A cell is like a Factory How can a cell be like a factory

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A Cell is like a Factory

How can a cell be like a factory???

  • In a factory, you have many different tasks being completed in the same building.
    • Ex. The building supports/shelters the workers, workers build goods, maintenance crews clean up messes, shipping department gets goods ready to leave the factory and so on….
  • A cell can be thought of as a "factory," with different departments each performing specialized tasks.

The Cell wall is like a…..

  • a security Gate
    • A security gate protects the factory and helps keep it safe.
    • A cell wall does the same thing for a plant cell!

The cell membrane is like…

  • Front doors
    • The doors of a factory regulates what enters and leaves the building
    • A cell membrane does the same thing for plant and animal cells!

The Nucleus is like…..

  • THE BIG BOSS!! (CEO) The boss controls all of the activity inside the cell
  • The nucleus does the same thing for plant and animal cells

Cytoplasm is like……….

Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) is like…….

  • An assembly line….(where the workers do their work) Items move along a conveyer belt to different parts of the plant
  • ER moves items to different parts of the cell in the same way!

Ribosomes are like….

  • Workers on the assembly line…they are responsible for building the goods in a factory
  • Ribosomes assemble (build) proteins

Vacuoles are like…..

  • Break rooms- In a break room you have storage for food items and places to get rid of trash
  • Vacuoles hold wastes and stores water in plant and animal cells.
    • Which cell has 1 large vacuole?

Lysosomes are like…..

Mitochondria and Chloroplasts are like…..

  • Power Stations……the power station supplies energy to the factory
  • Mitochondria (animal cells) and Chloroplasts (plant cells) do this for a cell!


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