A level H1 General Paper Part 2 of 3 Argumentative/Expository Essay And Application Question Useful Evidences Last Updated

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General Paper – Useful Evidences

A - Level H1 General Paper

Part 2 of 3

Argumentative/Expository Essay


Application Question

Useful Evidences

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Table of Contents

Random Statistics – World 4

Random Statistics – Singapore 13

Political Protests / Use of Internet for Freedom (Refer to Own Notes Part 1, under Internet and Freedom for –ve examples) 27

2011 Arab Spring 28

Citizens rebelled when they could no longer put up with dictators and their cruelty 28

Saw massive protests involving several countries, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Libya’s, Jordan Yemen, Syria, Iran 28

Spoke up through online sites such as Facebook and Twitter, voice to expose instances of abuse of human rights, led to fall of dictator Mubarak 28

Hong Kong Student Protest 28

Internet Restrictions 28

[Refer to Freedom of Speech in Own Notes Part 1 for all examples of Media Repression] 28

Singapore 28

MDA controlled sites, banning of Playboy, Youporn 28

(+ve) Prevention of copyright materials – Copyright Act 2014, attempt to ban sites such as solarmovie, pirate bay, beemp3 28

China 28

Golden shield project – Great firewall 28

BBC, Taiwan media, Dalai Lama and his Tibet Independence movement 28

Google, Facebook, youtube, dropbox 28

Xvideos, xhamster 29

Singapore and how it handles terrorism 29

Ask of religious leaders to speak out to public denouncing terrorist during Mas Selamat Escape 29

LKY clarified that Jihad was a perverted version of Islam and which overwhelming majority of Muslims in Singapore did not subscribe to, pointed out that Muslim leaders were rationale 29

Case Study by Topic 43

Important Case Studies – World 56

Intergovernmental 56

International non-governmental (NGOs)/Projects 56

Terrorist 58

Important World Policies 60

Important World Events (Post 2000) 61

~Important World Events (1900-2000) *Refer to History Notes 63

Important Human Figures 65

Important Case Studies – Singapore 71

Important Policies of Singapore 71

[Refer to Freedom of Speech in Own Notes Part 1 for all examples of Media Repression] 71

[Refer to Freedom of Speech in Own Notes Part 1 for all examples of Media Repression] 74

Important Organisations of Singapore 78

Important Events of Singapore 81

Other Important Facts about Singapore 84

[Refer to Freedom of Speech in Own Notes Part 1 for all examples of Media Repression] 86

Major Events from 2010-2013 – World 88

Major Events from 2010-2013 – Singapore 90

Part 1: Statistics

Random Statistics – World

  • About 80% of young people who say they have good relationship with parents are happier in real life
    Times 2013

  • 47% of babies have deformation on back of head in Canadian study due to clumsy parenting
    Times 2013

  • 87% more proud to be Arab after arab springs.
    Times 2013

  • Extent of poverty by racial groups in 2007, 39.6% blacks, 5.8% asian or Indian, 0.9% white

Times 2013

  • Financing, scientist reluctant to share research about cancer because the data and credit go mostly to a principal investigator
    Times 2013

  • Scientist may be able to revive long-extinct spices of animals. 2003, Spanish and French scientists were able to re-create the Pyrenean ibex which had gone extinct in 2000.

  • 16 minutes, time for Oklahomans to save their lives from killer tornado

Times 2013

  • At age 6, increased ability of brain to acquire language skills than teens or adults
    Times 2013

  • 2009 Total-immersion language-education program, 20% of elementary schools studying another language

  • 12.5% of world’s population speaks mandarin

Times 2013

  • Median household income, blacks 33k, whites 55k. Wages grow at 21% slower rate for black former inmates compared to whites.

  • European diplomats say as many as 50 people were killed in the capital as security forces crack down on members of an ex-islamist group, Hefjat-e-Islam.

