2003 Michigan mlk tournament Tossups by Illinois

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2003 Michigan MLK Tournament
Tossups by Illinois (Sudheer Potru, Nick Rothfuss)
1. Formed in 1919 by Alva Kinney as the Nebraska Consolidated Mills Company, contamination at the Greeley, Colorado plant owned by this company’s Monfort subsidiary led to the July 2002 recall of 19 million pounds of beef potentially infected with E. Coli. Butterball, Healthy Choice, and Chef Boyardee are among the brands owned by -- For 10 points – what Omaha-based food conglomerate?

Answer: ConAgra

2. William Dean Howells wrote two long reviews of it. A result of the author’s readings of the Polynesians and ancient Icelanders, it tells of a society in which labor is demeaned and admiration of personal strength leads to the predatory seizure of goods without work, the major function of the title group, alternatively termed “conspicuous consumption.” For 10 points-name this magnum opus of Thorstein Veblen.

Answer: The Theory of the Leisure Class

3. Power losses in this result from hysteresis in the metal core, usually made of iron, and from the Joule heat resulting from the internal resistance of wires. An AC voltage source drives the current, and the coil wrapped around the central metal causes an induced potential in the attached circuit, proportional to the ratio of turns of the coils. For 10 points-name this electronic device, used for changing voltage in a circuit without a major power loss.

Answer: transformer

4. At this novel’s end, Cathy is free to take care of her young cousin Hareton, the son of Hindley. Previously, she had been forced to marry the sickly Linton, the son of the main character, who left town, became rich and married Edgar’s sister to spite Mr. Earnshaw’s daughter Catherine. Finally, Heathcliff takes control of the title location of-for 10 points-what Emily Bronte novel?

Answer: Wuthering Heights

5. Its twenty-fourth entry describes the counterbalance between male passion and female coldness, and it dates from 1000 to 600 BCE. Consisting of 305 short poems, it was considered a major part of Zhou heritage, and Confucius told his son he would have no way to speak if he did not learn it. Also known as the Shih Ching-for 10 points-name this member of the Five Classics.

Answer: Book of Songs

Accept: Shih Ching on early buzz
6. It assumes that the orientation of reactants must allow formation of the products, and that the collision must involve enough energy to produce the reaction. Including z, the collision frequency, and p, the steric factor, it also involves temperature and the rate constant, whose natural logarithm is proportional to the activation energy. For 10 points-name this equation of chemical kinetics, named for its Swedish formulator.

Answer: Arrhenius equation

7. Created over an eight-year span in the fifteenth century, this work commemorates the condottiere, or mercenary Erasno da Narni. Standing in the piazza of the principal church of Padua, the title figure’s massive jaw accentuates the power and virility of the animal that he rides. The first larger than life-size equestrian statue since antiquity-for 10 points-name this Donatello sculpture.

Answer: Gattamelata

8. Like the C4 pathway, it creates the three-carbon molecule PEP, and it results in a net gain of two ATP molecules from the formation of 1,3-Diphosphoglycerate and its final product. Beginning with the enzyme glucose-6-bisphosphate and ending with two molecules of pyruvate, this process precedes both aerobic and anaerobic respiration. For 10 points-name this process by which a certain type of sugar is broken down.

Answer: glycolysis

9. This work is told to the illiterate Padma, who functions as the ever-doubting audience. Switched at birth with a boy named Shiva, the protagonist grows up in a rich family before discovering his power to read people’s thoughts. As it turns out, Saleem Sinai is one of the 1,001 title characters, as he was born at the exact moment that India gained its independence. For 10 points-name this Booker Prize-winning work of Salman Rushdie.

Answer: Midnight’s Children

10. Created in the early 1930s, its name was originally “nondirective.” Congruence and genuineness are fundamental parts of it, as is empathy, using reflection to paraphrase the patient’s words and feelings. Perhaps most important is treating the patient as a valuable human being, known as unconditional positive regard. For 10 points-name this method of psychotherapy developed by Carl Rogers.

