2005 british theses about africa

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Agriculture ­

Anglaaere, L.C.N. Improving the sustainability of cocoa farms in Ghana through utilization of native forest trees in agro forestry systems. Ph.D., Wales, Bangor. ­
Basu, S.M. Genetic mapping and trait analysis in bambara groundnut [Vigna subterranea (L.) Verdc.]. Ph.D., Nottingham.­
Bekoe, E.O. Application of a hydrological model in a data-poor tropical West African catchment: a case study of the Densu Basin of Ghana. Ph.D., Cranfield.­
Foli, E.G. An assessment of forest responses to silvicultural interventions in tropical moist forest in Ghana. Ph.D., Aberdeen.
Gomna, A. The role of traditional aquaculture systems and fish in food security and livelihoods of fishing communities in two states in Nigeria. Ph.D., Stirling.­
Johnson, R. Principles of, and approaches to, rural land (re)distribution: a case study in South Africa. Ph.D., Gloucestershire.­
Kaonga, M.L. Understanding carbon dynamics in agroforestry systems in Eastern Zambia. Ph.D., Cambridge.­
Kasolo, W.K. Agroforestry in the buffer zone of Ugandas Budongo Forest. Ph.D., Wales, Bangor.­
Kubiriba, J. Epidemiology of Banana streak virus (BSV) in East African highland bananas (AAA-EA) [Uganda]. Ph.D., Greenwich.­
Manful, J.T. The development and evaluation of improved rice parboiling technology in Ghana. Ph.D., Greenwich.­
Murekezi, C. Effects of banana streak virus and crop management on the growth and yield of East African Highland bananas (Musa spp., AAA-EA) [Uganda]. Ph.D., Reading.­
Nwer, B.A.B. The application of land evaluation technique in the north-east of Libya. Ph.D., Cranfield.­
Owusu-Sekyere, J.D. Water table control for rice production in Ghana. Ph.D., Cranfield.­
Reed, M.S. Participatory rangeland monitoring and management in the Kalahari, Botswanna. Ph.D., Leeds.­
Shirima, G.M. The epidemiology of brucellosis in animals and humans in Arusha and Manyara regions of Tanzania. Ph.D., Glasgow.­

