2017 apta state Policy and Payment Forum Student Grant

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2017 APTA State Policy and Payment Forum Student Grant


To provide 3 student members the opportunity to participate in the APTA State Policy and Payment Forum (SPPF) planned for September 16-17 in Detroit. This event is designed to increase member involvement in, and knowledge of state legislative issues that have an impact on the practice and payment of physical therapy, and to improve member advocacy efforts at the state level. Programming will focus on physical therapy payment & legislative issues at the state level and will include presentations on state scope of practice issues, payment issues, state legislative advocacy, Medicaid, infringement challenges, effective legislative testifying, state licensure issues, and more. Attendees include APTA staff, chapter presidents, legislative chairs, reimbursement chairs, lobbyists, chapter executive directors and other interested in state-level advocacy.


The applicant must demonstrate commitment to and engagement in advocacy activities consistent with the Chapter’s Mission and Vision.

  1. The applicant’s volunteer and legislative activities may include local, state or federal involvement that is consistent with the Mission or Vision of the MPTA. The MPTA Awards committee shall determine if the nominee’s activities meet these criteria.

  2. The applicant’s volunteer and legislative activities may include promoting individuals or other organizations that support the Mission and Vision of the MPTA. The MPTA Awards Committee shall determine if the nominee’s activities meet these criteria.

Application Procedure:

  1. An application form and criteria will be made available to student members.

  2. Applications must be submitted to the MPTA Office and be received by June 1 via email or mail at:

Michigan Physical Therapy Association

1055 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite 205

Alexandria, VA 22314


  1. Applications must include:

  • Name, address, and telephone number of applicant

  • Present education program attended by applicant and anticipated graduation date (must be after 10/2017)

  • Essay containing documentation of legislative, advocacy, policy, physical therapy professional, and MPTA related contributions which qualify the nominee for this award. The essay should include what has been accomplished to date and plans for the next 2 years.

  • Letter from a student peer who has been part of your class engagement and leadership role

  • Letter from a faculty member, legislative representative, community leader or MPTA member who is aware of your participation to date.

Selection and Award:

  1. Applications will be reviewed by the MPTA Awards Committee.

  2. The 3 winners will be announced by July 1, 2017

  3. Each student selected will receive a $450 grant for travel and registration expenses.

Applicant Information

Full Name:






Street Address

Apartment/Unit #



ZIP Code



Active Member of MPTA?



Name of School/Education Program currently attending and anticipated date of graduation:


Supporting Commentary

Please provide commentary and documentation that will help the Awards Committee to accurately evaluate this application. This information can be provided in a separate attachment.




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