Answer: client-centered or human-centered therapy

Prompt on: “Rogerian”
11. All algorithms computing them are centered on the idea of collecting every safe edge in the graph. If we treat each vertex as a unique connected component, collect every safe edge and recurse, we have Bouavista's algorithm. If instead we scan edges in increasing order by weight and add all safe edges we have Kruskal's algorithm. For ten points, name this element of a weighted graph also detectible by Prim's algorithm, the tree touching every vertex via the lightest possible combination of edges.

Answer: minimal spanning tree (prompt on partial answer)

12. This state is divided into seventeen zones, including Allahabad, Basti, Kanpur, and Meerut. The location of Corbett National Park, the Dudhwa Tiger Reserve and the Garhwal and Kumaon Hills, over 80% of its 137.1 million people live in rural conditions. Notable cities include the holy city of Varanasi and Agra, home of the Taj Mahal. For ten points, name this state with capital at Lucknow, the most populous in India.

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

13. Aspects of its culture included the Golden Stool legend legitimizing its rulers and a yam festival known as the Odwira. Unified by Osei Tutu, by the end of the 1700's it had conquered most neighboring tribes, including the Denkyira and Dagomba. Makers of a woven cloth called kente, much of their income came from supplying the slave trade with captured enemy soldiers. For 10 points-name this state centered on modern day Ghana sharing its name with an R&B singer.

Answer: Ashanti or Asante

14. Named Parade’s 1978 high school all-American quarterback, he wasn't moved to his most famous position until Bump Wills left for Japan. Dealt from the Phillies with Larry Bowa for Ivan DeJesus, he became baseball's first $7 million dollar a year man, but walked away from over half of it in 1994. Retiring with nine Golden gloves, a .989 fielding percentage and 277 home runs, -- for 10 points –- name this 1984 NL MVP and longtime Chicago Cubs second basemen.

Answr: Ryne Sandberg

15. The most promising pupil of Dronacharya, his feud with Karna begins at a young age. His wife Subhadra mothers his son Abhimanyu, and he also has a son with Draupadi, whom he wins at an archery contest. On the battlefield of Kurukshetra, his cousin Krishna serves as his charioteer and recites the Bhagavad-Gita to-for 10 points-what third and strongest Pandava brother in the Mahabharata?

Answer: Arjuna

16. A frequent bottleneck for travelers in this city is the Craig Memorial Bridge, a drawbridge with a bad tendency to stick in the open position. Its metro area includes suburbs like Rossford and Perrysburg, but this city is the seat of Lucas County. The fourth largest city in Ohio and located at the mouth of the Maumee River-for ten points-name this town, home to the Mud Hens, and the object of a nineteenth-century "war" between Michigan and Ohio.

Answer: Toledo, Ohio

17. He fought for Sparta, and was exiled from Athens, which gave him time to write his Memorabilia of Socrates. He joined the mercenary army of Cyrus the Younger, and later wrote his Cyropedia. When Cyrus died, he led ten thousand Greeks to the Black Sea, the subject of his Anabasis. For 10 points-name this author, whose continuation of Thucydides’ work became his Hellenica.

Answer: Xenophon

18. They’ve had the same number of national legislators as the Kennedy family, but over a longer period of time. Theodorus was a Great Awakening era preacher. Theodore was Henry Clay’s running mate in 1844 while Rodney just began his fifth term as a U.S. representative and Frederick was Secretary of State under James Garfield and Chester Arthur. For 10 points – name this longtime politically active New Jersey family whose namesake avenue appears on The Sopranos.

Answer: Frelinghuysen

19. His lecture notes from Cambridge were published in Philosophical Occasions 1912-1951, and he argued that most philosophical problems are a result of the misuse of language in his Philosophical Investigations. However, he is best known for having influenced logical positivism with a major work written while a prisoner of war. For 10 points-name this Austrian, who wrote the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus.

