2017 Central Arkansas Pride Scholarship

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2017 Central Arkansas Pride Scholarship
Applicants will be notified of their application status by April 24th.
Why? Central Arkansas Pride wants to award scholarships to honor Arkansas students for their

ideas and service to the LGBTQ community. This scholarship was made possible by proceeds

from the 2015 Little Rock Pride Fest.
Who? This scholarship is for students who are enrolled or committed to enroll in a post-secondary accredited institution in Arkansas. LGBTQ students as well as Allies are eligible.
What? This $500 scholarship may be used for any education-related expense for post-secondary education at accredited institutions within Arkansas- colleges, universities, and trade schools.
Submit an essay (minimum of 500 words, no more than 750), in response to this question:
What do you know about the history of LGBTQ rights in Arkansas and what have you done to serve the LGBTQ community?
To be considered for this award, please fill out and return this application, along with your essay, no later than Friday, April 7th, 2017.
You may submit your application and essay via email to centralarkansaspride@gmail.com

or by mail (must be postmarked by April 7th) to:

Central Arkansas Pride

P.O. Box 250096

Little Rock, Arkansas 72225

School Attended: ______________________________________________________________

Street Address: ________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip _________________________________________________________________

Contact Cell Phone: ____________________________________________________________

Alternate Phone: ______________________________________________________________

E-Mail Address: _______________________________________________________________

Please list all related GSA, school, extracurricular and community service activities, activism for

LGBT equality, and future GSA plans, and/or financial needs:




I affirm that the above information I have provided is accurate:
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