3 Character Traits Essay

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3 Character Traits Essay
My strengths are something that I value and cherish me knowing that they make me who I am. I have much strength. Three of my strengths that I have are having courage to try new things, being a good listener, and having an open mind. These strengths are important to me because they make me a good person and they help to be an upstanding person in society.

Having the courage to try new things and meet new people are good traits to have in this world because it helps you to be open and adapt to the changing world. This world is constantly changing and there is so much going on that if you are closed minded you are basically shutting yourself off from this world. There are so many different types of people and there is so much that they could offer and expand your mind to new ideas that if you don’t have the courage to meet those people and talk to them and get to know them and their ideas you are hurting yourself in the end. I’m thankful that I can meet people and talk to them easily because I’m expanding my mind and my thoughts on the world through their eyes and when you compare them to your own ideas your whole view of the world changes and you change as a person because you become more mature and realize that the world doesn’t revolve around you.

In my seventeen long years of life I have come to realize something. There are people who talk and there are some people who listen. People who talk like to express how they feel and they always tell what is on their mind. People who listen like to hear what people have to say and they analyze that and process that information in their head. I think that I’m a combination of both. I can listen and express myself at the same time. But being a good listener is good because some people don’t have that quality about them and they are so concerned with themselves. But to be a good listener you are a caring person. You are caring about them enough to hear what they have to say and be able to help them just by listening.

Having an open mind helps you to process the things that you learn from the new people that you meet and the new things that you learn from them. Its one thing just to meet them and hear what they have to say but you have to have an open mind to process those ideas that you get from that particular person and apply it to your life and help it to shape your ideas and expand your mind. Going to Germany is a good example of that because it helped me to use all three of my positive traits. I had to meet people and be a good listener to listen to their ideas and views of the world. I also had to have an open mind to process those ideas and apply them to my life to make me a better person in the end.

In conclusion, the three traits that I have are good for me because they help me to be a better person in the end and help me to be a good upstanding person of society. My three strengths, having an open mind, having the courage meet new people and try new things, and being a good listener, are important to me and I value them because they make me who I am.

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