Anthropology ­

Abd-el-Moniem, H.A.A. A new recording of Mauritanian rock art. Ph.D., London, U. Coll.­
Ahmadu, F. S. Cutting the anthill: the symbolic foundations of female and male circumcision rituals among the Mandinka of Brikama, the Gambia. Ph.D., London, London School of Economics and Political Science.­
Ainslie, A.M. Keeping cattle?: The politics of value in the communal areas of Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. Ph.D., London, U. Coll.­
Al-Ibrashy, M.A. The southern cemetery of Cairo from the 14th century to the present: an urban history of a living cemetery. Ph.D., London, School of Oriental and African Studies.­
Al-Thibi, M. Aspects of Egyptian funerary cones. Ph.D., Liverpool.­
Awah, P.K. Treating diabetes in Cameroon: a comparative study in medical anthropology. Ph.D., Newcastle upon Tyne.­
Beyers, C. Land restitution in District Six, Cape Town: community; citizenship, and social exclusion. D.Phil., Sussex.­
Bunny, J.L. A mid to late Holocene environmental history of Munsa archaeological site, Uganda. Ph.D., Trinity College Dublin (Univ. of Dublin).­
De-Graft Aikins, A. Social representations of diabetes in Ghana: reconstructing self, society and culture. Ph.D., London, London School of Economics and Political Science.­
Issa, H.K. New insights into Bedouin culture: a study of three Bedouin descent groups in northeast Egypt. Ph.D., Hull.­
Keshodkar, A.A. Movement of Asian and Swahili identities: impact of tourism on constructions of community, ethnicity, and gender relations in Zanzibar town [Tanzania]. Ph.D., Oxford.­
Kwesiga, P.K. Transformation in pottery education production and use in Nkore Southwestern Uganda. Ph.D., Middlesex.­
Lamont, M. The historicity of generation: uncertainties of Meru age-class formation since the 1940s [Kenya]. Ph.D., Edinburgh.­
Marsland, R. Ethnographic malaria: the uses of medical knowledge in Tanzania. Ph.D., London, School of Oriental and African Studies.­
Mkhwanazi, N.N. Teenage pregnancy and gender identities in the making in a post-apartheid South African township. Ph.D., Cambridge.­
Norman, W.O. Living on the frontline: migration and transfrontier conservation in the Mozambican villages of the Mozambique-South Africa borderland. Ph.D., London, London School of Economics and Political Science.­
Nwajiaku, K. Oil politics and identity transformation in Nigeria: the case of the Ijaw and the Niger Delta. D.Phil., Oxford.­
Parcak, S.H. Settlement pattern studies in the Nile's floodplain: satellite imagery analysis and ground survey in Middle Egypt and the Delta. Ph.D., Cambridge.­
Peters, P.C. Liquid gold: an ethnographic exploration of the water-gender-power nexus in Tigray, Highland Ethiopia. Ph.D., London, Goldsmiths College.­
Thorsen, D. Sons, husbands, mothers and brothers: finding room for manoeuvre in rural Burkina Faso. D.Phil., Sussex.­
Von Hellermann, P. Things fall apart?: A political ecology of 20th century forest management in Edo State, southern Nigeria. D.Phil., Sussex.­
Wall, C.M. Coastal ungulates: the seasonal use of ibex and barbary sheep among Mediterranean hominins [Libya]. Ph.D., Cambridge.­
Wrangham, R.P. Negotiating meaning and practice in the Zambézia Agricultural Development Project, Mozambique. Ph.D., London, London School of Economics and Political Science.­
Wynne-Jones, S.A. Urbanisation at Kilwa, Tanzania. Ph.D., Cambridge.­


Taha, E.E. Sustainability in the rural built environment: vernacular architecture of the Gezira area / Sudan. Ph.D., Newcastle upon Tyne.­

