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NAME: Per Pinstrup-Andersen

DEPARTMENT/UNIT: Division of Nutritional Sciences

TITLE: Professor Emeritus and Graduate School Professor

CAMPUS ADDRESS: 305 Savage Hall

PHONE: 607.255.9429

E-MAIL: pp94@cornell.edu


Year Degree Institution
1969 Ph.D. Oklahoma State University

1967 M.S. Oklahoma State University

1965 B.S. Royal Veterinary and Agricultural

University, Copenhagen, Denmark

ACADEMIC RANKS (year achieved)
Professor: 1987-1992 and again from 2003

PRIMARY DEPARTMENTAL/Unit PROGRAM AREA: Division of Nutritional Sciences

AREAS OF EXPERTISE (key words) Food policy; agricultural economics; food and nutrition policy; agricultural research and technology policy; globalization and nutrition; food systems.
Year Positions
June 1, 2013 Professor Emeritus and Graduate School Professor
January 31, 2003 – May 31, 2013: H.E. Babcock Professor of Food, Nutrition and Public Policy in the Division of Nutritional Sciences, Cornell University.

April 21, 2003 – May 31, 2013: International Professor of Nutrition Economics and Policy at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Cornell University.

June 13, 2003 – May 31, 2013: Professor of Applied Economics, Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, Cornell University
July 1, 2006 – May 31, 2013: J. Thomas Clark Professor of Entrepreneurship in the Entrepreneurship@Cornell Program
January 1, 2012 – Present: Adjunct Professor, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
January 1, 2003 – October 1, 2010: Professor of Development Economics at University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
March 2001 – December 2007: Distinguished Professor, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
September 2002 - December 2002: Senior Research Fellow of the International Food Policy

Research Institute (IFPRI), Washington, D.C.

July 1, 1992 - September 2002: Director General and CEO of the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Washington, D.C.
February 1987 - June 1992: Professor of Food Economics in the Division of Nutritional Sciences and Founding Director of the Cornell Food and Nutrition Policy Program (CFNPP), Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.
April 1980 - January 1987: Research Fellow and from September 1, 1980 Director of the Food Consumption and Nutrition Policy Research Program, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Washington, D.C.
November 1977 - March 1980: Senior Research Fellow and Associate Professor, Economic Institute, The Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen.
February 1976 - October 1977: Director of the Agro-Economic Division, International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC), Florence, Alabama, U.S.A.
May 1969 - January 1976: Agricultural Economist, with Centro Internacional de Agricultural Tropical (CIAT), Cali, Colombia, South America. Head of the Economics Unit from April 1, 1972.
September 1966 - April 1969: Research Assistant and from August 1968 Instructor in the Department of Agricultural Economics, Oklahoma State University.
Pre-university: Farm worker on various Danish farms, research assistant, and a milk tester during a period of six years prior to entering the University. During 1958-1959 served in the Danish Army.

SABBATICALS AND STUDY LEAVES (year, project, location) None
HONORS AND AWARDS (past and current year)
Honorary Doctorates:

  • Doctor of Science (honoris causa). The University of Florida, April, 2010.

  • Doctor of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (honoris causa). Wageningen Agricultural University (the Netherlands), March 2000.

  • Doctor of Science (honoris causa). Tamil Nadu Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (Tamil Nadu, India), April 1999.

  • Doctor of Laws (honoris causa). University of Aberdeen (Aberdeen, United Kingdom), July 1999.

  • Doctor of Technical Sciences (honoris causa): Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Zurich, Switzerland), November 1996.

Other Honors/Awards:

  • Recipient of the Dr. Clifton R. Wharton Emerging Markets Annual Award, Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management, 2012.

  • Listed on SSRN’s top ten download list for “Food Industry eJournal and SRPN: Food Production,” for paper on Food Production, Population Growth, and Environmental Security.

  • Selected by Miriam Goler, a Merrill Presidential Scholar, as the faculty member who has made the most significant contribution to her education while here at Cornell, 2009.

  • Designated by an independent panel commissioned by the Danish newspaper “Udvikling” (Development) as the Dane who has had the greatest impact on global poverty reduction, 2009.

  • Fellow of the Cornell Center for a Sustainable Future, 2009.

  • Recipient of 2008 Outstanding Faculty/Staff Award, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

  • Recipient of Honorary Alumnus Award, Copenhagen University, August 2008

  • Recipient of Danish Radio’s Rosenkjaer Prize for Policy Communication, November, 2002.

