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This form contains the instructions and questions that you will find in the online application form. Please use this worksheet to prepare the responses to the application questions in advance, including the relevant essays. You may copy and paste the responses from this worksheet into your online application form. This is for your personal use only, you will not be asked to submit this worksheet.

Introduction (1 / 8)

Application Procedures

Please find time to complete this form in one sitting, you will not be able to save and return to complete the form at a later time.

Please upload the following under the "Files" section of this form:

  1. Resume

  2. Unofficial Transcript (obtained through the Hub)

  3. Internship organization commitment form

  4. Budget worksheet

Have your faculty member complete the Faculty Recommendation Form and have them return it directly to the Career Center either in person or via email before the application deadline.  Note:  Please give your recommender ample time to complete the form – at least 2 weeks – and provide them with a copy of your application materials. It is your responsibility to see that the recommendation is received in the Career Center by the application deadline.
Important notes and guidelines:

  • Application Deadlines:

    • International opportunities (developing countries only): Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at 11:59pm

    • Domestic opportunities: Wednesday, April 5, 2017 at 11:59 pm

  • This application process for funding requires that you secure a commitment from an organization willing to sponsor you as an intern prior to knowing whether or not you will be funded.

  • Please do not tie your plans to winning one of these very competitive awards; it is important to make alternative plans in the event that you are not selected. The Career Center does NOT have additional funds, but we can help you strategize alternative plans.

  • If you are selected for an award, you will be required to complete a “learning plan” in order to help you think through your goals for learning and/or application prior to the internship experience.

  • An important component of your internship is to share your experience with the greater Carleton community. It is required that you participate in a group poster session in the fall following your return from your internship.

  • Internships must be a minimum of 6 weeks or at least 240 hours in length

  • Late applications will not be accepted. 

Form Upload (2/8)

  • Resume

  • Unofficial Transcript (.pdf)

  • Internship Organization Commitment Letter

  • Budget Worksheet (.pdf)

Note: This application also requires a Faculty recommendation form be completed and sent directly to the Career Center.

Personal Information (3/8)

  • Major (if declared):

  • Concentration (if any):

  • Are you presently studying at Carleton on an F-1 visa? YES/No

  • Who is your faculty recommender?

  • If you have previously received Carleton funding for an internship or externship, briefly describe it here. (up to 100 words)

Organization Information (4/8)

  • Name of Organization:

  • Organization Country

  • Organization State

  • Physical address:

  • Website

  • Supervisor name:

  • Supervisor Title:

  • Supervisor Email:

  • Supervisor phone:

  • Is the supervisor a Carleton alum or the parent of a Carleton student/alum?

  • If a parent, please enter the name of the student/alum.

  • What type of organization is it?

    • For-profit

    • Non-profit

    • Government

    • Start-up

Internship Position Information (5/8)

  • Internship Position Title

  • Expected start date of your internship

  • Expected end date of your internship

  • Total # of weeks:

  • Total number of hours you expect to complete at your internship:

Note: You must complete at least 240 hours over more than six weeks (40 hours per week maximum.)

  • What industry/category is this internship? (Please check all that apply)

    • Arts/Museums

    • Business/Finance/Sales

    • Communications/Media

    • Information Systems/Technology/Library

    • Education (Pre K-12)

    • Education (Higher Education)

    • Engineering

    • Environment/Agriculture

    • Government/Public Service

    • Healthcare

    • International Development

    • Legal/Law

    • Public Policy/NGO

    • Science/Research

    • Social Entrepreneurship

    • Social Justice

    • Social Service – Advocacy

Budget Form (6/8)
Internship funding is designed to assist with but not completely cover costs, is available only for expenses directly related to the internship, and total request cannot exceed $5000 for internships outside the U.S. and $4000 for U.S.-based internships. You may not be awarded full funding request. Please make realistic and well-researched projections. If awarded, you will acknowledge that any funds received will be reported to the IRS.
Complete the Internship Budget Worksheet and enter the relevant information below.

  • Enter the Total Expenses (A) _______

  • Enter the Savings Goal, based on financial aid obligations (B) _______ (not to exceed $2,000)

  • Enter the Total Financial Resources (C) __________

  • Enter the Total Financial Need (A + B) – C = (D)________ (Not to exceed $4,000 for U.S.-based internships and $5,000 for internships outside of the U.S.)

  • Please provide any additional information that may be helpful for the selection committee to consider (up to 100 words)

Essays (7/8)

This application has two essay sections. The first section asks you to consider whether your internship qualifies for any of the unique funding sources below. It may be that none of these apply or you may respond to multiple questions. The second section has three essay questions that we ask all applicants to write.

Section One - Specific Funds: Please review the following funding descriptions and consider whether you are eligible to apply. If you answer yes, you will be asked to respond to a related essay question. (100 to 250 words each)

Chang-Lan: Eligibility is limited to students who have secured internships based in China (only). Preference is given to students who have not yet lived or traveled in Asia.