Biological Sciences ­

Abbott, K.M. A molecular genetic study of Mhc-DRB genes in the mandrill (Mandrillus sphinx [Gabon]. Ph.D., Cambridge.­
Adasi, K. Pyrethroid resistance and its potential interaction with malaria infection rates in Ghanaian field populations of Anopheles gambiae. Ph.D., Liverpool.­
Brooks, C.J. The foraging behaviour of Burchells zebra (Equus burchelli antiquorum) [Botswana]. Ph.D., Bristol.­
Cameron, A. Extinction risk from climate change: and a case study for conservation planning in Madagascar. Ph.D., Leeds.­
Cole, N.C. The ecological impact of the invasive house gecko Hemidactylus frenatus upon endemic Mauritian geckos. Ph.D., Bristol.­
Croxford, A.E. A molecular study of the breeding system of cashew (Anacardium occidentale L.) in Tanzania. Ph.D., Reading.­
Edwards, D. Systematic studies of the South African endemic Aspalathus L. (Fabaceae) and the Genistoid s.l. Clade. Ph.D., Reading.­
Ewing, S. The occurrence and consequences of inbreeding in a reintroduced population of the Mauritius kestrel (Falco punctatus). Ph.D., Glasgow.­
Fernandes, C.A.R. Phylogeography and molecular systematics of species complexes in the genus Genetta (Carnivora, Viverridae). Ph.D., Wales, Cardiff.­
Ganeshan, S. Biology, economic importance and management of sugar cane armyworms (Mythimna spp.) in Mauritius. Ph.D., London, External.­
Garcia, G. Ecology, human impact and conservation for the Madagascan side-necked turtle (Erymonochelys madagascariensis Grandidier, 1867) at Ankarafantsika National Park, Madagascar. Ph.D., Kent.­
Greengrass, E.J. Mothers and offspring: social relationships and social behaviour of the Kasekela community of chimpanzees, at Gombe National Park, Tanzania. Ph.D., Bristol.­
Griffiths, M.J. Integrated approach to identifying genes critical in the response to malaria using gene expression profiling and disease association analyses [kenya]. D.Phil., Oxford.­
Habtewold, T.E. Interaction between Anopheles, cattle and humans: exploration of the effects of various cattle management practices on the behaviour and control of Anopheles arabiensis in Ethiopia. Ph.D., Greenwich.­
Idid, M.R. Phylogenetics and population structure of Lake Malawi cichlids. Ph.D., Hull.­
Kelly, C. Systematics and phylogeography of advanced snakes: global phylogenetics and focus on some African endemics. D.Phil., Oxford.­
Kirby, M.J. Why does Anopheles arabiensis predominate over An. Gambiae sensu stricto in hot and arid conditions? [Gambia]. Ph.D., Durham.­
McKee, J. The dynamics of local knowledge of botanical pest management in Wag Hamra, Ethiopia. Ph.D., Kent.­
Newman, D.H. Anthropogenic effects on the structure of dung beetle assemblages in cattle dung in Ivory Coast. Ph.D., Reading.­
Nowell, A.A. Behavioural development in wild western lowland gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) [Congo]. Ph.D., Liverpool.­
Pearce, R.J. A population genetic analysis of antifolate resistance in Plasmodium falciparum in southeast Africa. Ph.D., London, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.­
Powell, V.J. The ecology and conservation of the Rodrigues fruit bat Pteropus rodricensis [Mauritius]. Ph.D., Manchester Metropolitan.­
Reynolds, S.C. Geographic variation in selected African mammalian taxa: a comparison of modern and fossil conspecifics. Ph.D., Liverpool John Moores.­
Slocombe, K. Vocal communication in chimpanzees (Pan troyglodytes) [Uganda] Ph.D., St. Andrews.­
Tingay, R.E. distribution, contemporary status and cooperative breeding in the Madagascar fish eagle: implications for conservation. Ph.D., Nottingham.­
Vass, P.A. Plant diversity and spatial discontinuities of the Albany Centre in south-eastern Cape, South Africa. Ph.D., London, Sch. of Oriental & African Studies.­
Vega, L.B. The ecology and conservation of the Seychelles Fody or toc-toc Foudia sechellarum. Ph.D., Reading.­
Wilson, J.M. Factors determining the density and distribution of palearctic migrants wintering in sub-Saharan Africa. Ph.D., St. Andrews.­
Wisz, M.S. Modelling potential distributions of sub-Saharan African birds: techniques and applications for conservation and macroecology. Ph.D., Cambridge.­
Yarnell, R.W. The effect of game ranch management on small mammal communities in a bushveld area of South Africa. Ph.D., Brighton.­