Answer: Ludwig Wittgenstein

20. Many of his works are the basis of those of Adrian Leverkuhn in Mann’s Doktor Faustus, and his Ode for Napoleon for strings and piano is based on a poem by Lord Byron. Usually associated with expressionism, famous students of his include Alban Berg and Anton von Webern, with whom he created the twelve-tone scale. For 10 points-name this Austrian composer of Pierrot Lunaire and Transfigured Night.

Answer: Arnold Schoenberg

21. Tracts outlining their ideals include The New Law of Righteousness and Light Shining in Buckinghamshire. Their leadership included William Everard and a cattle herdsman named Gerard Winstanley who together founded a commune in Surrey in 1649. Wishing to reform society within the existing order, they called for the complete elimination of private property. For 10 points-name this group that referred to themselves as the "True Levellers."

Answer: The Diggers

22. A newly-discovered excess of iron-60 in the ocean provides evidence that the earth has been drastically affected by at least one of them. (*) Karin Sanderson of Harvard recently determined that HR 8210 is a potential candidate, and that it may cause devastating effects on Earth, possibly including a massive dose of UV radiation first destroying the ozone layer and then planetary life. For ten points, name this explosion of a star at the end of its lifespan.

Answer: Supernova

Accept: Hypernova prior to (*)
23. His memoir The Best Times interrupted his later work, which he referred to as his “Contemporary Chronicles.” Noted for his use of “camera eye” in plays like The Garbage Man and Airways, Inc., he joined an ambulance service in 1917, which eventually led to his novel Three Soldiers. For 10 points-name this American creator of The 42nd Parallel, 1919, and The Big Money, known as his U.S.A. trilogy.

Answer: John Roderigo Dos Passos

24. A natural result is chemical stability, and it occurs in compounds with unusually high resonance energies. Criteria for it include that a compound must be cyclic and planar, and that every atom in the ring must be in a p orbital. It must also contain an odd number of pairs of pi electrons, known as Huckel’s rule. For 10 points-name this chemical property, so named because of the pleasant fragrance that its constituents exude.

Answer: aromaticity

25. It began with the burning of an office at the corner of Third Avenue and 46th Street. Involving Irish immigrants, the home of a provost marshal and the offices of Horace Greeley's newspaper were attacked, but most attacks, including the burning of an orphanage, were directed against blacks. It would last for three days until the arrival of troops from the Army of the Potomac. For 10 points-name this 1863 event in New York City provoked by the Enrollment Act.

Answer: Draft Riot (accept reasonable equivalents

26. The first sighting was at a cemetery, while the second was made by two married couples as they drove by an abandoned dynamite factory. According to John Keel, over 100 distinct sightings occurred between those first two and December 15, 1967, the day of the Silver Bridge disaster. For ten points – Point Pleasant, West Virginia was the setting of these sightings of what birdlike creature with red eyes, the title character of a Richard Gere film?

Answer: The Mothman

1. Name these things from Catch-22, for 10 points each.

A. (10) This is the semi-fictional island on which the novel takes place.

Answer: Pianosa

B. (10) Promoted by a malfunctioning computer, this man bears a sickly resemblance to Henry Fonda all throughout his life.

Answer: Major Major Major Major

C. (10) The leader of the squadron on Pianosa, he is always raising the number of requisite flight missions in order to gain glory himself.

Answer: Colonel Cathcart
2. Name these operas, for 10 points each.

A. (10) The title seaman’s relationship with Ellen Langford and his new apprentice lead to his mysterious disappearance off a cliff in this Britten opera.

Answer: Peter Grimes

B. (10) The condition for marrying the title princess is that one must answer her three riddles correctly. A young noble named Calaf succeeds at the task.

Answer: Turandot

C. (10) This opera imitates an actual opera taking place, and tells of Canio’s discovery of his wife Nedda’s affair and her subsequent murder.

Answer: I Pagliacci

Accept: The Clowns

3. Name these existential works, for 10 points each.

A. (10) This Camus essay details the absurdity of the title mythological character, examining him just before he begins to roll the rock back up the hill.

