A-w-e “A” stands for Answer

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Be An AWESOME Essay Writer

All you have to do is remember AWE…A-W-E

A” stands for Answer

To answer the question just embed the question in your answer and state what you think the answer is. Don’t explain, just state your opinion on the matter.

W” stands for Why?

Explain why you think this is the correct answer. This paragraph will be begin “I think this because…” or “My reasons for believing this are…” or “This is true because…” or something like this. Generally, you will have two reasons. After each reason, cite evidence from the text.

E” stands for Evidence

Provide evidence from the text to support your answer. Place the page number after the direct quote or reference. For evidence you can quote directly from the text, actually lift out the exact words that were said, or you can paraphrase or summarize the action. In either case you must provide context. Don’ts- Suzy said,” I think you’re wrong.” (p. 28) Do’s- When Bill tried to tell Suzie that John was out on a date with Mary, Suzy said, “I think you’re wrong.” (p.28)


1) Why? + Evidence

2) Why? + Evidence

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