Business Administration ­

Abousamak, A.M.A. The usefulness of accounting information for investment decisions: perceptions from the emerging Egyptian capital market. Ph.D., Birmingham.­
Al-Gathafi, M.M. Riskiness of time and cost overruns and the effectiveness of risk response measure strategies in the Libyan construction industry. Ph.D., Liverpool.­
Antwi, K.B. Public sector reforms in Ghana: exploring human resource development challenges facing decentralised local government systems. Ph.D., Bradford.­
El Said, G.R. Cultural effect on electronic consumer behaviour: the effect of uncertainty avoidance on online trust for Egyptian Internet users. Ph.D., Brunel.­
El-Din, H.G.T. Adoption and implementation of Information Technology in Egypt: The influences of individual, innovation, organizational, and environmental characteristics (The Case of Database Management System). Ph.D., Birmingham.­
El-Hasia, A.M. The effects of states construction procurement policy implementation on the outcome of local construction projects: The Libyan case. Ph.D., Salford.­
Elferis, M. A. Identifying the barriers of training development in Libyan manufacturing organisations (public sector). Ph.D., Salford.­
Goodman, C.A. An economic analysis of the retail market for fever and malaria treatment in rural Tanzania. Ph.D., London, London School of Economics and Political Science.­
Gossart, C. Routines and firms HSE behaviour: the cases of European and North African oil refineries. Ph.D., Sussex.­
Ituma, A.N. An exploratory study of the internal career orientation and the external career pattern of Information Technology workers in Nigeria. Ph.D., Brunel.­
Kargwell, S.A.A. Women in management: a case study of the Sudan. Ph.D., Central England.­
Kholeif, A.O.R. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation and management accounting change in a transitional country: an interpretive case study from Egypt. Ph.D., Essex.­
Mashat, A.A. Corporate social responsibility disclosure and accountability: The case of Libya. Ph.D., Manchester Metropolitan.­
Metawie, M.R. Using a system approach to marketing strategies for the Egyptian pharmaceutical drug industry. Ph.D., Sunderland.­
Mohamed, O.A. Identifying the barriers affecting quality in maintenance within Libyan manufacturing organisations (public sector). Ph.D., Salford.­
Mousa, F.R. Developing a model for evaluating the effectiveness of the internal audit function in Libyan organisations: case study with special reference to oil companies. Ph.D., Manchester Metropolitan.­
Mpbanga, D. Critical evaluation of key performance indicator (KPI)based performance management system (PMS): a case study of the Department of Administration of Justice in Botswana. Ph.D., Strathclyde.­
Omar, M.A.R. Management control systems in a transition context: case studies from the Libyan industrial sector. Ph.D., Heriot-Watt.­
Sharif, I.M. The barriers affecting the implementation of quality management system: ISO 9000 in Libyan manufacturing public sector organisations. Ph.D. Salford.­

Earth Sciences­

Bastawesy, M.el. Development of a GIS-based hydrological model for the hyper-arid catchment of Wadi Haymour [Egypt]. Ph.D., Reading.­
Bastow, I.D. Upper-mantle seismic structure in a region of incipient continental break-up: northern Ethiopian rift. Ph.D., Leeds.­
Dunningham, J.P. Long-term evolution of normal fault systems: Controls on the development and evolution of extensional structures in the neotectonic Kenyan Rift, East Africa. Ph.D., Edinburgh.­
Dutton, D.M. Controls on the genesis, evolution and breaching of relay ramps: examples from offshore West Africa. Ph.D., London, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine.­
Hardman, E.R. The impact of anthropogenic and natural stresses on the coral reefs of Rodrigues, Western Indian Ocean [mauritius]. Ph.D., Wales, Bangor.­
Jacob, R.J. The erosional and Cainozoic depositional history of the Lower Orange River, southwestern Africa. Ph.D., Glasgow.­
King, R.C. The structural evolution of the Cape fold belt and SW Karoo Basin: implications on sediment storage and routeing to the SW Karoo Basin, South Africa. Ph.D., Liverpool.­
Lalley, J.S. Lichen-dominated soil crusts in the hyper-arid Namib Desert: anthropogenic impacts and conservation implications. D.Phil., Oxford.­
Leppard, C.W. Tectono-stratigraphic evolution of normal fault zones: Thal fault zone, Suez Rift, Egypt. Ph.D., Manchester.­
Lubeseder, S. Silurian and Devonian sequence stratigraphy of North Africa: regional correlation and sedimentology (Morocco, Algeria, Libya). Ph.D., Manchester.­
Mader, N K. Sedimentology and sediment distribution of upper Triassic fluvio-aeolian reservoirs on a regional scale (central Algeria, SW Morocco, NE Canada): An integrated Approach unravelling the influence of climate versus