  • Recipient of the AAEA Distinguished Policy Contribution Award, July 30, 2002.

  • Recipient of the Horticologo de Honra, given by the Portuguese Horticulture Association, October 12, 2001.

  • Recipient of the 2001 World Food Prize for contribution to the improvement of agricultural research, food policy, and the lives of the poor.

  • Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) since October 1997.

  • Fellow of the American Agricultural Economics Association (AAEA) since August 2000.

  • Agronomprisen 2000, Danish Society of Agricultural Professionals, March 2000.

  • Distinguished International Alumni Award, Oklahoma State University on November 20, 1998.

  • 1998 Charles A. Black Award for outstanding record of research and communication, awarded by the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) on March 20, 1998.

  • 1996 Best Paper Prize for article in the Journal: Environmental Conservation, awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Conservation, Geneva, Switzerland.

  • Honorary member of the International Association of Agricultural Students (IAAS) since July 1997.

  • Distinguished Alumnus of the Economics Institute, University of Colorado since 1993.

  • Certificate of Merit for excellence in research from Gamma Sigma Delta [1991].

  • Winner of Prize Competition issued by the Nordic Society of Agricultural Researchers and Norsk Hydro over the topic “The Importance of Fertilizer for the World Food Supply” [1979].

  • Outstanding Journal Article Award from American Agricultural Economics Association [1977].

  • Ph.D. Thesis Award from American Agricultural Economics Association [1970].

  • Honorary member of the Colombian National Organization of Professionals in Agriculture since 1973.

  • International Who's Who of Professionals

  • Strathmore's Who's Who Registry of Business Leaders

  • Who's Who in American Education

  • Paragon Who's Who

  • Who's Who in Science and Engineering

  • Who's Who in America

  • Men of Achievement

  • Kraks Blå Bog (Denmark)

  • Kellogg Travel Fellowship [1979]

  • People to People Certificate of Appreciation [1967]

  • Ford International Fellow [1965-1966]


  • Current Grants/Contracts/Gifts

    • None.

  • Pending Grants/Contracts/Gifts

    • None.


June 1, 2013-Present

  • Emeritus Professor and Graduate School Professor, Division of Nutritional Sciences and the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management


  • Current Postdoctoral Associates (list names)


  • Past Postdoctoral Associates (list names and dates)

Fuzhi Cheng (2007)

Derrill Watson (2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)

  • Other Current Research Professionals Supervised (list names)


  • Other Relevant Research Activities, Accomplishments, etc.

    • Trade liberalization and transition in anthropometry outcomes in China.

    • Determinants of obesity in Korea.

    • Progress towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals on hunger.

    • Adoption of Bt-cotton seed in China and the distribution of economic benefits.

    • The impact of the Green Revolution on iron-deficiency anemia in India.

    • The impact of poverty on armed conflict.

    • The Political Economy of Food Price Change

    • The nutrition and educational status of Chinese minorities

    • Food systems and human health and nutrition


  • Administrative Leadership (positions related to teaching/education/advising)


  • Courses Taught (course number and name)


  • Educational Innovations Developed Including; Web-Based Materials; New Courses Developed, etc.


  • Current Undergraduate Students Mentored in Independent Research (list names)


  • Current Student Organizations for Which You Served as Faculty Advisor (list organizations)


  • Current Undergraduate Advisees (list names) for 2014


  • Current Teaching Assistants (graduate & undergraduate) and Other Teaching Support Professionals Supervised (list names)


  • Other Relevant Teaching and Advising Activities, Accomplishments, etc.


  • Extension Prizes, Awards Received


  • Current Extension Professionals Supervised


  • Current Program Work Team(s)/Program Councils, Administrative Leadership (positions related to Extension, i.e., DEL, program leader, etc.)


  • Extension Workshops and Conferences (development, participation—list date and duration, title, constituency [i.e., stakeholder group, etc.] and size of audience, i.e., number of attendees and your role, i.e., principle organizer, co-chair, speaker, etc.)


  • Internet Presence/Distance learning (websites, on-line Extension/Outreach courses; describe and provide URLs, your role [leader, collaborator], intended audience, estimates of use)

Web Site Posted January 2008 - Food Policy for Developing Countries – The Role of Government in Global, National, and Local Food System, http://cip.cornell.edu/gfs, Leader. This program aims to strengthen university training in policy analysis for the food systems, with emphasis on developing countries, using a social entrepreneurship approach. This website includes a large number of cases, which can be downloaded free of charge by instructors, students and other interested parties worldwide. New case studies continue to be added on a regular basis.

