2017 Scholarship Application To be eligible, all blanks must be completed. Applicant Information

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To be eligible, all blanks must be completed.
Applicant Information


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Zip Code:      -    

Birth Date (mm/dd/yyyy):   /  /    



School Information
Current grade level:      

Name of School:      

Anticipated Graduation Date (mm/yyyy):   /     Grade Point Average:   

SAT/ACT Score:     /    /     Class Rank:      Out of:     

Honors or Awards Received:      

Extracurricular Activities:      


Community Service:      

Education Goals:      

Career Goals:      

Current Employer (if any) and Hours per Week:      

Specify what college(s) or university(s) you will be attending/have applied to or are currently attending:      

Actual/Intended Major:      

Essay Questions
Please complete responses to two of the three following questions on separate sheets of paper. Responses to each essay should be at least 500 words. If your essays are not typed, please ensure your handwriting is clear and legible.

  1. As a student interested in environmental conservation and activism, you are probably well aware of current pressing environmental concerns, and perhaps ways in which you can make a difference. However, not everyone has this awareness or cares to do anything about it. How do you think you – or any of us - can raise awareness of environmental issues and encourage others to take positive actions?

  1. More and more attention is being given to environmental issues related to agriculture and food production, including: concerns over genetically modified organisms; pesticide and fertilizer use; water pollution due to runoff from fields; consumption of natural resources/fossil fuels to produce and transport food, etc. How do we balance our need to feed people with the need to manage these environmental concerns?

  1. Business and industry often receive publicity for the negative environmental and societal impacts of their operations. Some corporations are making significant progress in minimizing their environmental footprint and/or actually improving the quality of life in the communities in which they operate. Provide an example of a corporation implementing such measures, explain why you think the program has significant value, and describe how a particular aspect of the program could potentially be adapted for use by a wide range of businesses.

Certification and Release Authorization
The following information must be completed in order for the applicant to be considered for the scholarship award.
I certify that this information is true, complete, and accurate. I also authorize the release of this information to confirm and/or verify this application.

Student’s Signature: Date:

Parent/Guardian Signature: Date:
Note: Parent or Guardian signature is required if the applicant is less than 18 years old.
For a submission to be considered for an award, it must be complete. The following items are ALL required.

  1. Completed and signed application, typed or neatly printed. All blanks must be filled in. Attach to the completed application the following:

    1. Requested essays.

    2. School transcript (copies are acceptable but must be legible and are subject to verification).

    3. A minimum of two letters of recommendation; one must be from a teacher/professor, the other(s) may be from someone not related to the applicant.

Application materials must be post marked or received via email by February 28, 2017.

Mail completed application forms to: AWMA Scholarship Program

c/o Rebecca Corbin

8315 White Cedar Circle

Liverpool, NY 13090
Electronic submittals may be made to: Rebecca Corbin at bcorbin@woodardcurran.com

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