tectonics on reservoir architecture. Ph.D., Manchester.­

Rampey, M.L. The geology of the Kone Volcanic Complex, Ethiopia. Ph.D., Cambridge.­
Scrivner, A.E. Palaeoclimate and circulation in the Mediterranean: the importance of the African monsoon and the Nile. Ph.D., London, Royal Holloway.­
Tremblay, S. Geological evolution and depositional architecture of the Northern Mauritanian passive margin. Ph.D., Aberdeen.­
Vieira, F. Late Cretaceous and Tertiary evolution of the Zambezi Delta basin, offshore central Mozambique. Ph.D., Edinburgh.­
Walker, J. Uranium-lead dating of hominid fossil sites in South Africa. Ph.D., Leeds.
Wild, R.J. Sedimentological and sequence stratigraphic evolution of a Permian lower slope to shelf succession, Tanqua depocentre, SW Karoo Basin, South Africa. Ph.D., Liverpool.­

Economics ­

Abobaker, A.E.A. Performance measurement: two case studies in the Libyan engineering sector. Ph.D., Dundee.­
Addo-Yobo, F.N. Consumer behaviour approach to improving water services to the urban poor: a study from Ghana. Ph.D., Loughborough.­
Adea, M. The role of Non Governmental Organisations in poverty alleviation in Uganda: the case of micro-credit in Masaka District in southern Uganda. Ph.D., South Bank.­
Alwaddan, A. Banking reforms and banking efficiency in Libyan commercial banks. Ph.D., Northumbria.­
Bakhouche, A. Bank cost and alternative profit efficiency in Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, over the period 1994-2001. Ph.D., Wales, Bangor.­
Berhanu, W. Pastoralism and livelihood diversification: A case study of the Borana pastoral system in Ethiopia. Ph.D., Manchester.­
Brichieri-Colombi, J.S.A. Who speaks for the river?: Optimality, objectives and cooperation on the Nile and Ganges. Ph.D., London, School of Oriental and African Studies.­
Buferna, F.M. Determinants of capital structure: evidence from Libya. Ph.D., Liverpool.­
Bugri, J.T. Land Tenure and sustainable livelihoods in north-east Ghana. Ph.D., Greenwich.­
Davis, A. Relationships between transport, mobility, sustainable livelihoods and social capital for poverty reduction [Zambia, Cameroon & Kenya]. Ph.D., Wolverhampton.­
El-Mnawi, K. The development of e-commerce technology adoption in Libya: evidence from the Libyan oil and gas industry. Ph.D., Northumbria.­
El-Sharif, I.A.A. An empirical investigation of the impact of oil price changes in disparate economic systems: evidence from the UK and Libya. Ph.D., Dundee.­
Etagdi, M. North African economic co-operation and the EU. Ph.D., Northumbria.­
Ghecham, M.A. Institutional frameworks and the performance of firms in Egypt. Ph.D., Manchester Metropolitan.­
Goldin, N.R. Uncovering the dynamics between large and small firms in employment generation and firm sustainability: evidence from Maputo, Mozambique. Ph.D., London, School of Oriental and African Studies.­
Hashem, G.A.E. The adoption of quality systems by Egyptian manufacturing companies: A diffusion of innovation approach. Ph.D., Birmingham.­
Hill, R.E. Risk, production and poverty: A study of coffee in Uganda. D.Phil., Oxford.­
Jouan, J.K. Financial liberalisation in Mauritius and the finance-growth nexus. Ph.D., Napier.­
Kazimbaya-Senkwe, B.M. The social construction of access to water in Zambias copperbelt, 1900-2000: beyond the managerial explanation for inadequate access. Ph.D., Newcastle upon Tyne.­
Kida, M. Social learning in the adoption of new technology in rural Ethiopia: An econometric analysis. D.Phil, Oxford.­
Kimani, J.K. Risk management and coping strategies in a large-scale irrigation project: case study of Mwea Irrigation Settlement, Kenya. D.Phil., Sussex.­
Koestlé, S.Y.M. Economic impact of HIV / AIDS on the well-being of households: challenges of investigating ill-health in sub-Saharan Africa [Tanzania]. Ph.D., East Anglia.­
