1. Learn, teach and practice Indian sciences in the light of modern science

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1.  Learn, teach and practice Indian sciences in the light of modern science.

2.   Create new awareness on the ancient Indian material sciences.

3.  Expose the benefits of ancient health care systems, Ayurveda, Siddha, etc.

4.  Educate people on Indian system of Management.

5.  Create a better understanding on the external, experimentable,  physical modern sciences and      integrate them with eternal, experienceable, ancient Indian spirituality.

6.  Create a better understanding of traditions in the light of modern science.

7.  Creating an awareness on the use of Dharmic values given in Dharmasastras and Itihasas.

8.  Searching in-depth on the palmistry, astrology, numerology, etc. for better and useful knowledge, if any, and adopt for the improvement of values in life.

9.  Compiling the modern scientific information available and correlate them with the traditions, beliefs and rituals, to eradicate superstitions in rituals adopted now.

10. Coordinating activities of like minded people/organizations to give a greater awareness on all spheres of life on the scientific vision and temper in their area of activities.

11. Integrating the modern western sciences with eastern ancient spirituality.



Health and food were a subject dealt in the  Vedas and the Upanishads. Even in Bhagavat Gita, classification of food and their merits are discussed in detail. Specifically this subject of  food and health have been discussed in the fourth Veda, known as Atharva Veda. The sub Veda of Atharva Veda is the Ayurveda. More than half a dozen Sanskrit books are now available which were written during or before the first millenium BC. The style and content of all these books are highly systematic. One will wonder to know these treasures of knowledge. Interestingly all the new age therapies are in from India mentioned in these literatures. The accumulated knowledge can be brought under the following subtitles.
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