Answer: The Myth of Sisyphus

B. (10) The three-word title of this Sartre essay refers to his idea that the very fabric of one’s personality is built upon one’s own actions.

Answer: Existence Precedes Essence

C. (10) In this work, Martin Heidegger attempts to answer questions about the nature of being and distinguishes between human and non-human existence.

Answer: Being and Time

Accept: Sein und Zeit

4. Its four axes are luminosity, effective temperature, spectral class, and absolute magnitude. For 10 points each:

A. (10) Name this astronomical diagram.

Answer: Hertzsprung-Russell diagram

Prompt on: “H-R”

B. (10) These stars have a smooth relationship between temperature and luminosity and they all get their energy from fusion reactions in the Sun.

Answer: main-sequence stars

C. (10) Stars with high temperature and low luminosity are below the main sequence of the H-R diagram and are given this name.

Answer: white dwarf

5. Answer the following questions about a 60's television series for ten points each.

A. (10) What series centered on a bumbling secret agent who, in addition to his given name from which the series title was derived, was also known by his number, 86?

Answer: Get Smart

B. (10) What actor won three Emmys for his portrayal of 86, a.k.a Maxwell Smart?

Answer: Don Adams

C. (10) Fox tried to bring back Get Smart in 1995 with this actor playing Maxwell Smart’s son, Zachary Smart.

Answer: Andy Dick
6. Name these calculus theorems, for 10 points each.

A. (10) If a function f is continuous and differentiable on the interval [a, b] and f(a) = f(b), then there is a number c such that f-prime of c equals zero.

Answer: Rolle’s Theorem

B. (10) This corollary to Tonelli’s Theorem states that under certain conditions, the order of integration of a multiple integral can be reversed without changing the result.

Answer: Fubini’s Theorem

C. (10) If a function g(x) lies between f(x) and h(x) near a certain value a and both latter functions reach the same limit at a, then g(x) is forced to have the same limit.

Answer: Squeeze or Sandwich or Pinching Theorem
7. Answer the following questions about National Parks with volcanic origins for ten points each.

A. (10) This park is at the center of a giant caldera formed by three massive volcanic eruptions over the past two million years, the most recent of which occurred about 600,000 years ago.

Answer: Yellowstone National Park

B. (10) This Oregon park contains the deepest lake in North America. It was formed when Mount Mazama collapsed following a massive eruption 6000 years ago.

Answer: Crater Lake National Park

C. (10) In 1912, this Alaskan park was the site of the most violent volcanic eruption of the 20th Century.

Answer: Katmai National Park & Preserve
8. Answer the following questions relating to the Year of the Four Emperors for ten points each.

A. (10) First, what year was the Year of the Four Emperors?

Answer: 69 A.D. or 69 C.E.

B. (10) Next, what man, the first Flavian emperor, was the last of the four emperors to serve in the year 69?

Answer: Vespasian

C. (5/5) Finally, for five points each, name any two of the other three emperors who served that year.

Answers: Galba, Otho, Vitellius
9. Identify the regions with active independence movements for ten points each.

A. (10) Terrorists from this region seized a theater in Moscow in October. Over 100 hostages subsequently died from gas exposure during a botched rescue.

Answer: Chechnya

B. (10) One of several regions in Indonesia with separatist ambitions is this section of Sumatra. The primary group involved is known by the acronym ASNLF.

Answer: West Aceh

C. (10) This Slavic-majority section of Moldova with capital at Tiraspol is not internationally recognized, but has de facto independence.

Answer: Trans-Dniester Republic or Dneister Moldovan Republic
10. Identify the following about a sociological concept, for 10 points each.

A. (10) This term is defined as a condition of social instability resulting from a breakdown of societal standards and values.

Answer: anomie

B. (10) This man introduced the concept of anomie in his study of suicide.

Answer: Émile Durkheim

C. (10) In his work Suicide, Durkheim considered anomic suicide to be the counterpart to this type of suicide which results from an excess of moral regulation.