Kojima, S. Quantitative policy analysis for sustainable development in water-stressed developing countries: a case study of Morocco. Ph.D., York.­
Manvell, A.P.H. Action spaces, differentiation and the dryland farm: a case study from the Dakoro region of Niger. Ph.D., East Anglia.­
Masakure, O. Export supply chains and small-scale producers in Africa: horticultural exports from Zimbabwe. Ph.D., Reading.­
Mohamed, E-E.A.E. Analysis of behaviour and predictability of stock returns and volatility on the Egyptian stock exchange. D.Phil., York.­
Molony, T S J. 'You cant eat a phone!': The adoption and appropriation of information and communication technologies in Tanzanian micro and small enterprises. Ph.D., Edinburgh.­
Munenura, R. Financial exclusion and capital structures in the Zimbabwean MSE sector. Ph.D., Heriot-Watt.­
Mutalemwa, D.K. Small and medium enterprises in the manufacturing sector of Tanzania: the historical policy environment, networks and market development. Ph.D., East Anglia.­
Mutema, M. Land rights and their impacts on agricultural efficiency, nvestments and land markets in Zimbabwe. Ph.D., Reading.­
Nkowani, Z.P. Regional integration and the dualism of economic and social policy: the dilemma for foreign direct investment and trade over occupational health and safety; a policy re-alignment for the Southern African Development Community [SADC]. Ph.D., Salford.­
Ochieng, C.M.O. The political economy of contract farming in Kenya: a historical-comparative study of the tea and sugar contract farming schemes, 1960-2002. D.Phil., Oxford.­
Onduku, A. The environmental politics of Nigerias oil conflict: a critical discourse on the proactive participation of NGOS and social movements. Ph.D., Bradford.­
Opoku, D.K. The politics of government-business relations in Ghana, 1982-2000. Ph.D., London, School of Oriental and African Studies.­
Qobo, M.J. South Africa as a global actor: regional and multilateral trade strategies from 1994 to 2004. Ph.D., Warwick.­
Quinn, C.H. Coping with ecological uncertainty in semi-arid Tanzania: livelihoods, risks and institutions. Ph.D., York.
Rankin, N.A. The determinants of manufacturing exports from sub-Saharan Africa. D.Phil., Oxford.­
Retief, F. Quality and effectiveness of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) in South Africa. Ph.D., Manchester.­
Rowan, C. The evolving concept of partnership between the EU and ACP: Water provision in Lesotho. Ph.D., Nottingham Trent.­
Smith, R.E. Land tenure and farm performance in Zambias southern province. Ph.D., London, School of Oriental and African Studies.­
Taweel, A.K. The role of management accounting information systems in traditional and modern performance measurements systems: An empirical study in Libyan banks. Ph.D., Lincoln.­
Thuranira, C.M. Socio-economic factors influencing livestock keeping dynamics in a smallholder crop-livestock system in Western Kenya. Ph.D., Edinburgh.­
Ussi, M.A. Effect on production of farmers attitudes towards innovative entrepreneurship [Tanzania]. Ph.D., Nottingham.­
van der Walt, A.J. The consideration of cumulative effects in environmental assessment: South African experience in an international context. Ph.D., Manchester.­
Vigneri, M. Trade liberalisation and agricultural performance: contrasting macro and micro evidence from Ghana. Ph.D., Oxford.­
Webersik, C. Reintepreting environmental scarcity and conflict: evidence from Somalia. D.Phil., Oxford.­
Willetts, J.K. Managing and negotiating challenges to indigenous business emergence in Kenya. Ph.D., Nottingham Trent.­

Education ­

Attia, K.I. An investigation into enhancement of the knowledge cycle in the financial services of Egyptian private higher education institutions. Ph.D., West of England.­

