< insert boss’ name >, I’m requesting your approval to

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Hi < insert boss’ name >,

I’m requesting your approval to with SHRM, the Society of Human Resource Management. With important legislative changes slated to take effect this year, it’s now more important than ever for to stay on top of these issues and how they impact our organization

As you may be aware, SHRM is the world’s largest association for human resource professionals, representing more than 285,000 members across all industries in more than 160 countries. During a time of significant misinformation, SHRM continues to be a trusted and reliable resource, providing comprehensive resources, best practices and federal, state and local compliance information that that are essential to our success.

Additionally, a SHRM membership will help me bring fresh ideas and approaches to our organization, while also furthering my professional development.

An individual membership fee costs just $199 annually, and grants me immediate access to:

  • Compliance alerts when legislation is enacted and information on how to implement the necessary changes;

  • Experienced, certified SHRM HR advisors who can assist with specific questions and offer advice on handling sensitive situations;

  • Free member webcasts on important HR topics;

  • Sample workplace policies to keep our organization protected (on topics such as social media, workplace bullying and performance management);

  • Hundreds of sample job descriptions, policies and interview questions that are customizable so I can adapt and use right away;

  • Daily e-newsletters with analysis on critical HR topics;

  • Discounted conferences, certification, seminars, e-Learning courses and bookstore items;

  • And much more…

This investment will pay off in trusted resources, more efficient practices, proven solutions, as well as, new insights and ideas from the industry leader. I believe it is a wise and worthwhile investment that will positively impact the organization. I would greatly appreciate your approval.


< your name >

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