10 April, 2014 Vocabulary Essay 21

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Saeed AlAbbasi


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10 April, 2014 

Vocabulary Essay 21

Ahmed and Ali were best friends since they were kids. They have two different personality, Ahmed was churlish and Ali was loquacious, and also penurious. They have a really good nexus with each other. They were more than friends, they were actually brothers. They had a really good relationship, everyone was jealous. Ahmed and Ali spent every minute together. 

Whenever they fight, Ali had expeditious reaction, which annoyed Ahmed a lot. Ahmed on the other side was very affectionate, and had efficacy. They were both myopic. Both of them were A students, they were eloquent. Ahmed and Ali were always a good example to the others. Everyone supported them whenever they did needed anything. They had empathy.

When they graduated Ahmed wanted to go to a placid country, but Ali wanted to go somewhere to have fun and live his life. Ali was kind of ostentatious, Ahmed did not like this. He tried to talk to him about it several times, but Ali never listens to the advices although he always listen Ahmed. All good friends must always advice their friends if they really care about them and should always help them to do the right thing. That is what friends are for!

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