Barrett, A.M. Teacher identity in context: a comparison of Tanzanian with English primary school teachers. Ph.D., Bristol.­

Chard, M.A. The impact of capacity building for the development of the social institutions of war-torn countries: Mozambiques vision for education and its multiple partners. Ph.D., York.­
Chavaria, G.J. The efficacy of refugee education in Uganda 1993-1998: the role of the non governmental organization. M.Litt., Oxford.
Clough, N. Community praxis in rural Zimbabwe: Developing reflexive products for research and communication. Ed.D, West of England.­
Davidson, E.G. Understanding and improving quality in Tanzanian primary schooling. Ph.D., East Anglia.­
Ghenghesh, P. The motivation of learners of English and Arabic at an International School in Tripoli, Libya. Ph.D., Nottingham.­
Gwanzura-Ottemoller, F.P. Theyll tell us were still young children!: HIV/AIDS related knowledge and the extent and nature of the sexual knowledge and behaviour of primary school children in Zimbabwe. Ph.D., St. Andrews.­
Haoucha, M. The effects of a feedback-based instruction programme on developing EFL writing and revision skills of first year Moroccan university students. Ph.D., Warwick.­
Heynderyckx, A. Where shame is a moral death: ethical challenges for adult educators in Burkina Faso. Ed.D., Bristol.­
Humphreys, S. Schooling identity: gender relations and classroom discourse in selected junior secondary schools in Botswana. D.Phil, Sussex.­
Kadzuwa, B.N.E. Primary school initial teacher education and continuing professional development in Malawi. Ph.D., Strathclyde.­
Kankam, G. Mentorship at post-secondary teacher training level in Ghana: a case study analysis of the perceptions and experiences of mentors, link tutors and trainees. Ph.D., Hull.­
Makori, A. Training needs, TVET provision and outcomes in Kenya: A comparative analysis of the skills-gap situation between government assisted and self-help youth polytechnics in Nyanza Province. Ph.D., Reading.­
MnCube, V.S. School governance in the democratisation of education in South Africa: the the interplay between policy and practice?. Ph.D., Birmingham.­
Muiruri, J. W. The role of sex education knowledge in shaping the sexual behaviour of adolescents in primary schools in Thika-District Kenya. Ph.D., Reading.­
Mushayikwa, E. An investigation of the perceived impact of ICT on the self-directed professional development of Zimbabwean A-level science and mathematics teachers. Ph.D., York.­
Nampota, D.C. School to university transition: The relationship between the school integrated curriculum and university science and technology programmes in Malawi. Ph.D., Bath.­
Nannyonjo, H.B. School effectiveness in Uganda: a study of learning achievement of grade six pupils in primary schools in Uganda. Ph.D., U. Coll., Cork.­
Nkhoma, P.M. Teachers classroom practices that are perceived to lead to success in secondary school mathematics in Black South African townships. Ph.D., Leeds.­
Onsongo, J.K. Outsiders within: womens participation in university management in Kenya. Ph.D., London, U. Coll.­
Onwu Ukpo, E.O. Learner support in distance education: a mixed method evaluation of the National Teachers Institute (NTI) Nigeria student support system. Ed.D., Bristol.­
Owusu-Ansah, W.A. The impact of entrepreneurship education on career intentions and decisions at the tertiary educational level in Ireland and Ghana. Ph.D., Limerick.­
Pheko, B.C. Secondary school leadership and management in Botswana: exploring policy, practice and the implications for effective training. Ed.D, Bristol.­
Roberts, D.J. Overseas students appropriation of the UK higher education curriculum: new directions for the taught postgraduate curriculum to better accommodate African and Chinese students. Ph.D., Manchester.­
Seretse, T.E. An investigation into young people's religious beliefs and values, and the teaching of religious education in botswana community junior secondary schools. Ph.D., Birmingham.­
Tangie, K.N. A study of teachers feedback practice and its relation to student learning in the context of three secondary schools in English-speaking Cameroon. Ph.D., Cambridge.­
Trudell, B.L. The power of the local: education choices and language maintenance among the Bafut, Kom and Nso communities of northwest Cameroon. Ph.D., Edinburgh.­
Tuitoek, J.F.K.A. Education commission as an inquiry of education policy in Kenya: a case study of the Koech Commission. Ed.D., Birmingham.­
Väyrynen, S. Schools of thought: understanding inclusion and exclusion in education in Finland and South Africa. Ed.D., Kent.­
Venter, A. Factors influencing a productive research management environment at two merging higher education institutions in South Africa. Ph.D., Southampton.­

