Department of Philosophy, University of Leeds, 2017-present.

Co-Supervisor, Alice Murphy, “Learning from Fictions in Art and Science”, Department of Philosophy, University of Leeds, 2016-present.
Co-Supervisor, James Rimmer, “Creativity, Skill, and Achievement”, Department of Philosophy, University of Leeds, successfully defended December 2017.
Co-Supervisor, Levno Plato, “The Significance of Aesthetics in Ethics”, Department of Philosophy, University of Leeds, 2009-present, successfully defended January 2014.
Co-Supervisor, Istvan Danka, “Teaching Philosophy Online”, Department of Philosophy, University of Leeds, 2011-13, successfully defended 2013.
Co-Supervisor, Carl Baker, “Aesthetic Disagreement”, Department of Philosophy, University of Leeds, 2008-12, successfully defended 2012.
Committee Member, Patrick Allen White, “Analyzing a postmodern script through its mise en scene: an approach to Richard Foreman’s Paradise Hotel”, Theater Arts, Texas Tech University, successfully defended 2005.
Committee Member, Jose Fernando Olascoaga “Development of a new approach for appraising the aesthetic quality of cities”, Land-Use Planning, Management, and Design (LPMD), Texas Tech University, successfully defended 2003.
Committee Member, Karen Magness-Eubank, “Behind the veil: revisioning the gaze in theatre and film”, Theatre Arts, Texas Tech University, successfully defended 2001.
Graduate examining

External examiner: Kent PhD, 2017; KCL PhD, 2016; York MRes, 2015, UCL MPhil, 2014.

Internal examiner: Leeds PhD, 2014.
Teaching recognition

Nominated for University of Leeds Partnership Award (Category: Inspirational Teaching), 2016.

Outstanding Faculty Award, Texas Tech Mortar Board Forum Chapter, November 2003.
Courses taught

University of Leeds

Level 1 (tutorials only): Basic Readings in Philosophy; Introduction to Ethics; How to Think Clearly and Argue Well; Introduction to Philosophy; I Think Therefore I Am: The Philosophy of Descartes; The Mind

Level 1 (lectures): The Good, The Bad, The Right, The Wrong; The Mind; Philosophy of Psychology
Level 2: Environmental Ethics; Moral Philosophy; Philosophy of Film; Philosophy of Food
Level 3: Advanced Topics in Knowledge, Mind and Action; Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art; Feminist Philosophy; Philosophy and Literature; Philosophy of Mind
Graduate: Seminar on Mind, Language and Representation; Analytic Philosophy A.
University of Colorado [Faculty-in-Residence Summer Term 2012]

Upper Level Undergraduate: Critical Thinking and Writing in Philosophy: The Philosophy of Food, Drink, and Taste

Texas Tech University

Lower Level Undergraduate: Beginning Philosophy; Introduction to Ethics and Moral Issues

Upper Level Undergraduate: Aesthetics; Philosophy and Film; Philosophy and Literature; Philosophy of Social and Human Science
Graduate: Seminar in Contemporary Aesthetics; Graduate Seminar in History of Aesthetics; Practicum in Teaching Philosophy

Rutgers University [as graduate student]

Lower Level Undergraduate: Current Moral and Social Issues; Introduction to Philosophy, Philosophy and the Arts; Philosophical Ideas in Science Fiction

Upper Level Undergraduate: Aesthetics of Film

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