The Economist 2013

  • Qaddafi, 30-80bil looted, gold-plated pistol, infinity pools

The Economist 2013

  • Workers in 20-30s likely to show fastest margina increase in productivity.
    Workers productivity peaks around 30-50, declines quickly after 55
    The Economist 2013

  • Connecticut, 20 child and 6 staff were shot dead

The Economist 2013

  • Damien Hirst controversial artwork received 100 million

  • Parents whose annual income was over $100,000 were 2.9 per cent more likely to hire tutors for their children than those households that make less than $40,000 [2007 study from the Canadian Council on Learning (CCL) ]

  • Each day in USA, an average of 30 people are murdered with a gun, 162 injured, 53 use a gun to commit suicide according to the CDC

  • Population 7 billion in 2011

  • Rate of temperature increase doubled in last 50 years

  • Fukushima 2011, 9.0 on Richter scale earthquake, 20000 killed

  • Mississippi River Flood 1993, 50 lives lost, $10 billion in losses

  • 2010, oil spill, oil eventually broken up by water, baked by sun heat, eaten by microbes and whipped apart by wind and waves. Oil disappeared

  • NASA, ozone layer would be restored to 1980 level sometime in 2030 and 2070

  • Thailand sent 1300 Rohingya refugees back to Myanmar, dismaying rights campaigners who warned that minority will face persecution if sent back

  • Koreans in every age group believe the chances of war are now over 50% [Asan Survey] + increase in sales of instant noodles by 227%, water 177% for “supply crisis”

  • FPI in Indonesia, government avoid being seen as repressive as like times during Suharto regime, did not dismantle FPI despite its disruption of finale of Miss World beauty pageant, violent indicent in Kendal regency, harassing of minorities and closing down of churches and attacks on bars and restaurants where alcoholic drinks are served

  • Green Revolution, capable of growing crops on a massive scale, make plants which are resistant to pests and herbicides.

  • Good character and moral values are important in development of Child – Author of Psychology self-help, Tucker Lad

  • Study of graduate students by Raingruber in 2003, has shown that movies promote reflection and empathy as it presents ethical dilemmas for students to discuss and debate

  • ‘Cinematic elevation’ as stated by Niemiec and Wedding, the strengths and values of the characters will inspire and spur the viewers to learn from them.

  • Professor at MIT, Eric Klopfer states that children learn better in a fun environment.

  • 0.05 seconds for users to form an opinion about a website that determines whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave. [Google article by Conversionxl.com, 94% Design related]

  • 22% of kids reported using cell phones, compared with 60% of tweens and 84% of teens


  • Healthland.time 59% of children age between 6-9 use the internet daily (high impact rate)

  • James Surowiecki The Wisdom of Crowds

  • A growing body of university research suggests that gaming improves decision-making and perception [ROBERT LEE HOTZ wall street journal]

  • Martin Selegmon – Father of positive psychology

  • Artistic Buildings
    Eiffel Tower
    Taj Mahal
    New York
    The Shard

  • Onomichi prison, 2000 to 2006, from 9500 to 29000 Japanese aged 70 and over to be charged with crime

  • China allowed some 500,000 NGOs to be registered over past 25 years

  • Companies spend up to 2bullion a year to collect personal information in US alone

  • British sociologist, Peter Townsend - Poverty is less about shortage of income, but more about inability of people on low incomes to participate actively in society (eg. Whatsapp, smartphones)

  • Over 15 years, Korean children who think they should look after parents shrunk from 90% to 37% according to government polls in Straits Times

  • South Korea elderly suicide rate tripled since 2000 to 2014

  • National Household Survey on Drug Abuse repeatedly found that blacks use illegal drugs at about the same rates as other races

  • False Advertising – Buy Facebook likes, likes mainly from developing countries such as Egypt, Indonesia and Philippines (click farms)

  • However, Facebook bans the buying of likes but has alternative “Facebook Promotion” which boost page likes, however, when researchers such as BBC technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones tested Facebook advertising, by setting up a bogus bagel company online, he too realised likes increase tremendously but with little engagement (likes were from developing countries as well)

  • The US Department of State spent $630,000 to acquire 2 million page likes and then realized only 2% were engaged.

  • Facebook, Google, bulk of likers from Bangladesh, david beckham, cairo

  • During the past 14 months, the CPSC has overseen 31.7 million voluntary recalls, of which nearly 4 million were due to excessive lead in toys.  The overwhelming majority of those toys were made in China, which manufactures 80% of the toys sold in this country.

  • FIFA World Cup 12 Brazilian cities will generate one million jobs in the country, $13.4 billion into the Brazilian economy.

  • Fossil fuels will last till 2088 – ecotricity.co.uk


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