Environmental Sciences

Ambrose-Oji, B.A.A.E. Socio-environmental dynamics in the tropical forest zone of South West Cameroon: linking participatory biodiversity conservation to livelihoods. Ph.D., London, Imperial College of Science, Technology and


Mwinyihija, M. Ecotoxicological impact of the tanning industry: case study of a tannery site in central Kenya. Ph.D., Aberdeen.­
Tamuno, P B L. Eco-livelihood assessment of inland river dredging: The Kolo and Otuoke creeks, Nigeria, a case study. Ph.D., Loughbourough.­

Fine Arts­

Clarke, S.A. Motif, pattern, colour and text in contemporary Kanga Cloth: An analysis and personal response [Kenya & Tanzania]. Ph.D., Central England.­
Godfrey, K.P. Pots of gold?: The representation of identity in contemporary South African Art at the end of the Rainbow Nation. Ph.D., London, School of Oriental and African Studies.­
Kraamer, M. Colourful changes: two hundred years of social and design history in the hand-woven textiles of the Ewe-speaking regions of Ghana and Togo (1800-2000). Ph.D., London, School of Oriental and African Studies.­
McAleer, J. British imagination, colonial ideology and the representation of landscape space in nineteenth-century southern Africa. Ph.D., Trinity Coll. Dublin (U. of Dublin).­
Nakazibwe, V. M. Bark-cloth of the Baganda people of southern Uganda: a record of continuity and change from the late eighteenth century to the early twenty-first century. Ph.D., Middlesex.­
Worden, S. Robes of honour: textiles of the Hausa-Fulani in the Liverpool Museum [Nigeria]. Ph.D., East Anglia.­


Aberra, E. Livelihood sustainability amongst pastoral women and men in peri-urban Yabello, southern Ethiopia. Ph.D., London, Queen Mary,.­
Abuharris, A.T. Tourism and sustainable economic development. Marketing implications and strategic framework: the case study of Libya. Ph.D., Salford.­
Baschieri, A. Three essays on fertility and contraceptive use in Egypt. Ph.D., Nottingham.­
Gurmu, E. Fertility transition driven by poverty: the case of Addis Ababa (Ethiopia). Ph.D., London, U. Coll.­
Keitumetse, S. O. Sustainable development and archaeological heritage management: local community participation and monument tourism in Botswana. Ph.D., Cambridge.­

Health Sciences

Adu-Sarkodie, Y.A. Epidemiology of trichomoniasis in Kumasi, Ghana. Ph.D., London, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.­
Alpha-Wurie, I.M. Investigating HIV/AIDS prevalence in an antenatal population using sexually transmitted infections: (Hepatitis B (HBsAg), Syphilis (TPHA) and Genital Herpes (HSV2)) and conflict related influences as risk markers in Sierra Leone. Ph.D., Portsmouth.­
Amin, A.A. Range, quality, and costs of antimalarial drugs available in the retail sector in Kenya. Ph.D., Open U.­
Archibald, L.K. Comparative study of the epidemiology and aetiology of bloodstream infections in hospitalised patients in Tanzania, Malawi and Thailand. M.D., London, U. Coll.­
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Music ­

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Physical Sciences

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Urban & Regional Planning­

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