1st Film Assignment Group 10: Aeon Flux

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1st Film Assignment

Group 10: Aeon Flux

Physics 199: Science Fiction Science

In this assignment, you will write a short essay on issues explored in Aeon Flux. Read this entire assignment before you watch the movie so that you will know what to look for. Each student will write on a different question.
Part 1: Watch Film, think about questions
The following are the questions for the three members of the group.
Student A:
Perform basic research on human cloning and reproduction. Consider the explanation of why humans were cloned initially, and why it is no longer necessary that is given in the film. Use your research to determine whether these explanations are scientifically feasible. Be specific in your answer.
Student B:
Consider Trevor Goodchild’s decision to repeatedly clone people after they died to propagate the human race. What are the moral and ethical values that are involved in such a decision? Was it Goodchild’s place to make that decision for others, keeping the population in the dark? Use examples from the film and hypothetical situations to support your answer.
Student C:
Throughout history there have been leaders who have controlled their populaces. Perform research on past dictatorships, looking for examples which you consider to be similar. Compare and contrast the Goodchild chairmanship to the past leaders. Specifically, investigate the methods the Goodchilds and past leaders have used to control their citizens.

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