A cyborg age: The Man inside a Robocop

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A CYBORG AGE: The Man inside a Robocop

It was 10th July, 2015 a sunny Friday afternoon; I was restless, as I just learnt about the 2015 Drucker challenge. Here I was walking across the length and breadth of my room to figure out my tittle for this year’s challenge. I was absent minded, so I suddenly stumbled on a pile of films in my room. I decided to bend over to arrange them while I was at it I began to check out the tittles by flipping through; as I flipped with lack of interest one particular film caught my attention. The tittle was Robocop (2014 Film).Instantly, it became clear to me we are in the cyborg age. An age that is part human and part machine. This age is made up of individuals who know what their strengths are and how best they can perform with it. Where they belong and what their contribution should be. What kind of relationship they would form and what they would do differently in the second half of their lives1. On the other hand, it is made up digital technologies like the internet, artificial intelligence, satellites, robotics, nano-biotechnogies, genetic engineering all waiting to be harnessed and managed by these individuals. I decided to see the man inside a Robocop, so I inserted the disc into my video player, sat down on the sofa and started watching Robocop2: film and reality.

Opening scene (film): It showed the possibility of man and machines living side by side in every part of the world except the US. How Pat Novak (Samuel L Jackson) is trying to convince his compatriots that it is happening everywhere else except in the US. It shows how men from the occupied territory of Iran showed their grievances against the notion of being policed by machines.

Introduction scene (reality): I got to understand immediately that man does not want to relinquish control to how the world goes round. There are some that want to use technology to gain control of the world, while there are some that want to use it to keep the world going round, while some want to use it to make the world go round faster than it is used to, others do not want it used at all because they do not understand it, or they feel it is a threat to humanity. My entire guess was confirmed that in the cyborg age, man wants to be in control.

Robocop strength scene (film): Showed Dr Dennett Norton, a cyberneticist turning Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman) a police officer who became paralysed, blind and seriously damaged due to an explosion attack into a machine called Robocop. Robocop possessed advance technologies in communication and tracking, superhuman armour, enhanced sensory capabilities, but his strength to continue living did not lie in his robotic capabilities. His strength lies in his emotions. Although it got a greater part of him when it was stabilised it fuelled his passion to override his programming and use his technologies to pursue justice.

My strength scene (reality): As a teenager, I use to think I was not good at anything. In 2002, I was privilege to enter a writing competition organised by the wife of my city governor on HIV and AIDS. I realised that I was able to create and produce my ideas easily. I got a state recognition for my article, since then my desire to be a voice in areas that will make my country a better place had received a big boost. It has made me responded to every call for paper on issues that affect Nigeria. As I got to know about the use of Google, My desire went global, I decided to search for international writing competitions and get information on the various topics. After many failed attempt, it took me nine years to be able to get my voice heard on the global scene. In 2011, I was recognised by World Bank for my article on migration and development. Also, the NUHA foundation recognised my work on what education should be in the 21st century. The recent was in 2012 when I was recognised by African Liberty organization for my article on free market systems. I realised then that many of my award winning ideas came from my brain box because I believed in my ability to create ideas that will win and my use of the internet helped me to fine-tune my imaginations because it gave me more possibilities in terms of information. The internet has helped me express my ideas in logical ways that is paying off.

Through Facebook and What Sapp, I have been able to collaborate with other young writers from Canada, Costa Rica, Ghana, Haiti, Malaysia, Nigeria, Ukraine, and Zimbabwe. Who have the same desire I have- to make our voices resonate round the world. I edit their articles and we chat on ideas and many of their writings have emerged both in national and global competitions.

This has made me lunch an online platform: www.winningideas.com where creators can come together and create winning ideas in writing, photography, video, and projects in different areas of life that will earn them money and recognition. I am writing this essay with the aid of digital electronic technologies using the movie Robocop, but acting on my intuition to creatively express my social interactions, physical contacts and life experiences.

Robocop performance Scene (film): Robocop has been programmed to serve the public trust by protecting civilians from different kind of threat whether they are lethal or non-lethal, that is why he was able to identify Thomas King a murderer, arsonist, and rapist in a crowd near the headquarters of Detroit police station. Robocop was able to learn about those responsible for his explosion attack that brought pains to his wife Clara and trauma to his son by downloading every police data base and comparing this information with security camera feeds. The information helped him track everyone linked to his explosion attack and his prime Suspect Vallon. Robocop did not stop act knowing those who were involved in the plot to kill him He went after each of them Vallon, the two police officers, the chief of police, and Raymond Stellar CEO of Omnicorp. Robocop teamed up with his old partner Jack Lewis to ensure that justice is served to those that betrayed him and those that now want to destroy the people he holds dear, his family.

My performance Scene (reality): I was a high school teacher for two years, after graduating from college with a degree in Chemical engineering since 2012.After trying to get a job in my field of study but could not; I opted to exercise my childhood passion of teaching people. When I started teaching I recognised the stereotype

way students were being taught because I was once a high school student. I understood that most of my students wanted to be part of the learning process. They wanted to be given the opportunity to express what they know about a particular subject so they can unlearn what they knew that they were not supposed to learn, learn what they were supposed to learn and relearn what they did not learn properly. My students taught me that the way I should teach Mathematics or Chemistry must not be with repetition of old hashed ideas, but with drama where each student will feel his Pythagoras, Albert Einstein, Neil Bohr.My students wanted to see the knowledge gained not as another trash that is used to litter the parking space of their brain, rather as knowledge that can be used to pack up the trash that have littered the parking space of their brain for too long. On my part as their teacher, I knew I am an avid reader, I love reading about companies that changed the world, biographies of people that changed the world, and how things work, whether they are in print or electronic media, but I learn better by what I can see, hear, and feel. I encouraged all of my students to read, I motivated many to learn by what they see, hear and feel.

I have also seen myself as a team player that was why early this year I teamed up with one of teacher colleague to start a home based teaching service I called www. Flyingteachersnigeria.com. Since the inception we have used digital media platforms like our Facebook page, twitter handle, whatsapp number, and email accounts to tell people what we can offer in a unique way. I recognised that value needs to be created across board. There are graduates who have degrees on virtually every aspect of life, but are not working. There are also children who want to be taught the way they should be in the 21st century so I decided to come up with this idea to use one need to fill another-creating value across the education chain.

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