A. Write between 1-2 pages about yourself

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My Own Newspaper.

A. Write between 1-2 pages about yourself minimum 200 words total. It must be printed on a computer and in color. Hand in date:____________________

  1. Choose a name that reflects your own name.

e.g Maariv LaNoam , LaiShahar,Yedioni AhaRoni.

  1. Write a price , editor's name, and date.

  2. All the information must be public because we will hang it in class .Don't write things you don’t want people to know.

  3. Hand in TWO copies . One colorful with photos and a beautiful design to hang in class and the other just the text for me to check.

You Must write about the following : You must include at least 3 photos

    1. My favorites e.g food, music, color , place etc.

    2. Future plans / My dream

    My family

  1. Childhood memories.

  2. My hobbies

You May write about

  1. Why you got your name.

  2. A description of your room with explanations.

  3. Interesting facts about myself / An event or special day in my life .

  4. An interview with someone you admire.

  5. An imaginary article / invention you dream of making or just want to have one.

  6. A book/ TV show/ Movie review and/or recommendation.

  7. A trip you took or one you are planning.

  8. An article about yourself winning a prize you want. For example "

Ayelet Raz wins Nobel Prize for inventing a new English teaching system"

  1. An opinion essay about something that matters to you.

Other options:

  • Add advertisements for products or services you can supply.

E.g A babysitter / a food you prepare well, homework help for kids etc.

  • For a bonus you may prepare a PowerPoint presentation or a video clip .

  • You can do a cover page with short sentences about each article and page number.

  • Puzzles like crossword or search a word in which the clues are about you.

You can use websites that create them . Look for crossword maker on Google.

Any special effort beyond these requirements will get you a bonus.

B. Choose an inspirational quote Write it on an A4 size paper in large font so it could be read from a distance on the class wall. Write who said it and add 2-3 lines in small print to tell us who this person is. At the bottom write your name. Decorate it and make it colorful. This quote is worth 10 points out of the newspaper grade .It will also be hung on the wall.

Good Luck! Ayelet

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