New Food Policy Blog Posted in November 2010, www.foodpolicy.dyson.cornell.edu.

  • Policy Engagement/Leadership (advisory/legislative/regulatory boards/panels, your role and the policy domain affected [significance])


  • Key Audiences and Scope of Impact (major organizations/clientele groups; international, national, local; engagement – leadership, problem solving/service, diagnostics; scope of impact [geographic, population, financial])


  • Other Relevant Extension/Outreach Activities, Accomplishments, etc.



  • Nutrition

  • Applied Economics & Management

  • Associate Core Faculty Member, Cornell Institute for Public Affairs (1/1/10-6/30/13)

  • International Agriculture and Rural Development


  • Current (names and expected date and field of degree including degree (for example, PhD, M.S., MPS, MAT, etc.)

    • Masters

    • PhD

Soumya Gupta, Applied Economics and Management

  • Total Completed (names and dates)

    • PhD

Anna Herforth, Nutritional Sciences, 2010

Ji-Yun Hwang, Nutritional Sciences, 2008

Andrew Jones, Nutritional Sciences, 2011

Christina Nyhus, Nutritional Sciences, 2008

Yusi Ouyang, Applied Economics and Management, 2013

Satoru Shimokawa, Applied Economics and Management, 2007

Shenghui Wang, Applied Economics and Management, 2007

Derrill Watson, Economics, 2008

    • Masters

Shane Bryan, Public Policy/Administration, 2012

Christine Hadekel, Public Policy/Administration, 2011

Hajra Hur, Public Policy/Administration, 2013

Anne Jacobsen, University of Copenhagen, 2008

Willio Jeudy, Public Policy/Administration, 2013
Justine Lewis, Public Policy/Administration, 2013

Margaret Lynch, Public Policy/Administration, 2013

Linda Majani, Public Policy/Administration, 2013

Joseph Mizener, Public Policy/Administration, 2013

Kyla Neilan, Public Policy/Administration, 2011

Jean Nsabumuremyi, Public Policy/Administration, 2013

Hermant Pullobhotta, Public Policy/Administration, 2013

Katherine Shea, Public Policy/Administration, 2011

Amrit Singh, Applied Economics and Management, 2013

Amy Nichols Uber, International Agriculture and Rural Development, 2014

Carrie Young, Public Policy/Administration, 2013

  • Current (names and expected date and field of degree)

    • PhD

Kristian Pulver, Soil & Crop Science

    • Master’s


  • Total Completed (names and dates)


Olutayo Akintobi, Public Policy/Administration, June 2013

Mandana Arabi, December 2006

Jessica Bliss, Nutritional Sciences, 2014

Melissa Fox, Nutritional Sciences, December 2010

Alan Green, Applied Economics and Management, December 2009

Maryam Jillani, Public Policy/Administration, June 2010

Angela Lu, Nutritional Sciences, December 2011

Hope Michelson, Applied Economics and Management, June 2010

Felix Naschold, Applied Economics and Management, January 2008

Erica Phillips, Nutritional Sciences, 2014
Amanda Pomeroy, June 2005

Johanna Upton, Applied Economics and Management, June 2013


Alexis Arthur, Public Policy/Administration, 2011

Sofia Borodulina, International Development, 2011

Kajal Gulati, Public Policy/Administration, 2009

Charles Mathews, Public Policy/Administration, 2009

Deeptha Chittoor Umapathy, Public Policy/Administration

Visiting Master’s Degree Students from University of Copenhagen (Advisor both at Cornell and at University of Copenhagen)

Simon Kofoed-Dam


  • American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) since October 1997.

  • International Association of Agricultural Economists (IAAE) since 1969.

  • American Association of Agricultural Economics (AAEA) since 1965.

  • European Society for Agricultural and Food Ethics (EurSAFE), 2007-08.


  • Executive Board Member of the American Agricultural Economics Association 2004 – 2007

  • President, American Agricultural Economics Association, 2006


  • Member of the Editorial Board, Journal of Agribusiness in Developing and Emerging Economies, since 2014

  • Associate Editor, “Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems” since 2003.

  • Member of the Editorial Board, “Food Policy” since 1994.

  • Member of the Editorial Board, “International Journal of Biotechnology” since 1999.