Answer: fatalistic suicide

11. Created for the Contarelli Chapel, it shows light from outside passing over a table as a dark-haired figure points to the title character, a tax collector. For 10 points each:

A. (10) Name this painting, commissioned by the Cardinal del Monté.

Answer: The Calling of Saint Matthew

B. (10) Name the creator of The Calling of St. Matthew.

Answer: Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

C. (10) This Caravaggio altarpiece for Santa Maria in Valicella draws from both Michelangelo and Raphael to depict the title event.

Answer: The Entombment (of Christ)

12. For 10 points each-name these Aristophanes plays:

A. (10) After his father Strepsiades fails at learning, Pheidippides goes to Socrates’ Thinkshop and emerges able to justify beating him.

Answer: The Clouds

Accept: Nephelai

B. (10) Philocleon finds any reason to leave home to participate in jury duty. Bdelycleon, his son, hires guards to prevent him from doing so.

Answer: The Wasps

Accept: Sphekes

C. (10) The title characters want to kill Euripides because his plays present them in a harsh light. Euripides’ father-in-law Mnesilochus goes to Athens to defend him.

Answer: Thesmophoriazusae

Accept: Women from the Thesmophoria (or equivalents)

13. Name these religious texts, for 10 points each.

A. (10) This is the set of moral instructions and traditions that form the basis for the Talmud. Its name is Hebrew for “repetition.”

Answer: Mishna

B. (10) Literally meaning “three baskets”, this is a collection of many of the Buddha’s teachings and rules of monastic life.

Answer: Tripitaka

C. (10) Consisting of the Yasna, Vispered, Vendidad, Yasht, and Khordah, this is the sacred text of Zoroastrianism.

Answer: Zend-Avesta
14. Identify the following treaties associated with the European Union for ten points each.

A. (10) The provisions of this 1992 treaty creating the EU and also called the Treaty on European Union included the creation of a joint currency.

Answer: Treaty of Maastricht

B. (10) This 1957 treaty established the European Union's predecessor, the European Community.

Answer: Treaty of Rome

C. (10) This 1952 treaty created the European Community's predecessor, the European Coal and Steel Community.

Answer: Treaty of Paris
15. Answer the following related questions about a rock band for ten points each.

A. (10) First, name the politically charged Australian band whose lead singer, Peter Garret, recently announced he was leaving the group.

Answer: Midnight Oil

B. (10) Next, Midnight Oil's biggest hit was this song about aboriginal land rights that includes the line "It belongs to them, let's give it back."

Answer: Beds Are Burning

C. (10) "Beds Are Burning" is a track on what 1987 Midnight Oil album also including the songs "The Dead Heart", "Put Down That Weapon" and "Dream World?"

Answer: Diesel And Dust
16. Answer the following questions relating to vehicles introduced at the 2003 North American International Auto Show for ten points each.

A. (10) This luxury line now owned by BMW unveiled the Phantom, its first new model in five years.

Answer: Rolls Royce

B. (10) This Japanese automaker introduced a redesigned Sienna minivan.

Answer: Toyota

C. (10) Mitsubishi introduced this mid size SUV, its fourth entry in the U.S. sport utility market.

Answer: Endeavor
17. Answer the following questions relating to a Chinese dynasty for ten points each.

A. (10) First, name the short-lived dynasty lasting from 581 to 618 that saw the reunification of China.

Answer: Sui

B. (10) Next, one of the highlights of the Sui dynasty was the construction of what great public works project connecting the Yellow and Yangtze Rivers?

Answer: Grand Canal

C. (10) Lastly, what man was the first Sui emperor?

Answer: Emperor Wen or Yangjian
18. Identify the Native American chiefs for fifteen points each.

A. (15) This Apache revolted along with his uncle, Mangas Coloradas, after the so-called Bascom Affair. From 1862 to 1871 he led a series of raids from Arizona's Dragoon Mountains.