  • Are you eligible and interested in applying for Chang-Lan Funding? YES/NO

  • If yes, describe your level of experience in China (or Asia) and how this internship will relate to your career pursuits after Carleton?

Environmental Studies: Eligibility to support internships in the field of environmental studies.

  • Are you eligible and interested in applying for environmental studies funding? YES/NO

  • If yes, please describe how this internship is related to the field of environmental studies?

International Service in Developing Countries: Eligibility limited to internships for Carleton students who perform volunteer service through NGO's or already established programs in the areas of international community development, including credit and business cooperatives, public wellness and treatment, literacy and education, and other public services in developing countries.

  • Are you eligible and interested in applying for international service funding? YES/NO

  • If yes, how will your work be in service to the community and/or issue that you are addressing?

MCAN Scholars: This opportunity for students of color is made possible through the genuine interest and generous support of the Multicultural Alumni Network.  Funding is limited to rising sophomore or junior students of color to support internships, research experiences, or other field-based opportunities in fields that offer no compensation or compensation lower than the pro-rated equivalent of entry-level salary.

  • Are you eligible and interested in applying for MCAN Scholar funding? YES/NO

  • If yes, please share how your learning and experiences might be shared with the Multicultural Alumni Network community.

Neil Isaacs and Frank Wright Fellowship Program in Investigative Journalism: Eligibility is limited to students whose internships are related to the field of journalism.

  • Are you eligible and interested in applying for the Isaacs-Wright Journalism funding?

  • If yes, please describe how your internship is related to journalism and whether you have any previous experience with journalism.

Newman Fund: This fund supports students to pursue internships in foreign countries that can lead to career opportunities in the field of foreign languages. The primary language used in the internship shall be one of the languages offered at Carleton: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Latin, Russian, and Spanish.

  • Are you eligible and interested in applying for the Newman Fund? YES/NO

  • If yes, what is your foreign language ability? Please describe how you anticipate using foreign languages in your career pursuits after Carleton.

Social Entrepreneurship: Eligibility limited to students who are interning with an organization engaged in social entrepreneurship, either in the United States or in developing countries. (Social entrepreneurship applies market-based approaches to encourage sustainable development.)

  • Are you eligible and interested in applying for social entrepreneurship funding? YES/NO

  • If yes, please describe the challenge that this organization is addressing and their strategy for addressing it. In your answer, please include the scope of the problem, the intended beneficiaries, and the (market-based) approach that the organization is using in its work.

Social Justice: Eligibility limited to students pursuing unpaid or low-paying summer internships or training programs in non-profit or other organizations promoting social justice.

  • Are you eligible and interested in applying for social justice funding? YES/NO

  • If yes, how is the organization and your internship there related to social justice?

Section Two - General Essays for All Applicants
Please tell us about your internship in three essays. We ask that you respond to all of the bulleted questions in each essay
Tell us about your internship (100 to 250 words)

  • Please describe the purpose and/or mission of the host organization as you understand it.

  • Please provide an overview of your major responsibilities, projects, and/or duties to the extent that you can.

  • What type of supervision will you be receiving, how do you plan to communicate with your supervisor, how will they support your learning, and how will your work be evaluated?

Tell us about your motivation and preparation to undertake the internship (100 to 250 words)

  • What motivated and/or inspired you to undertake this internship?

  • How have you and/or what will you do to prepare for the internship?

  • What are your qualifications for undertaking this internship? Please describe how you will apply your knowledge, skills, and aptitudes to this internship.

Tell us about how you expect the internship to impact your academic and career pursuits (200 to 400 words)

  • How does this internship relate to your academic studies, or how will it be valuable to your academic endeavors?

  • What do you hope to learn from your internship and how to you expect to accomplish this learning? Please describe several objectives related to personal growth, skill-building, professional development, and career exploration.

  • How will this internship contribute to a better understanding of your post-Carleton career plans?

Expectations and Authorization (8/8)

Participant Expectations: Applicants selected to receive funding must agree to participate in the following reflection activities. If funded, I agree that I will participate in the required activities, including: (Check the “YES” box)

  • YES Prior to starting the internship, establishing a Learning Contract with the Career Center and/or writing a pre-internship reflection piece;

  • YES During the internship, contributing to a weekly guided reflection blog; and,

  • YES At the conclusion of the internship, writing a reflection essay, designing a reflection poster, and attending a reflection dinner and poster session in the fall (circumstances permitting.)

Application Authorization

  • I give the Career Center consent to conduct a check of financial need with the Office of Student Financial Services to determine my level of need.

[I Agree]

  • I give the Career Center consent to conduct a reference/background check with the Carleton College Office of the Dean of Students. I understand that information from this report may be used as part of the final selection process.

[I Agree]

  • I give the Career Center consent to share all application and reflection documents with the selection committee, donor(s), Stewardship, Career Center staff, and Career Center publications.

[I Agree]

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