  • Member of the Editorial Board, “Environmental Biosafety Research” since 2002.

  • Member of the Editorial Board, “International Journal of Rural Management” since April 2004.

  • Member of the Editorial Board, “Food Economics” since 2003

  • Member of the Editorial Advisory Board, “Agribusiness in Developing/Emerging Economies” since January 2010.

  • Member of the Editorial Advisory Board, “International Journal of Rural Management,” since November 2010.

  • Member of the International Editorial Board, “Tropical Agriculture” since February 2011.

  • Member of the Advisory Board for the Journal “Agriculture and Food Security,” since October 2011.

  • Senior Editor, Food Security, since April 2012.


  • International/National:

    • Member, Advisory Committee for Johns Hopkins University’s Project on Ethics and Food Security, since 2014.

    • Member, Chicago Council Task Force on Agriculture and Nutrition, since 2014.

    • Senior Advisor to the Global Development Network, since 2014,

    • Chair, HLPE for Food Security, since 2013.

    • Member, Strategic Advisory Committee, IFPRI, since 2013.

    • Member, Global Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on Food Security, 2012-2014.

    • Member, Australian Agricultural and Research Economics Society (AARES), since 2012.

    • Member, Focus Group on Food Waste, National Academy of Sciences, since 2012.

    • Member, Leverhulme Centre for Integrative Research on Agriculture and Health Advisory Group, since 2011.

    • Chair, Advisory Committee, Global Agriculture and Food Security Program, World Bank, 2010-2011.

    • Chair, Committee to Draft Statement on Food Security, Interacademy Panel on International Issues, 2009.

    • Member, National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Medicine (IOM) Planning Committee for Workshop on Mitigating Nutritional Impacts of the Global Food System, 2009.

    • Member, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs’ Roundtable on Global Agriculture and Food Policy, 2009-10.

    • Senior Independent Advisor to the African Development Bank and IFAD, since 2007-08.

    • Member, Global Agricultural Development Leaders Group, The Chicago Council, 2008.

    • Chair, Scientific Evaluation Team, Interdisciplinary Research and Education Fund, Wageningen University.

    • Member, United States National Academies’ Roundtable on Science and Technology for Sustainability (STS Roundtable), 2008-11.

    • Member, Academic Advisory Board, Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy, Chinese Academy of Sciences, since 2006.

    • Member, International Advisory Board of Center for Development Research (ZEF), University of Bonn, since 2007-10.

    • Chair, International Advisory Board of Mansholt Graduate School, Wageningen University, since 2007-10.

    • Chair, AAEA T.W. Schultz Committee, 2006-2007.

    • Chair, AAEA Nominations Committee, 2006-2007.

    • Chair, AAEA Foundation Endowment Committee, 2006-2007.

    • Member, AAEA Centennial Committee, 2006-2007.

    • Member, International Scientific Committee of the 2015 World Expo in Milano, since 2006.

    • Member, International Policy Council on Agriculture, Food and Trade (IPC), 2002-06.

    • Member, Board of CARE Denmark, 2003-06.

    • Member, 2020 Vision Initiative Advisory Board, International Food Policy and Research Institute (IFPRI), since 2003-06.

    • Member, International Scientific Advisory Board for Frontis, Wageningen University (until end of 2007).

  • State/Local:

    • Advisory Committee Member, New York Youth Institute, since 2009.

  • University*:

    • Advisory Board of Cornell International Institute for Food, Agriculture, and Development (CIIFAD), since March 2006

    • Member, International Studies Advisory Council, since 2008

    • Member, State of the Planet Curriculum Development Team, 2006-08

    • Faculty Fellow, Hans Bethe House, since 2007

    • Member, Search Committee for CIIFAD Director, 2008

    • Advisor to the Social-Behavioral Sciences and Nutrition Faculty Committee, 2008

    • Chair, Advisory Board, Tata-Cornell Initiative in Agriculture and Nutrition, since March 2010.

  • College*:

    • Chair, CHE – PAM - Promotion & Tenure Committee, 2008

    • Member, CALS – Promotion & Tenure Committee, 2008

    • Member, AEM, CALS – Ad Hoc Committee, Promotion & Tenure, 2012

    • Chair, Nomination Committee - Christopher Barrett for AAEA Fellow, 2009

    • Chair, Development Sociology, Ad Hoc Committee, Promotion & Tenure, 2012

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