Answer: Cochise

B. (15) After failing to lead his people to Canada, this Nez Perce leader uttered the famous quote "I will fight no more forever."

Answer: Chief Joseph

Accept: Hinmahtooyahlatkekt or Thunder Rolling Down The Mountain

19. Name these anthropologists from works, for 10 points each.

A. (10) The Elementary Structures of Kinship; Mythologiques

Answer: Claude Lévi-Strauss

B. (10) Race and Democratic Society; The Mind of Primitive Man

Answer: Franz Boas

C. (10) Argonauts of the Western Pacific; The Trobriand Islanders

Answer: Bronislaw Malinowski
20. For 10 points each-name these neurotransmitters:

A. (10) Neurons of the parasympathetic nervous system use it to slow the heartbeat. If a large quantity is lost, Alzheimer’s disease may result.

Answer: acetylcholine

B. (10) Made in the substantia nigra, a loss of it results in Parkinson’s disease and too much of it can often lead to schizophrenia.

Answer: dopamine

C. (10) A major inhibitory neurotransmitter, malfunctioning of its systems can result in both Huntington’s disease and epilepsy.

Answer: GABA (gamma-amino butyric acid)
21. Its four volumes tell of the young Cossack Gregor Melekhov, and his decision of which side to favor in the Russian Civil War. For 10 points each:

A. (10) Name this novel.

Answer: The Quiet Don

Accept: Silent Don or Tikhiy Don

B. (10) Name the author of The Quiet Don, winner of the 1965 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Answer: Mikhail Aleksandrovich Sholokhov

C. (10) Sholokhov also depicted the collectivization of agriculture during the Five Year Plan in the first volume of this work.

Answer: Virgin Soil Upturned

Accept: Podnyataya tselina
22. Name the scientist from namesake formulations, 30-20-10.

(30) Modeling the oscillations of a clarinet reed was the goal of his namesake second-order non-homogeneous differential equation.

(20) His namesake ‘criterion’ is the minimum angular separation for which two objects of distance d can be visually resolved with light of wavelength lambda.

(10) The probability of his namesake scattering varies with the fourth power of the wavelength, and it accounts for the bluish color of the sky.

Answer: Lord Rayleigh

Accept: John William Strutt

23. Identify the rivers of the world for ten points each.

A. (10) Starting in the mountains of Tibet, it flows almost due east before making a sharp southern turn and flowing into the same delta area in Bangladesh that also constitutes the mouth of the Ganges.

Answer: Brahmaputra River

B. (10) Starting in Lesotho, it flows westward to the Atlantic and for much of its length marks the boundary between South Africa and Namibia.

Answer: Orange River

C. (10) This river marks much of the border between North Korea and the People's Republic of China.

Answer: Yalu River
24. 30-20-10, name the author.

(30) His lesser-known works include Armance and the unfinished Lucien Leuwen, the latter of which was published posthumously.

(20) An admirer of Napoleon, he participated in some campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars, as does one of his characters, Fabrizio del Dongo.

(10) Del Dongo appears in The Charterhouse of Parma, which together with The Red and the Black comprise his best known works.

Answer: Stendhal

Accept: Marie Henri Beyle

25. 30-20-10, name the artist from works.

(30) Portrait of Count Stanislaus [poTOHtski] Potocki, Potrait of Pope Pius VII

(20)Portrait of Marie-Francoise Buran, the Artist’s Cousin, The Combat of Mars and Minerva

(10) The Death of Marat, Oath of the Horatii

Answer: Jacques-Louis David
26. Five points each and a bonus five for all correct, given a country, give me the reigning champion in its national soccer league.

A. (5) England

Answer: Arsenal FC

B. (5) Scotland

Answer: Glasgow Celtic FC

C. (5) Italy

Answer: Juventus FC

D. (5) Germany

Answer: Borussia Dortmund

E. (5) Argentina

Answer: Independiente FC

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