10 Studencheskaya Str. 394036 Voronezh

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10 Studencheskaya Str.

394036 Voronezh

Russian Federation

phone +7 (473) 255-57-53

fax +7 (473) 253-00-05


flchair@HYPERLINK "mailto:flchair@vsmaburdenko.ru"vsmaburdenkoHYPERLINK "mailto:flchair@vsmaburdenko.ru".ru

Voronezh N.N. Burdenko State Medical University, Russia

International Institute of Medical Education and Cooperation

Foreign Languages Department

invite you to participate in the


September, 5th 2016 – January 22nd 2017

The Medical Essay Competition is devoted to the Year of Ecology

It is conducted in a distant format.

The participants are required to submit an essay in a foreign language (Russian/English/French/German) covering the topic below:

«Самый чудесный врач – природа, хотя бы потому, что излечивает три четверти всех болезней и никогда не отзывается дурно о своих коллегах»

Согласны ли Вы с этим утверждением? Приведите аргументы «за» и «против»
The most wonderful doctor is the Nature, because it cures all diseases and never speaks bad about its colleagues”. Do you agree with this statement? Give your arguments “for” and “against”

«Der wunderbarste Arzt ist die Natur, zumindest, weil sie drei Viertel aller Erkrankungen heilt und die Kollegen nie urteilt».


Le plus admirable médecin est la nature, parce qu'elle guérit les trois quarts des maladies et qu'elle ne dit jamais de mal de ses confrères. 
Êtes-vous d’accord avec cet énoncé?  Présentez vos arguments pour et contre.
The essay submission deadline is JANUARY, 22ND, 2017

All the participants will be awarded Certificates of Participation, the winners will be awarded with Diplomas of I, II, III degree.

Participation is free.
Registration and essay submission requirements

  1. Fill in a REGISTRATION FORM below and send it to the Foreign Languages Departments email vsmuburdenko.mik.2017@mail.ru

  2. The essay should be completed in

Microsoft Word.doc (97-2003) format;

print 14 Times New Romans;

interval 1, margins 20 (from all sides), no title, no participant’s


and sent in a separate file entitled “essay. Name. Surname. doc” to the Foreign Languages Department email vsmuburdenko.mik.2017@mail.ru

Should you have any further questions, please contact us at vsmuburdenko.mik.2017@mail.ru or visit our site: http://for-lang-for-sp-vsmu.jimdo.com.

Yours faithfully,

Anna O. Stebletsova,

Head of Foreign Languages Department





What country you are from

Occupation (a student, a lecturer and so on)

Academic degree (if any)


Please confirm that you need a certificate of participation

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